Bay Leaves Uses for Health and Side Effects

Bay leaves uses
Bay Leaves Uses for Health

Laurus nobilis or Bay leaf is an aromatic spice of bitter and sharp taste, It always remains the same as green. Bay leaf tree looks beautiful. It has a miracle effect to keep your stress off in five minutes. The bay leaf is commonly used for aromatherapy. Another name of the bay leaf is Tezpatta in India and the Bay leaves uses are Anti-inflammatory Food flavouring and Traditional medicine for mostly cure skin-related diseases and respiratory diseases.

Bay leaves properties

These leaves have abundant anti-oxidants and pain-relieving properties. It also can strengthen our immune system, which protects us from many diseases. Apart from this, many types of salts such as copper, calcium, potassium, manganese, and iron are also found in these leaves. It is very important for our body because it is full of other vitamins and minerals.

The bay leaves are sweet, somewhat sharp, hot, air, phlegm, and digestive. Bay leaves used in many serious diseases in Ayurveda. These leaves are broken from the bay tree and dried in the sun and sold in grocer shops.

Some special home uses

Drinking bay leaf tea (decoction) also provides relief from cough, cold, sneezing, runny nose, burning sensation, Headache. Apart from this, bay leaf is useful for many diseases like diabetes, all stomach problems, joint pain, bleeding, Infertility.

For room freshener and stress relief

Bay Leaves Uses for room re-freshener according to Ayurveda, when few leaves burn down, their smoke spread by just closing room for 15 minutes the entire room filled with fragrance which will make feel good and at the same time will also relieve stress gradually. And the smell of it keeps your mind calm, removes irritability, as well as mosquitoes and cockroaches also escape.

For diabetics

Bay leaf is also very beneficial for patients with diabetes. For that, grind the bay leaves and make a very fine powder. Take one spoon of this powder with water thrice daily. Diabetic patients get benefit soon, blood circulation decreases soon.

Bay Leaves Benefits
Bay Leaves Benefits

For face

Bay Leaves Uses for eradicating acne or stain spots on your face, boil the bay leaves in water, wash the face with that water or apply a paste of bay leaves on the face. In both ways, all the problems of the face are removed and the tone of the face remains the same.

To lose weight

Elements present in bay leaves are beneficial to burn fat. For this, boil 5 bay leaves and about two pinches of cinnamon in a litre of water for 10 – 15 minutes. Drink this water on an empty stomach daily in the morning it will reduce your weight easily. Also controls blood sugar levels. You can drink this water even after eating food because the food is easily digested. Keep in mind whenever you drink, drink it after heating.

Having lice

Take about 50 grams of bay leaves. Boil it in 400 grams of water boil it till the water remains about 100 grams. Then apply it well on the scalp (hair roots). Leave the hair like this for 3 to 4 hours, then wash the hair well. Doing this will remove all the lice of the head.

Swelling (When swollen)

Bay leaves also reduce inflammation (Swelling) of our bodies. Due to the medicinal properties present in these leaves, it helps reduce inflammation in every way of our body, especially inflammation (Swelling) in joints.

On a headache

Grind bay leaf and apply it on the head, it gives relief from terrible to terrible headache.

For stomach related diseases

If someone has constipation, stomach irritation, or gas problems, drink a teaspoon mixed with hot water, it removes all these problems in a few days. If there is a problem with indigestion, boil the bay leaves and ginger in water and boil it till the water remains half. Then add honey to it and drink it twice a day.

To keep insects away

Putting bay leaves inexpensive silk clothes, cotton, and woollen clothes do not cause insects. If four or five bay leaves are put in the cereal, then the grain also remains from the insects.

For kidney, and stones

Boil the bay leaves in water and cool that water, then drink this water. Consumption of this water provides relief in kidney, stone, kidney-related problems. Sweating is also caused by the spleen, so, if the fever comes, drink light hot water from the bay leaf, the fever of the patient also comes down due to sweating.

Bay leaves Uses
Bay Leaves Uses

Other Bay Leaves Uses: Cassia or bay leaves is also used as an oil, its oil has pain-relieving properties. Its oil provides relief in arthritis pain, swelling. If there is a problem of not sleeping at night, then using its oil before sleeping at night is very beneficial for good sleep. Mixing two to three drops of its oil in water and drinking it makes sleep sound and deep.

Side Effects of bay leaves

Bay leaves uses can have some toxicity effects. It can’t be consumed directly or digest and it might be slow down the nervous system but the oil of bay leaves can use for consumption are likely to safe in minimal food amount.


Burning bay leaves also removes the contaminated particles present in the atmosphere.

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