Benefits of Giloy & its Medicinal Properties

Introduction of Giloy

You must have heard many things about Giloy and probably also know about some of the benefits of Giloy, but it is sure that you will not know as much about Giloy as we are going to tell you. Many beneficial things have been told about Giloy in Ayurvedic texts. In Ayurveda, it is considered a rasayana which is good for health.

Giloy leaves are astringent, bitter and pungent in taste. Vata-pitta and Kapha can be cured by using Giloy. It is easy to digest, increases appetite, as well as is beneficial for the eyes. You can take advantage of the use of Giloy in thirst, burning, diabetes, leprosy and jaundice. Along with this, it increases semen and intelligence and is also used in fever, vomiting, dry cough, hiccups, piles, tuberculosis, urinary diseases. It is very beneficial in case of physical weakness of women.

What is Giloy?

You must have heard the name of Giloy, but do you know what it is like to see Giloy? Let us discuss in detail to know about the identity of Giloy and its medicinal properties of Giloy.

Giloy Amrita, Amritvalli means a huge vine that never dries up. Its stem looks like a rope. Roots emerge from its soft stems and branches. It bears clusters of yellow and green flowers. Its leaves are soft and betel-shaped and the fruits are like peas.

The tree on which it climbs, some qualities of that tree also come in it. That is why Giloy climbed on the neem tree is considered the best. According to modern Ayurvedacharyas (medicians), Giloy also eliminates harmful bacteria from stomach worms. Inhibits the growth of the bacteria that cause TB disease. Along with the intestinal and urinary systems, it also eliminates microbes that affect the entire body. Many species of Giloy are found, mainly the following species are used for medicine.

Names of Giloy in Many Languages

The Latin name of Giloy is Tinospora cordifolia (Willd.) Miers, Syn- Menispermum cordifolium Willd.) and it is a family of Menispermaceae. It is also known by these names:-

Giloy in –

Hindi (Giloy in Hindi) – Gaduchi, Giloy, Amrita

English – Indian tinospora, Heart leaved Tinospora, Moon seed, Gancha Tinospora; Tinospora

Bengali (Giloy in Bengali) – Gulancha, Palo gandcha, Giloy

Sanskrit – Vatsadani, Chhinnaruha, Guduchi, Tarika, Amrita, Madhuparni, Amritlata, Chhinna, Amritavalli, Bhishakpriya

Oriya – Gulancha, Gulochi

Kannada – Amrutavalli, Amritvalli, Yuganivalli, Madhuparni

Gujarati – Gulvel, Galo

Goa – Amrytbel

Tamil – Amridavalli, Shindilkodi

Telugu – Tippatige, Amrita, Guduchi

Nepali – Gurjo

Punjabi – Gilogularich, Garham, Palo

Marathi – Gulvel, Ambervel

Malayalam – Amritu, Peyamrytam, Chittamritu

Arabic – Gilo

Persian – Gulbel, Giloy

Giloy Benefits

The medicinal properties of Giloy and the benefits of Giloy are used as a treatment for many diseases, but the harm of Giloy in many diseases can also affect health. Therefore, it is important to have the correct knowledge of the medicinal use of Giloy, the amount and method of use-

To Cure Eye Disease

The medicinal properties of Giloy help a lot in relieving eye diseases. For this, mix 1-1 grams of honey and rock salt in 10 ml of Giloy juice and grind it very well in a mortar. Apply it like kajal in the eyes. Darkness, prickling, and black and white cataract diseases are cured by this.

Make a decoction by mixing Triphala in Giloy juice. Mixing one gram of Pippali powder and honey in 10-20 ml decoction and taking it in the morning and evening increases the eyesight. While consuming Giloy, one thing has to be kept in mind that only if it is consumed in the right quantity and in the right way, the eyes can get the benefits of Giloy in the right way.

Uses of Giloy in Eye Disorder

Grind the stem of Giloy in water and make it lukewarm. Putting it 2-2 drops in the ear twice a day removes ear scum. The benefits of giloy can be found if used properly to get relief from ear disease. The medicinal properties of Giloy help in removing scum from the ear without causing any harm, it also causes damage to the ears.

Use Giloy to Stop Hiccup

Smelling the powders of Giloy and dry ginger as a nasal spray stops hiccups. Make a chutney of Giloy powder and dry ginger powder. Taking milk mixed with it also stops hiccups. The benefits of Giloy can be used in the right amount only when you use it properly.

Giloy Uses in TB Disease Treatment

The medicinal properties of Giloy help in getting rid of the problems of TB disease, but to make them in the form of medicine, a decoction needs to be made by mixing them with all these things. Make a decoction of Ashwagandha, Giloy, Shatavar, Dashmool, Balamool, Adusa, Pohkarmool and Atis in equal parts. By taking 20-30 ml decoction in the morning and evening, Rajayakshama means TB disease is cured. Milk should be consumed during this time. Only consuming it properly can fully benefit from the benefits of giloy in tuberculosis (TB disease).

Benefits of Giloy to Stop Vomiting

If vomiting occurs due to acidity, mix 4-6 grams sugar candy in 10 ml Giloy juice. Drinking it in the morning and evening stops vomiting. Mix 15 to 30 grams of honey in 125-250 ml chutney of Giloy.

Consuming it thrice a day ends the problem of vomiting. Taking 20-30 ml decoction of Guduchi mixed with honey ends vomiting due to fever. If you are troubled by vomiting and to take full advantage of the benefits of Giloy, consume it properly.

Giloy is Beneficial in Fighting with Constipation

Due to the medicinal properties of Giloy, taking jaggery with 10-20 ml juice provides relief in constipation. Make a decoction by boiling dry ginger, motha, atees and giloy in equal parts in water. Taking this decoction in the amount of 20-30 ml in the morning and evening provides relief from the problem of indigestion and constipation. To fully take advantage of the benefits of Giloy, it is also necessary to use Giloy properly.

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