9 Health and Nutrition Benefits of Pears

 9 Health and Nutrition Benefits of Pears
9 Health and Nutrition Benefits of Pears

It is important to have a healthy diet to stay healthy. If we talk about fruits, then many nutritious fruits are available in the market. One of them is pear. Many people will know about the pear fruit, but only few people will know about its benefits for the body. Therefore, from this article, we will not only tell you the types of pears and the benefits of pears, but will also give information about its properties. Not only this, we will also tell you how to eat pears and the disadvantages of pears. Now what is the delay, get ready to know the benefits of eating pears.

What is Pears

Pear is a seasonal fruit, which looks somewhat like a green apple. This fruit is available from summer to rainy season and some types are available for twelve months of the year. Its scientific name is Pyrus and in English it is called Pear. In other languages such as – pear in Hindi, pear in Malayalam, perikkay in Tamil, naaspati in Punjabi, pear in Bengali. Pears are sweet to eat, but some pears can be mildly sour.

Before you know the benefits of eating pears, we are giving you some information about the types of pears. Although there are many types of pears, but below we are telling you the names of some of its main types.

  • Green Anjou
  • Red Anjou
  • Green Bartlett
  • Red Bartlett
  • Bosc
  • Forelle
  • Comice

Health Benefits of Pears

There are many such benefits of pears, but here we are giving you information about its main benefits. Let’s start by knowing about the properties of pears for health.

1.For Weight Loss

Increasing weight is becoming a problem of almost every other person. If you are also one of them, then pear is the fruit of your work. In a scientific study, overweight women were given three pears daily for 12 weeks. As a result, a reduction in their weight was recorded. In such a situation, you can also get relief from the problem of increasing weight by including pears in your diet.

2. Pear Fruits for Cancer

Pear can prove to be beneficial to protect against deadly diseases like cancer. Urosolic acid is present in pears, which may help protect against cancer of the bladder, lungs and oesophageal. Eating pears regularly, especially during menopause, may reduce the risk of cancer in women.

3. Benefits of Pear for Heart

If we talk about health related problems, then heart disease has become very common. Changing lifestyle is the main reason for this. In such a situation, if you want to keep the heart healthy, then include pears in your diet. It may help reduce the risk of high blood pressure (a cause of heart disease) and heart attacks. Therefore, definitely include pears in your diet.

4. For Diabetes

If we talk about diabetes, then it has become a common problem like cold and cold. Once a person is diagnosed with diabetes, he may have to face other health-related problems throughout his life. In such a situation, the consumption of pears can be effective to prevent diabetes. It has anti-diabetic properties, which can prevent the problem of diabetes. In addition, pears are rich in fiber, which can help balance blood glucose levels in diabetic patients.

5. Increase Immunity

To stay healthy, it is necessary to have a strong immune system. In such a situation, pear can become a good option to increase immunity. The antioxidant properties present in pears may help increase immunity.

6. Prevent Osteoporosis

Aging and nutritional deficiencies cause bone problems. Osteoporosis is one of those problems. It is a bone disease caused by the deficiency of calcium, vitamins and minerals, in which the bones become weak. Due to this, they can break easily or there may be a complaint of pain in the waist and back. In such a situation, the consumption of pears can prevent osteoporosis. Pear can work to balance the pH level of the body. Its boron (a type of chemical) can help build calcium in the body, thereby preventing osteoporosis.

7. Pear Fruits Helpful in Increasing Energy

The body needs energy to function properly. Pear is a good fruit for energy. The nutritional elements and energy content present in it can help in providing energy to the body. Pear juice can be consumed as an energy drink. Therefore, whenever you feel weak, consuming pear juice can increase energy levels.

8.For Digestion

Stomach problems have become common due to external and excessive oily-spicy food. In this situation, you can keep the digestive system healthy by including pear or pear juice in the diet. It contains pectin, which is a type of fiber. With its regular consumption, the problem of constipation can be relieved and the digestive system can be healthy. Keep in mind that if someone has a problem with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, then they should consume pears only as directed by the doctor, otherwise they may have problems like stomach pain, stomach upset or gas.

9. Pear Fruits During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, special care needs to be taken with the diet. During this, women need many nutritious elements, but what is most important is folate. It can prevent birth defects like neural tube defects in the baby. In such a situation, the consumption of pears can be very beneficial for pregnant.

Note : However, it is necessary to take a doctor’s opinion about this once, because every woman’s body and their pregnancy are not the same. If a pregnant woman is suffering from gestational diabetes, even then, first consult a doctor or specialist about the quantity of pears to be consumed.

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10. Pear fruit for blood pressure or high blood pressure

If you have high blood pressure or want to protect yourself from the problem of high blood pressure, then include pears in your diet. It can help you stay healthy by preventing the problem of high blood pressure.

11. For Fever

Sometimes there is a problem of weakness during fever . In such a situation, there is a need for nutritious elements, for which the consumption of fruits is necessary. Many times people have a dilemma that which fruit will be beneficial and effective. Pear can be beneficial in this situation. The antipyretic and cooling properties present in it can prove to be very effective in fever.

12. Inflammation

Pear can also prove to be an effective fruit in reducing inflammation. Carotene and zeaxanthin present in pears work effectively on the problem of inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties present in it can help prevent inflammation. Therefore, this beneficial fruit can be included in the diet.

13. Pear for Relieve Throat Problem

Sometimes there may be a sore throat or difficulty in breathing even in summer. In such a situation, pear juice can be beneficial. It can reduce swelling of the vocal cords and provide nourishment to the throat and provide relief from throat problems. If you want to avoid throat problem in summer, then consume pear or pear juice.

14. Pears for the Liver

Like other parts of the body, it is important for the liver to remain healthy. Consuming pears can be beneficial for the liver. It has hepatoprotective properties, which can protect the liver from any kind of damage. You can include pear fruit in your diet to keep the liver healthy.

15. Pear Fruits Like Painkillers

Pear has analgesic properties, which can provide relief from the problem of pain. Therefore, pears can be consumed to prevent the problem of pain.

These were the benefits of eating pears for health, but do you know that apart from health, pears are also beneficial for your skin? Therefore, in this part of the article, we will give you information about the benefits of pears for the skin.

Benefits of pear fruit for skin

Benefits of pear fruit for skin
Benefits of pear fruit for skin

Not only good health, but it is also important to have healthy skin. Along with the body, skin care is also important, so below we are telling you the benefits of eating pears for the skin.

1. Pear to prevent skin damage

Sometimes sunlight, dust-soil and change in weather become the cause of skin damage. Not only this, the lack of nutrients also becomes a problem for the skin. For this, people resort to many types of creams and techniques, which can be harmful for the skin. In such a situation, it is better that you give natural treatment to your skin. You can make the skin healthy by including pears in the diet. Vitamin-C is present in pears, which can protect the skin from many types of damage. Therefore, definitely include this nutritious fruit in your diet.

2. Benefits of Pear for Wrinkles and Acne

Wrinkles and nail-acne do not happen by looking at age. They can target your skin at any time. The reason for this is a variety of chemical-rich cosmetic products, pollution, wrong eating habits and lack of skin care. In such a situation, it is important to pay attention to them in time. If you want to prevent wrinkles and acne, then include pears in your routine. Not only will this help you get rid of wrinkles, but it will also help keep acne and pimples away. Pears are rich in nutrients, which will work to benefit your skin.

3. For Oily Skin

People with oily skin start having many types of problems, such as pimples, acne and excessive sweating. Pear can be a good choice in this situation. This nutritious fruit can reduce the problem of oily skin, which can also provide relief from the problem of pimple. Therefore, people with oily skin can get rid of excess oil from their skin by consuming this fruit.

4. Moisturize Skin

It is also important to moisturize the skin. Although people use many types of creams and body lotions to moisturize the skin, but if the skin is moisturized in a natural way, then the skin can become more healthy. To keep the skin moisturized for a long time, include pear fruit in your diet. Its consumption can keep the skin healthy and moisturized for a long time. For this, you must include pear fruit or juice in the diet.

5. Glowing Skin

Not only beauty, but it is also important to have glow on the skin. The glow of the skin is a sign of its health. Women use various beauty products to get glowing skin. However, due to this, their face glows for some time and then the face starts looking lifeless. In such a situation, the natural glow on the face can be more effective. Consuming pears can be very beneficial for increasing the glow of the face.

6. Pears to enhance the complexion

Many times, due to pollution and lack of skin care, the complexion of the skin starts getting affected. In such a situation, many times people use cosmetics products, but its effect lasts only for some time. In such a situation, natural remedies and consumption of fruits can be effective. To enhance your complexion, you can consume pear, pear juice or apply a pack of pears. Pear contains an element called Arbutin, which can help in improving the skin tone.

Uses of pear fruit for skin

material :

  • a pear
  • few drops of glycerin
  • How to use:
  • Grate the pear.
  • Now prepare the mixture by adding a few drops of glycerin to it.
  • Then apply this mixture on your face.
  • Leave it on for about 20 to 30 minutes.
  • When it dries, wash the face with lukewarm water.
  • Then if you want, apply moisturizer on the face.
  • This pear mask can reduce your dry skin problem and moisturize it.

Pear face pack

Material :

  • half a pear
  • a quarter tomato paste

How to use:

  • Mash the pear and make a paste.
  • Now prepare the pack by adding tomato paste to it.
  • Then apply this pack on your face and let it dry.
  • After drying wash this face with lukewarm water.
  • Regular use of this pack will bring a natural glow to your face.
  • Pear can not only take care of your health and skin, but can also make your hair healthy.

Benefits of Pears for Hair

Pear can also prove to be helpful in making your hair beautiful. Read below how –

1. For dry hair

Like skin, hair care is also important. Changing weather and pollution make the hair dry and lifeless. As a result, hair breakage, premature graying and many other problems can occur. In such a situation, the moisturizing properties present in pears can be extremely beneficial for your hair. Other nutrients present in it can also help in reviving hair. You can consume pears for hair, drink pear juice and if you want, you can make a pear hair pack and apply it on the hair

2.  Healthy and Nourished Hair

Not only dryness of hair, but pear can also prove to be helpful in keeping hair healthy and nourished. Many types of nutrients are present in pears. Regular consumption of pear fruit or juice can not only nourish the hair, but also make the hair healthy and strong.

3. Bring back the lost shine to the hair

Hair should be as long as you want, but if it does not have shine, then it does not look beautiful. Nowadays, the biggest reason for losing the shine of hair is the use of different types of shampoo and hair straightening and coloring them etc. In this condition, the natural shine of the hair is lost somewhere. In such a situation, the hair needs some gentle and natural ingredients, which can return the lost shine to the hair. Pear is one of those natural ingredients, which can help in bringing back the shine to the hair. You can apply pear hair pack to bring back the shine of hair. If you want, you can also consume pear fruit or its juice.

4. Pear Fruit to Settle Curly Hair

Women with curly hair are more prone to problems. The tangle of hair and breakage of precious hair while combing is painful. In the process of solving the problem of frizzy hair, you start damaging the hair. In this case, pear fruit hair pack can help in getting relief from the problem of frizzy hair.

Pear hair pack

material :

  • a pear
  • a spoonful of honey
  • a spoonful of shea butter
  • one teaspoon coconut oil

How to use:

  • Grind the pears finely.
  • Now prepare a paste by mixing coconut oil, honey and shea butter in it.
  • Then apply this paste on the hair and let it dry for at least half an hour.
  • After that wash the hair with mild shampoo.
  • This hair pack will give a natural shine to your hair.

Tips – You can also massage the hair by adding almond oil or olive oil to the pear paste. Not only will this give you comfort, but the health of your hair can improve. After the massage, wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

Note : If you are allergic to any of the ingredients used in the pack for skin or hair, consult an expert before use. Also, do a patch test before using the pack.

Pears Nut Nutritional Value

Pear is a treasure trove of nutrients, which is what makes it so nutritious. Below we are sharing with you the list of nutritious elements of pears.

Water83.96 grams
Energy57 calories
Protein0.36 grams
Total lipid (fat)0.14 g
Carbohydrate15.23 grams
fiber, total dietary 3.1 grams
sugar, total 9.75 grams
Calcium9 mg
Iron0.18 mg
Magnesium 7 mg
Phosphorus12 mg
Potassium116 mg
Sodium1 mg
Zinc0.10 mg
Vitamin C, Total Ascorbic Acid4.3 mg
Thiamine 0.012 mg
Riboflavin0.026 mg
Niacin 0.161 mg
Vitamin B6 0.029 mg
Folate, DFE 7 micrograms
Vitamin A, RAE 1 microgram
Vitamin A, IU25 IU
Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol)0.12 mg
vitamin D 0 IU
Vitamin K (phylloquinone-phylloquinone)4.4 micrograms
Fatty Acids, Total Saturated 0.022 grams
Fatty Acids, Total Monounsaturated 0.084 g
Fatty Acids, Total Polyunsaturated 0.094 grams
Cholesterol0 mg
Caffeine0 mg
Pears Nut Nutritional Value

How to Use Pears

You already know the benefits of eating pears, now it is time to know how to use pear fruit. If you use it properly, then your body will get its properties more quickly.

  • Pear can be eaten as a fruit salad with other fruits.
  • You can eat a whole pear during breakfast or after breakfast.
  • You can also make desserts from pears.
  • Pear juice can be consumed.
  • You can also include pears in the diet in the form of salad or soup.
  • You can apply pear face pack on your face.
  • Pear hair pack can be applied on the hair.
  • Everything has both advantages and disadvantages and if pears are consumed in excess, it can be harmful. Therefore, we are giving you information about its disadvantages for your caution.

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