Benefits of Giloy

Benefits of Giloy
Benefits of Giloy

Giloy is a vine, which is mainly found in forests, fields of fields and rocks of mountains.  Its fruits look like pea seeds. Its stem is green, fleshy and pulpy, which looks like a rope. During the summer, small and yellow flowers are seen on it, which are present in the form of clusters in the male plant and alone in the female. This is the reason that the identification of Giloy as male and female is done by looking at its flowers. Its scientific name is Tinospora cardifolia. It has amazing ability to cure many diseases alone, hence it is also known as Amrita (similar to nectar).  Let’s see the Benefits of Giloy

Benefits of Giloy            

1. Increase immunity

A weak immune system makes a person more vulnerable to disease. In such a situation, the consumption of giloy can prove to be very beneficial. It is say that one of the medicinal properties of giloy is immunomodulatory effect, which can help in increasing the body’s immunity.

2. Cure Chronic Fever

If the problem of fever is not cured even after 10 to 15 days, then it is call chronic fever. The benefits of giloy can be seen in this problem, which can give some relief from fever. For this, you can use the stem and leaves of giloy. 

3. Increase Digestive Power

One of the medicinal properties of giloy is that it can help in recovering from many digestive problems such as: – Diarrhea and dysentery. For this reason, it can be believe that giloy can also prove to be helpful in strengthening the digestive system.

4. Control Diabetes

The benefits of giloy can also be seen in avoiding diabetes. The reason is that it found the effect anti-Haiprglaisemic (which lowers blood sugar). For this reason, it helps in controlling blood sugar by increasing the activity of insulin in the body. In such a situation, it can be say that the benefits of giloy can also prove to be helpful in getting rid of the problem of diabetes.

5. Prevent Dengue

Giloy is consider a storehouse of medicinal properties. There are many chemicals available in it, due to which it exhibits immunomodulatory effects. This effect gives the body the ability to fight against many deadly diseases by increasing the immunity. These diseases also include viral infections such as malaria and dengue. For this reason, it would not be wrong to say that the properties of Giloy can prove to be helpful in getting relief from the problem of dengue.

6. Helpful in the problem of asthma

The benefits of giloy can also be of great use to get relief in the problem of asthma. Along with increasing the body’s immunity, it is also believe to have a strong ability to reduce the symptoms of breathing problems such as asthma. For this you can bring in used mixed with honey juice of the stem.

7. Relief in the problem of arthritis

According to experts, the properties of Giloy include anti-inflammatory (relieves inflammation), anti-arthritic (reduces joint inflammation) and anti-osteoporotic (relieves joint pain and swelling) effects. . These three effects combine are consider helpful in removing the problem of arthritis. For this reason it can be say that consuming giloy in any form can help you get relief from this problem.

8. Increase Sexual Desire

Physical health and sexual desire are closely relate, because when a man is not physically fit, he lacks hormones that increase sexual desire. At the same time, a research has found that Giloy has immunomodulatory properties to increase the body’s immunity. Along with giving the body the ability to fight diseases, it can also help in increasing sexual desire due to the aphrodisiac effect.

9. Keep Eye Problems Away

You can also use Giloy to get rid of eye related disorders. According to experts, the immunomodulatory properties found in it also exhibit beneficial effects for the eyes. At the same time, in another research done in this regard, it has been told that the properties of Giloy can prove to be helpful in getting rid of problems related to eyes .

10. Reduce the Effects of Aging

Anti-aging effects are also present in Giloy due to the availability of many chemical elements. For this reason, along with removing many health-related problems, it can also help in reducing the effects of aging. For this reason, it can be say that regular consumption of Giloy in balanced quantity can also play an important role in keeping you young.

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