9 simplest ways to get rid of pimples on lips

What affects the beauty of the face the most are acne, which is also called pimples. This problem is common during youth, about which girls are especially more conscious. Many times one has to face pain and swelling due to acne. Pimples can occur on any part of the face, but pimples that appear on the lips are the most painful.

Having pimples on the lips not only spoils the beauty of the face but also causes difficulty in eating, drinking and even talking. If you are also struggling with this problem then this article will prove to be very beneficial for you. Know with us about the simplest home remedies to get rid of lip acne quickly, know how these can help you.

Causes of pimples on lips

Accumulation of hair follicles along with dirt is the root cause of acne. Due to dirt, bacteria start growing, which causes acne. Due to this, along with other parts of the face, the lips are also badly affected. Many times pimples appear on the lips or around the lips. Know below the biggest reasons for having pimples on the lips:

  • Oily skin causes acne.
  • Presence of chemicals in lip products.
  • Using lip care and makeup products with expiry date.
  • Changes in hormones.
  • Due to environmental pollution.
  • Using low quality makeup products.
  • Skin irritation due to threading or waxing.
  • By eating fried and fatty foods.
  • Due to not paying attention to one’s own cleanliness.
  • By using toothpaste containing fluoride.
  • Smoking and stress are also important causes of pimples and acne.

Many of the reasons mentioned are under your control, by avoiding them you can get rid of the problem of acne. At the same time, other options can be chosen to avoid those reasons which are not in our hands. To keep away from pimples on lips, you can adopt the following home remedies, know how these remedies are beneficial for you and how to use them.

Easy home remedies to remove pimples on lips

1. Hot and Cold Compress


  • an ice cube or hot water
  • a clean towel or napkin

how to use

  • Place an ice cube in a towel and apply it on the pimple area for a few minutes.
  • Apart from this, the towel can also be soaked with hot water.
  • Squeeze out excess water with a towel.
  • Now keep the towel on the pimple area for a few minutes.
  • how many times do it
  • Do this 2-3 times a day.

How is it profitable?

Along with reducing inflammation, ice compresses the oil glands in the skin, allowing excess oil and bacteria to drain out of the glands . Hot compress also works in a similar way to reduce swelling and normalize blood flow in the affected area. You can use this method to get rid of pimples on lips.

Caution: Do not apply ice directly on the face. Always use a cloth to handle ice.

2. Castor oil


  • one spoon castor oil
  • One or two drops essential oil (optional)

how to use

  • Mix essential oil with castor oil.
  • Now apply drops of mixed oil on the pimple and around it.
  • Leave it like this overnight.

How many times do you apply it?

Once before sleeping at night.

How is it profitable?

Pimples on lips can also be treated with the help of castor oil. Actually, pimples on lips can also be treated with the help of castor oil. Actually, castor oil absorbs the impurities from the pores and works to clean them. The antibacterial properties present in the oil get rid of the bacteria that cause acne. Other essential oils mentioned in the remedy also have antibacterial properties, which help in removing pimples on the lips.

3. Benzoyl Peroxide


Benzoyl Peroxide Gel

how to use

  • Wash the face with mild soap.
  • After the face dries, apply some amount of benzoyl peroxide gel on the pimple and around it.
  • Leave the gel on the face for the period written on the tube.
  • how many times do it
  • Use as per doctor’s advice.

How is it profitable?

Most doctors recommend applying benzoyl peroxide for acne, as it has been found to be more effective in treating pimples. Benzoyl peroxide treats acne by penetrating into the pores of the skin. It also kills the bacteria that cause acne and wounds in the skin.

Caution: After applying benzoyl peroxide, there may be a burning sensation in the skin for the first three weeks. Instead of getting better, acne may appear worse than before, but all these changes are normal and there is no need to panic. If you don’t see any improvement after four weeks, talk to your doctor about the issue. Also, if there is a feeling of swelling in the eyes, lips or tongue due to its use, then contact the doctor immediately.

4. Lemon juice


how to use

  • Dip cotton in lemon juice and apply it on the pimple and around it.
  • Let it dry naturally. No need to wash face.
  • If your skin is very sensitive, then mix a small amount of water with lemon juice.

how many times do it

  • Do this 2-3 times a day.

how to make profit

The method of treating acne using lemon is quite old. It doesn’t matter where it exists. Citric acid is present in lemon juice, which makes it antibacterial. The antibacterial elements present in lemon work to eliminate the bacteria that cause acne. Astringent properties are found in lemon, which work to remove excess oil from the skin by shrinking the tissues.

Caution: Use only fresh lemon juice. Do not use bottled lemon juice, as it may contain preservatives, which can harm your skin.

5. Turmeric Paste


  • half teaspoon turmeric powder
  • Water

how to use

  • Make turmeric paste using water.
  • Now apply this paste on the pimple and around it.
  • Leave the paste on the face for a few hours.
  • Later you wash your face with clean water.

how many times do it

Repeat this process 1-2 times a day.

How is it profitable?

Use of turmeric can also be beneficial in treating pimples on the lips. It is said that antibacterial properties are found in turmeric, which can help in removing acne from the face.

6. Honey


  • Honey (Organic)

how to use

Apply honey on the pimple and around it and leave it for some time.

how many times do it

Repeat this process 2-3 times a day.

How is it profitable?

Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties are found in honey, which work to kill the bacteria that cause acne. Honey also works to reduce swelling. Its minimum pH level creates an unfavorable environment for bacteria and provides relief from the problem of lip pimples. On this basis, it can be said that the use of honey can be beneficial in treating pimples on the lips.

7. Tomato


1 small tomato

how to use

Extract tomato juice and apply it on the pimple and around it.

Wash the face with clean water after 10 minutes.

How is it profitable?

Organic acid is found in tomato, which is full of antimicrobial properties. The Vitamin C present in it works to repair the damaged cells of the affected area.

8. Dilute Tea Tree Oil


One or two teaspoons tea tree oil

one teaspoon olive or coconut oil

how to use

  • Add olive or coconut oil to tea tree oil and dilute it.
  • Now apply this tea tree oil on the pimple and leave it for some time.
  • Later wash the face with clean water.

How is it profitable?

To get rid of the problem of pimples on lips, you can use tea tree oil. It has antibacterial properties, which enable it to kill the bacteria that cause acne . This is an effective medicine for pimples.

9. Toothpaste


non gel toothpaste

how to use

  • Wash the face with water and dry it.
  • Apply toothpaste on pimple.
  • Clean it with a wet cloth after 10-15 minutes.

how many times do it

Repeat this process twice a day.

How is it profitable?

You can use toothpaste to treat acne. Antibacterial properties are found in it, which work to eliminate the bacteria that cause acne. Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda are also found in toothpaste, which helps in drying up and eliminating acne.

Caution: Do not use whitening toothpaste to treat acne.

You can adopt these easy home remedies to treat acne on lips. After one or two days of their use, you will see a lot of change on your face. You can also try the tips mentioned below to avoid lip acne:

Easy tips to avoid acne around the lips

Along with treating pimples on the lips, keeping a few things in mind can also prevent the occurrence of pimples around the lips –

Drink adequate amount of water : To avoid acne, drink adequate amount of water every day. It is very important to stay hydrated to get rid of body related problems. Water is very important for the smooth functioning of the body.

Cleanliness : Dirt is the biggest root of diseases related to the body. One reason for the appearance of acne is lack of personal hygiene. Many times we forget to clean our mouth properly after eating . Leftover food particles later become a breeding ground for bacteria. These bacteria cause acne. Therefore, clean your mouth thoroughly before and after consuming food.

Fragrance free toothpaste : It is very important to use toothpaste, but to avoid acne you should use fragrance free toothpaste. Fragranced toothpaste contains chemicals and the chemicals can affect your skin. The chemicals cause excessive production of sebum, which causes acne.

Brush the lips : By brushing the lips, the risk of acne can be reduced significantly. Brushing removes harmful sticky substances from the lips. Lip brushing also helps in killing bacteria . Therefore, whenever you brush your teeth, do not forget to brush your lips also.

Be stress free: Stress causes hormonal imbalance. Due to this, the risk of getting acne increases manifold. Therefore, remain as stress free as possible. You can take help of meditation and yoga to remain stress free. You can also take bath with warm water.

Diet: Avoid fried and heavy foods as much as possible. These types of foods can hinder the skin’s natural sebum production. Excessive sebum blocks the pores and causes acne. Avoid foods high in sugar, meat and alcohol.

Cosmetics: Be it for face or lips, do not use cosmetics with expiry date. Such products contain harmful chemicals, which can badly affect your skin and cause acne.

Lip Balm: If you want to avoid lip acne, do not use wax lip balm. Waxes can clog your pores. Using it increases the risk of generating dirt and bacteria. The bacteria produced in this way cause acne. Use lip balm containing antimicrobials .

Do not share makeup products: Bacteria can be transferred from one person to another, so do not share your makeup products with anyone. Sharing can cause acne problems.

To avoid acne, you can adopt the home remedies mentioned in this article, these are easy and less expensive. Do not forget to write to us in the comment box how useful this article is for you.

Frequently asked questions:

Why are lip pimples so painful?

Pimples on the lips are more painful because the skin of the lips is more soft and sensitive. More pain is felt on the lips than other parts of the body.

Should lip pimples be popped?

No, pimples on the lips should not be popped. This can spread the infection. Also, the healing time of acne may increase and it may also leave scars.

Can toothpaste help pimples?

Yes, toothpaste can help with pimples. As we mentioned in the article, toothpaste contains hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, which can prove helpful in drying out acne.

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