Agarwood Tree: Expensive plant, Perfume plant

Agarwood Tree
Agarwood Tree

In the Asian region, the Agarwood tree is known as the ‘Wood of God’ this tree belongs to the Aquilaria Genus. This is a fast-growing subtropical forest tree in the range of Himalaya foothills from Southeast Asia. Agarwood tree can be planted on a wide range of sandy soil and the seedlings are necessary to grow it rapidly. It will start producing flowers as it becomes around four years old.

Agarwood has its rarest and valuable and essential oils is more expensive than gold, only a few people will know about, and some may have never even heard the name. It is a very easy growing plant, it does not have any special care. The seeds that fall from the tree on the ground, grow on their own.

The Agarwood tree can be identified by many other names like Alas-wood, Eaglewood, Eagle plant, Ood plant, Aloeswood, Gharuwood, expensive plant, perfume plant, etc.

Agarwood tree is farming in Egypt, Bhutan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, India, and Pakistan but in very low yields in India and Pakistan.

Agarwood benefits
Agarwood Benefits

Benefits of Agarwood tree

  • Healing for the mind.
  • Agarwood Provides peace, awareness, calm.
  • Spirituality and harmonizing effects.
  • To induce restful sleep.
  • Tranquillity to mind & soul as meditate.
  • Agarwood Repairs damaged skin cells. use as an everyday face cleanser.
  • Relieves tension, alleviates pain, and stress.
  • For skincare is an antiseptic & anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Agarwood Heals skin & reduces irritation, puffiness, and swelling.
  • Agarwood Reduces muscular pains, stiffness around joints and muscles, inflammation, and swelling.
  • It Detoxifies toxins like excess fats, water, salts, urea, and uric acid.
  • Prevent indigestion & painful bloating.
  • The agarwood tree has its own lascivious qualities, which increase your sexual drives.
  • Agarwood Help to prevent Cancer reduces the cancer cells viability & Helps to slow the growth of breast cancer cells.
  • To prevent bad breath and kills bacteria, and helps to maintain oral hygiene, use it as a gargle mixture.

Agarwood is the most expensive valuable raw materials

The agarwood tree is one of the most expensive and valuable raw materials in the world. In comparison, hardly any plant is such an expensive plant. So many things can be made by Agarwood tree especially for making perfumes, incense sticks and fragrant things, which are very expensive quality in the market.

Not only the leaves, bark, twigs, fruits, and the peels of the Agarwood tree, everything is very expensive. The fruit that grows on this tree is also very expensive, which costs 40,000 $ kg in the market. Even its leaves get up to 100 $. And the bark of this tree also gets at least 200 $ per kg. In Egypt, extracts are also made from its bark, which produces a very fragrance that costs $ 70,000 to $ 80,000 a litre, which is filled in a bottle and sold at the commercial level.

Agarwood Benefits
Agarwood Benefits

Agarwood is not a minor thing

Its wood is very expensive and aromatic (fragrant). In some countries like Japan, China, Egypt, Korea, etc., its wood is also used in religious rituals. But in Korea, wine is also making from Agarwood tree. Specially used to make perfumes in Arabia. Agarwood incense sticks are making in many countries because according to their beliefs the fragrance can also attract God and it is believed that wherever its fragrance goes, God appears. And the evil spirits run away and do not come near.

Agarwood’s incense sticks and perfumes have such a fragrant fragrance that from home to clothes you can smell fragrance everywhere as if heaven is on earth.

Agarwood Essential Oil

The Agarwood tree produces Oud oil. The same Oud oil use for making perfumes. It is so expensive that it is also like liquid gold. The price of Oud oil is about 50,000 $ per kg gram i.e. around 36 – 37 lakh per kg gram.

A tree of Akilaria is growing in the dense forests of South East Asia and in the hills. About 26 varieties are meets in 15 countries of Southeast Asia. Different species of Alkaria are found in Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, China, Bhutan, etc.

First, remove the skin of Akilaria, and on removing the skin, this tree becomes mouldy, and the wood rot. A special type of gum comes out of this rotten wood, from that same gum, it produces Ood oil which is helpful in making Agarwood perfume. Considering its benefits, it is very beneficial and attractive for people doing business. But some people have also started making fake Agarwood oil but only an experienced person can identify it.

Agarwood Tree Interesting Facts

  • Agarwood is a divine tree and the religious texts put on its bark for the fulfilled human desire. Srimanta Sankardev told about this divine tree.
  • Burning Agarwood said by the Lord Buddha as Nirvana scent:
  • Burning Agarwood said by the Lord Buddha as Nirvana scent:
  • Agarwood is the one that is a favourite of Lord Krishna mentioning in Vedas.
  • Agarwood uses in many religious traditions across the world. Its fragrance spreads in every religious ceremony.
  • In the scented water of Agarwood King, Louis XIV had his clothing washed.
  • The smoke of Agarwood has always fanned out to scent the warriors when they heading into the battle.
  • Agarwood perfume is used by Prophet Mohammed for fumigation rituals practice which is still going yet as Orthodox.
  • The agarwood tree is the only tree that Eve and Adam could take cuttings By Genesis.

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