Basil health benefits

Basil benefits
Basil benefits for health

Basil herb is related to the mint family. The Basil herbs have the ability to survive in many different conditions whether the climate is cold or drought. It can easily tolerate an odd situation. Hindi name of Basil herb is (Tulsi) which is known as Holy plant in Southeast Asia.

In fact, basil is a divine and herbal medicinal plant which does not only add flavour to our meal but also has so many nutrients qualities that may give us health benefits. And there are also lots of Basil benefits that is why this plant is found in almost everyone’s house. And today’s biggest problem is air pollution, the sages know the Basil benefits to cleanse this pollution. It was a plant that gives us 24 hours of oxygen. Therefore, it is necessary to the plantation of basil plants, so that we can keep air purified around and bacteria and germs get to stay away from us.

Holy Basil

Sweet Basil

Basil benefits: How to use it

Most of all diseases are eradicated from it by swallowing four or five leaves of basil on an empty stomach in the morning. This plant treats us exactly like a doctor, and the variety of basil such as Lemon Basil, Purple Basil, Dried basil, and Sweet Basil (Ocimum basilicum), Fresh Basil leaves have different uses and benefits.

Basil is such a divine medicine, Basil benefits in the prevention of germs or bacteria by not allowing them to enter the house and also keeps us free from the disease. There has been extensive use of Tusli given in Ayurveda because Basil not only gives relief but also eliminates the disease from its roots.

How to prepare basil green tea

Basil benefits in Pneumonia

If children are having pneumonia or rib pain, then Basil is a miraculous remedy for this condition. When there is pneumonia, take out the juice of some basil leaves (about 15 to 20 grams), then cook the juice in almond or clarified butter on low flame. After cooking, massage the children, by doing this, diseases like pneumonia, etc. are removed and this makes the muscles of the children strong. At the same time, the ability to tolerate winter heat also increases.

Basil leaves
Basil Leaves for health

Basil benefits in every type of cough

Tulsi is effective in cough for both children and adults, whether it is any kind of cough or cold, cold or allergy. For this take a decoction of basil leaves and consuming it, provides relief very quickly. In case of trouble in breathing/asthma, digestive system. It is also very beneficial for controlling blood pressure, reducing cholesterol.

Basil Effective to increase appetite

In addition to Basil benefits: It is considered very effective even in problems of indigestion or loss of appetite. In case of such problems, make basil sauce with black pepper, ginger, and salt. If possible, add chilli to that sauce and eat it. This type of basil sauces helps to increase hunger as well as to remove any infection in the stomach.

Basil leaves to cure any type of fever

One of the major basil benefits is, Basil has the quality to bring the body temperature down, If you have malaria fever or any other type of fever, mix basil leaves and sugar candy in water and make a decoction. The use of this water can provide relief in every type of fever soon and also helps to remove weakness after the fever and gives energy.

Basil benefits: In case of vomiting

Basil is very effective in vomiting or fomenting, for this, you should take 4-5 leaves of basil and extract its juice, then add a little honey in it with a spoon as well as ginger juice, after which lick this mixture slowly. Doing this does not cause trouble like nausea and vomiting.

Basil Nutrients value

NutrientsQuantity per 100 grams
Water92.06 g
Energy23 kcal
Protein3.15 g
Total Lipid (Fat)0.64 g
Carbohydrate2.65 g
Fiber1.6 g
Sugar0.3 g
Calcium, Ca177 mg
Iron, Fe3.17 mg
Magnesium, Mg64 mg
Phosphorus, P56 mg
Potassium, K295 mg
Sodium, Na4 mg
Zinc, Zn0.81 mg
Copper, Cu0.385 mg
Manganese, Mn1.148 mg
Selenium, Se0.3 µg
Vitamin C, Total ascorbic acid18 mg
Thiamine0.034 mg
Riboflavin0.076 mg
Niacin0.902 mg
Vitamin B60.155 mg
Follett68 µg
Vitamin A, RAE264 µg
Vitamin A, IU5275 IU
Vitamin E0.8 mg
Vitamin K414.8 µg
Fatty acid, total saturated0.041 g
Fatty acid, total monounsaturated0.088 g
Fatty acid, total polyunsaturated0.389 g
Nutrition Value of Basil

The More Basil benefits

The fresh Basil leaves do not only increase the taste of many recipes but also contain so many essential vitamins and minerals which provide a lot of benefits to the human body. Basil leaves traditionally used in different cultures for hundreds of years for cooking and to make natural remedies. And also lots of Basil Leaves benefits are there.

Basil benefits for health
Basil benefits of health

1. Use of basil leaves when the throat is sitting

Basil gives benefits to those people who have got a sore throat, take three to four leaves of basil, a couple of peppercorns, and a small piece of sugar candy and put them all in your mouth and slowly suck it and keep taking that in. By doing this, you get immediate relief in all the problems of the throat such as strangulation, etc.

2. Basil leaves benefits for ear pain

Basil is a divine medicine when you have ear pain or a puffed ear. After extracting the juice of some leaves of Basil, dripping a few drops of its juice into the ear, all the problems of the ear can be eliminated by doing this, and get relief very soon.

3. Basil leaves uses for Mouth blisters

If you have blisters in your mouth, then put basil leaves in a glass of water, and continue to consume it. By doing this, the barks get relief soon.

4. Basil benefits in memory increase

Basil has the ability to stimulate the brain cell that can enhance memory. For this, in the morning on an empty stomach, take some fresh basil leaves with water, it will help to increases the memory power if continues for a few days.

5. Basil benefits for Skin of everyone

Acne is one of the common problems in youth because of eating unhealthy food, especially those who have oily skin. Basil is an exceptional skin cleanser and perfect for everyone. To remove spots and acne make the basil leaves paste with sandalwood and add some rose water and apply it all over the face and let it be around 20 to 30 minutes and wash off with water. Basil has good antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help to prevent acne formation.

Basil side effects


Tulsi whose worship is done in most of the houses to stop any kind of negativity mentioned in Ayurveda.

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