8 Benefits of Pomegranate

Benefits of Pomegranate

Benefits of Pomegranate:- Pomegranate is one such fruit whose regular consumption gives us good health. It is believed that the birthplace of pomegranate is the Arab country. Apart from being delicious to eat, pomegranate is also digestive and increases blood in our body. The grains of this fruit shine like red pearls. This fruit is sour to sweet taste. Pomegranate is a healthy fruit with unique properties. Its regular consumption reduces the chances of getting diseases and its powder keeps diseases away from us. With its continuous consumption, we can cure many diseases. like-

Benefits of Pomegranate

Benefits of Pomegranate
Benefits of Pomegranate


Grind equal quantity of fennel, coriander and cumin with pomegranate juice and make powder and consume them. Or churn ripe bananas in pomegranate juice and consume it.


Boiling pomegranate leaves and drinking its decoction can get rid of constipation. Throw the powder of carom seeds and then drink pomegranate juice. Then you will get relief from constipation.

Loss of blood in the body

To remove anemia quickly, drink pomegranate juice and radish juice mixed in equal quantity.


Taking pomegranate juice and radish juice in equal quantity, adding a pinch of carom seeds, rock salt and taking it can get rid of acid bile disease. 

If you have indigestion from a late night party, take one spoon of ripe pomegranate juice, half a spoon of roasted cumin seeds and mixed with jaggery thrice a day.

Weakness of spleen and liver and stomachache are cured by eating pomegranate. Its sorbet removes acidity.

In diarrhea and dysentery

Take 15 grams dried peel of pomegranate and two cloves. Boil both in a glass of water. Then if the water remains half, then take it thrice a day. It gives relief in diarrhea and dysentery.

In asthma/cough:

Jawakhar half weighed, black pepper one weighed, peepal two weighed, pomegranate four weighed, make powder of all these. Then make chutney by mixing eight weighed jaggery. Make four rounds of tablets. Take one tablet each morning, afternoon and evening with warm water. Intractable cough is eradicated by this use, and there is relief in asthma. Licking the powder of pomegranate peels with half teaspoon honey in the morning and evening ends the cough of children

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