Benefits of Dandasana

Benefits of Dandasana

There are many benefits of doing yoga. This is the reason why everyone is advised to include it in their daily routine. It is consider beneficial not only for physical health but also for mental health. learn about the Benefits of Dandasana.

What is Dandasana?

Dandasana is made by joining two words, in which the first word is danda i.e. stick and the second word can be called asana i.e. pose or posture. It is also known as Staff Pose in English. This asana helps in attaining the basic posture require for the practice of other seated yoga poses. Dandasana can be consider as the basis of all the sitting postures. This is a practice that can help prepare the body for asanas.

Do this asana before doing Dandasana

It is believe that these asanas should be done before performing Dandasana. This can be of great help in performing Dandasana.

  • Parshvottanasana
  • raised hand padangusthasana
  • semi-bound padmottasana
  • Utkatasana
  • Virabhadrasana 1
  • Virabhadrasana 2

Benefits of Dandasana

It is believe that doing Dandasana can have many health benefits. Here we are going about the same benefits in a sequential manner. So let’s know the benefits of Dandasana:

1. Helpful in making the spine flexible

The role of the spinal cord in our body is very important. Without it, it can be difficult for anyone to sit, walk etc. This can be helpful in strengthening the back. The posture of Dandasana can be seated, so it can be assume that this easy back can be helpful in making the spine strong and flexible.

2. Beneficial in strengthening the back muscles

It is believe that Dandasana can be beneficial in strengthening the back muscles. Actually, people who work by bending or sitting on a chair for a long time, there is pain in the back muscles, which can lead to many problems. In such a situation, practicing Dandasana can prove beneficial to make them strong.

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3. Sciatica Pain Relief

In the problem of sciatica, pain starts feeling in the lower part of the body such as: feet, thighs, ankles. To get relief from this problem, performing Dandasana can be consider beneficial. This yoga asana can strengthen the muscles of the inner thighs and hips by stretching them. It can also provide relief from sciatica pain.

4. Helpful in keeping the mind calm

Like all other yoga poses, this asana can also prove to be helpful in keeping the mind calm.Regular practice of this mudra is believe to reduce the stress hormone cortisol which can help calm the mind and help focus.

5. Helpful in increasing digestion power

Yoga can be helpful in many types of minor problems. One of them is the problem of digestion, in which Dandasana can be helpful. It is believe that regular practice of Dandasana can provide relief from digestive problems.

6. Stretch the Shoulders

People who do desk work for a long time often start having shoulder pain problems. In such a situation, Dandasana can be practice to get relief from this problem as well. It is said that by doing Dandasana , there is a stretch in the shoulder, which can reduce the problem of pain.

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After knowing the benefits of Dandasana method of punishment

To get the benefits of Dandasana, one should know how to do Dandasana. Below we are going to tell here how to do Dandasana step by step.

  • To do Dandasana, first lay the yoga mat.
  • After this, spread both the legs in front of the body and keep them close to each other.
  • The toes of both the feet should be drawn and bent towards the body.
  • After this, press the thighs and heels into the floor.
  • Then keep both the hands straight and palms on the ground.
  • Keep the spine and neck straight.
  • Lift the chest and pull the shoulders in slightly to stretch the collarbone.
  • Look forward and breathe normally.
  • Keep doing this Dandasana for 20 seconds to a minute. You can also do this asana according to your ability, there is no harm in it.
  • Precautions while performing Dandasana
  • We have already told above how to do Dandasana, but while doing Dandasana, some things must be kept in mind, which we are going to tell in detail below.
  • Avoid doing this mudra if one is suffering from a serious injury to the wrist, shoulder or hand.
  • If there is a serious problem or pain in the lower back, then do not do this asana.
  • Do not force more than your physical capacity while doing any asana.

Yoga is a great way to stay healthy. Doing this not only calms the mind, but can also get rid of all the problems. In such a situation, take the benefits of Dandasana by adopting the method mention in the article . Along with calming the mind, it can also benefit the respiratory system. Just keep taking the help of various yogasanas to stay healthy. If you want to do Dandasana , then do this yoga only after reading the steps and precautions to do Dandasana in the article.

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