Benefits of Custard Apple

Benefits of Custard Apple
Benefits and uses of Custard Apple

Many types of fruits are found around us, of which Custard apple is also prominent. Consumption of chirimoya can improve a person’s physical health to some extent in many deficiencies, but it is not an accurate treatment for the health problems mentioned in the article. Yes, it can definitely save you from getting sick. Let’s discuss benefits of fruits like custard apple.

What is Custard apple

Custard apple is a delicious fruit, which can be easily found in the fruit shop. Its outer skin is green in color, which covers the pulp present inside the fruit like a cover. Custard apple is also known as Sugar Apple and Sharifa. Its scientific name is Annona squamosa. When this fruit is ripe, then it is used for eating.

1. To a Healthy Weight

If someone is troubled by his weight, then in this situation Custard apple can help. Actually, one of the reasons for being underweight is that the body spends more energy than it receives. However, the pumpkin can be used as a better source of energy fruit, which helps in weight gain can. Keep in mind that along with Custard apple , it is also important to pay attention to other diet and regular exercise.

2. For Asthma

Asthma is such a medical condition, which is caused due to inflammation (inflammation in the airways of the lungs). Here the use of Custard apple can give some relief. It is a fruit with excellent anti-inflammatory properties. According to a scientific study, anti-inflammatory action can help reduce the risk of asthma. In such a situation, consumption of chirimoya can be useful to reduce the risk of asthma.

3. To prevent the risk of heart attack

Uses of custard apple can also be used to reduce the risk of heart attack. Actually, a sufficient amount of vitamin-B6 is found in it. According to a medical research, intake of vitamin-B6 can reduce the risk of heart disease. This also includes heart attack.

4. For Digestive Health

If one wants to keep the digestion process better, then in this situation also Custard apple can be useful. This also include the supply of fiber . At the same time, the supply of fiber also improves the digestion process of the body and at the same time it also relieves people from the problem of constipation.

5. In the treatment of diabetes

Chirimoya can be used in the case of diabetes. Actually, it has anti-diabetic properties. It improves blood glucose levels and can also act effectively in preventing various risks attributed to diabetes. For this, a smoothie of its pulp can be consumed. In diabetes, chirimoya can reduce the symptoms, not cure. Doctor’s advice is necessary for better treatment.

6. To lower blood pressure

Custard apple can also be used to maintain normal blood pressure. Some amount of magnesium and calcium is present in chirimoya. If someone has the problem of high blood pressure, then it can be cured to some extent through the intake of calcium and magnesium present in chirimoya. It can also reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke due to high blood pressure.

7. Helps Lower Cholesterol

If cholesterol levels increase unnecessarily, it can be harmful to health. To keep cholesterol levels balanced, chirimoya can be used. Actually, the amount of niacin vitamin is available in it. Consuming the niacin vitamin may help protect people from heart disease, stroke, and heart attack by balancing cholesterol levels. Keep in mind that if you are suffering from the problem of cholesterol, then definitely get medical treatment along with home remedies.

8. In curing anemia

The benefits of eating chirimoya can help in anemia. In this there is a shortage of red blood cells in the body. In such a situation, there is a problem in reaching sufficient amount of oxygen with blood to all parts of the person’s body.

The consumption of folate-rich chirimoya can be beneficial to prevent the risk of folate deficiency and anemia. On the other hand, if doctors believe, chirimoya also contains vitamin C, which can help in the absorption of iron. In such a situation, when custard apple is consumed in the diet along with other foods, it can be helpful in absorbing the iron present in other foods in the body. So, it can be a nutritious and tasty option to prevent anemia.

9. Consumption of chirimoya during pregnancy

The benefits of nutrients present in chirimoya can be seen even in the event of pregnancy. Actually, the amount of iron and folate is available in chirimoya. These nutrients help prevent anemia in pregnancy and protect the mother from neural tube defects (birth defects in the baby’s spine and brain) . However, one must consult a doctor before consuming it during pregnancy, as there is not enough scientific evidence yet available regarding its consumption in pregnancy.

10. For Healthy Skin and Hair

Uses of chirimoya can also give glow to the skin. Vitamin-C is available in chirimoya. Vitamin-C can help protect the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Also, nutrients like zinc, calcium and magnesium are found in chirimoya, which can be beneficial for hair. It is better that you use it only on the advice of a dermatologist.

After knowing the benefits of Custard apple, now in the next part of the article, let us know which nutrients are present in Custard apple .

Nutritional Value of Custard Apple

Nutritious IngredientsQuantity Per 100 Grams
total lipids0.29g
fiber, total dietary4.4г
 Vitamin C, Total Ascorbic Acid36.3mg
pantothenic acid0.226mg
Vitamin B60.2mg
Folate (Total, DFE, Food)14μg
Vitamin A, IU6IU
Fatty Acid Total, Saturated0.048g
Fatty Acids, Total Monounsaturated0.114g
Fatty Acids, Total Polyunsaturated0.04g
Nutritional Value of Custard Apple

How to Use Custard Apple

You can eat chirimoya ice cream.

Custard apple can be consumed as a fruit salad along with other fruits.

By removing the seeds from the pulp of custard apple, it can be made into a smoothie.

You can also consume it through milk shake.

Side Effects of Custard Apple

There are no specific side effects of custard apple and research is still require in this regard. According to the information available so far, eating chirimoya in large quantities can cause the following types of harm:

The seeds of custard apple can be harmful to the eyes. This can lead to an eye infection.

Take out its seeds while eating chirimoya, otherwise it can get stuck in the throat. Before consuming this, make sure that it is not infected by birds or any insect in any way. Consumption or uses of custard apple is not a sure cure for the health problem mentioned above, rather it can help in curing it and reducing its risk. People can use the method mentioned above to include Custard apple in their diet. However, if someone is undergoing treatment for a serious illness, then in that case one must consult a doctor before consuming it. Do share this article related to the benefits or consumption of Custard apple with other people as well.

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