Bacteria and Diseases

Bacterias square measure terribly small orgnaisms that square measure existed nearly each wherever. Bacterias square measure prokaryotes, they need only 1 cell, while not nucleus. Their ordering is barely many hundred Mega base pairs (Kb) to many Mega base pairs (Mb), compared to 3000 Mbs of human ordering. bacterium is higher determined below a magnifier as they’re usually many µm in diameter. typically bacterias grow into a bigger colony and it will then be seen by eye.
Bacterias are bestowed in figure, particularly within the channel, tract such like nose, most of them don’t seem to be harmful. usually the human system has the facility to kill invasive bacterias, however not all the day. for instance, the WBC within the blood will swallow the bacteria, though themself can die subsequently. In fact, loads of bacterias will infect humans and cause diseases such like diarrhea and Asiatic cholera.                  

List of diseases caused by bacteria:

DiseaseBacteria PathogenOrgans AffectedTransmission
AnthrasBacillus AnthracisSkin, LungEnvironment
BotulismClostridium BotulinumNeural SystemFood
Chlamydial UrethritisChlamydia TrachomatisCervix, Eye, UrethraSexual
CholeraVibrio CholeraeIntestineFood
GonorrheaNeisseria GonorrheaUrinary TractContact, Sexual
LeprosyMycobacterium LepraeSkin, Bones, Peripheral NervesContact
SyphilisTreponema PallidumSkin, Cardiovascular OrgansContact
TuberculosisMycobacterium TuberculosisLungAir
TyphusSalmonella TyphiBlood, SkinBugs, Contact
List of diseases caused by bacteria

Most bacterias ar sensitive to antibiotics. However, with the over use of antibiotics in recent years, some bacterias have gained antidrug ability and become additional dangerous, such like infectious disease. for instance, E. coli will sometimes get DNA fragments such like those containing Polycillin resistance genes from the setting, and therefore become immune to Polycillin. this system has been wide utilized in microorganism selective culturing within the labs.
With the new DNA sequencing technology, Scientists can now decipher the bacteria genomes rather easily. There are thousands of bacteria genomes have been sequenenced and made public to all researchers.

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