8 Benefits of Brown Sugar

8 Benefits of Brown Sugar
8 Benefits of Brown Sugar

With the passage of time people are also becoming aware about their diet. If we talk about sugar, then there are many types of sugar available in the market. In which white and brown sugar are mostly consuming. In this way, white sugar is commonly used in all homes, but the popularity of brown sugar is no less. Actually, brown sugar has some health benefits, which can make it better than white sugar. Let’s see 8 benefits of brown sugar.

8 Benefits of Brown Sugar

Here we are telling about some of the benefits of consuming brown sugar. Let us make it clear that brown sugar can be helpful in reducing the risk of the following problems. At the same time, let us also tell that brown sugar is not a medical treatment for any disease and we do not even claim to eliminate any disease from its root. So, 8 benefits of brown sugar are as follows:

1. The source of energy is brown sugar

The lack of energy in the body can be fulfilled by the consumption of brown sugar . Brown sugar is also rich in energy like white sugar, 100 grams of brown sugar contains 380 kcal of energy. Let us tell that what the person eats, the human body converts that calorie into energy and the body uses only as much as is necessary for the body. It then stores the rest as fat. In such a situation, it is only calories that can provide the body with energy, as much as the body needs.

So it can be believed that it can help in meeting the lack of energy in the body. However, excessive consumption of a calorie-rich diet can also lead to weight gai, so consume it in limited quantities. Also, include regular exercise in the routine.

2. Beneficial in the problem of periods

Brown sugar can be beneficial in relieving the problem  of periods. According to research, there has been talk of using tea containing brown sugar along with other household items to relieve or relieve menstrual cramps in traditional medicine. At the same time, potassium is present in brown sugar.  According to research, potassium can relieve menstrual pain. In such a situation, it can be believed that the use of brown sugar instead of white sugar in tea can be beneficial for relief from pain and cramps during periods.

3. Beneficial in winter

Consumption of brown sugar can be beneficial in winter. According to research, brown sugar is rich in many medicinal properties. That is why brown sugar is widely used in Indian medical sciences such as Ayurveda. Its positive effect can be seen against cold and lung-related diseases.

4. For the stomach

The benefits of brown sugar can be seen in problems related to the digestive system. Vitamin B is present in small amounts in brown sugar. Irritable bowl syndrome or a research problem of intestinal vitamin B1, B2 and the B6, which are symptoms of IBS such as abdominal pain along with other nutrients to patients, the stomach was seen flatulence and stool improve extraction process. In such a situation, it can be believed that brown sugar can be useful in preventing stomach related problems.

5. Beneficial in Pregnancy

A woman needs a variety of nutrients during pregnancy. These include calcium, iron, folate, carbohydrates and vitamins. All these nutrients are present in small amounts in brown sugar, especially potassium, calcium and energy. Explain that during pregnancy, energy is also needed for physical work and development of tissues. In such a situation, it can be considered on this basis that it may be useful to consume brown sugar on medical advice instead of white sugar along with other nutrient-rich diet for a healthy pregnancy.

6. Asthma Prevention

Asthma is a disease that causes inflammation of the airways in the lungs. Because of this they become narrow. In such a situation, the person may have problems with wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness and cough. In such a situation, people believe that if brown sugar is consumed instead of normal sugar, then it can be useful. However, there is no scientific research available on this yet. Therefore, it is better that asthma patients continue to consume medicines along with the consumption of brown sugar and if needed, consult a doctor in this matter.

7. Anti-microbial Properties

Brown sugar has antimicrobial properties, which can help kill and inhibit various microscopic bacteria such as Candida albicans, Salmonella typhi, and Escherichia coli. Explain that these microscopic bacteria can increase the risk of many diseases and infections.

8. For the skin

Brown sugar can also be beneficial in relieving skin problems and keeping the skin healthy. Actually, sugar has been kept in the category of natural scrub. At the same time, scrubbing can also remove dead skin cells and dirt. In addition, it can also make the skin healthy. In such a situation, once a week, you can include brown sugar in your homemade scrub.

After the benefits of brown sugar, let us know about the nutritious elements found in it.

Nutrients of Brown Sugar

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NutrientsBrown sugar (volume per 100 grams)
water (water)1.34 gm
Energy380 kcal
protein0.12 gm
Carbohydrate98.09 gm
Sugar, Total Including NLEA97.02 gm
calcium83 mg
Iron0.71 mg
potassium133 mg
Phosphorus4 mg
Magnesium9 mg
sodium28 mg
selenium1.2 mg
zinc0.03 mg
Copper0.047 mg
niacin0.11 mg
  Vitamin B60.041 mg
folate, total1 µg
Nutrients of Brown Sugar

Use of Brown Sugar

Here are many ways to use brown sugar, which we are explaining through the following points.

Like white sugar, brown sugar can also be mix in many recipes.

Can also be used in foods like desserts, baked cookies, etc.

Brown sugar can be mix in tea or coffee.

Instead of white sugar, you can include brown sugar in your diet.

You can use brown sugar by making a face scrub.

Side Effects of Brown Sugar

Keep in mind that if you consume any type of sugar in excess, then it can be harmful. In such a situation, like white sugar, brown sugar can also have disadvantages, the information of which is given here. So the disadvantages of brown sugar are as follows:

Patients with diabetes may be prone to high blood sugar due to excessive consumption of brown sugar. Which can be harmful for them.

Consuming excess sugar can increase the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure.

 Apart from this, consuming too much sugar or sugar-rich diet and not exercising properly can increase the risk of weight gain.

Sensitive people may also have allergic problems due to the consumption of brown sugar .

After reading this article, you will understand 8 benefits of brown sugar and its disadvantages. How to use it is also described here. It has many health benefits, but keep in mind that if you are using brown sugar for a particular problem, then definitely consult a doctor before that. So by sharing this article on the benefits of brown sugar with others, inform everyone about the advantages, disadvantages and uses of brown sugar.

Frequently asked questions

Is Brown Sugar Good for Weight Loss?

Brown sugar has a lower calorie content than white sugar. In such a situation, doing regular exercise along with its intake can reduce the risk of weight gain.

Is Brown Sugar Good for the Skin?

Yes, of course, antioxidant elements are available in brown sugar. Antioxidants can be good for the skin. In fact, the risk of photo aging and skin cancer caused by free radicals remains, to avoid which antioxidants can play an important role. At the same time, brown sugar can be effective for free radicals.

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Is honey better than brown sugar?

Yes, nutrient-rich honey may be better than brown sugar.

Is Brown Sugar Good for Diabetics?

Keep in mind whether it is white or brown, excessive consumption of any kind of sugar or sugar-rich foods can be risky for diabetics. Therefore, be it white sugar or brown sugar, diabetics must take medical advice before consuming it.

Can I use brown sugar in coffee?

Yes, of course brown sugar can be used in coffee.

Is Brown Sugar Good for the Liver?

The consumption of brown sugar may be less harmful for the liver than the consumption of white sugar. In fact, consumption of brown sugar reduces the risk of non-alcoholic fat accumulation in the liver compared to consumption of refined sugar. In such a situation, it can be assumed that the consumption of brown sugar can be useful compared to white sugar. However, if someone has liver problems, it is better to consume white or brown sugar on medical advice.

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