Benefits of nutmeg

Benefits of nutmeg
Benefits of nutmeg

It is a popular spice which we also know as nutmeg. Its benefits range from health benefits to enhancing the beauty of the skin. Nutmeg, like other spices, is also used for flavoring dishes. Nutmeg is fragrant and sweet in taste. It is known as an ayurvedic medicine which cures problems like skin rejuvenation, food digestion, pain relief and insomnia. It is mainly used to strengthen our immune system. Apart from this, there are many benefits of nutmeg too. Due to the presence of manganese, vitamin B-6, fiber, copper, etc. in the components present in it, it helps to maintain your overall health and cure many types of diseases.

Benefits of nutmeg

There are many benefits of nutmeg, which are very beneficial for health, so now let’s see the benefits of nutmeg.

Effective in sharpening the mind of children

Nutmeg can be used to keep children’s mind sharp and healthy. In ancient times, Greek and Roman institutions used nutmeg as a brain tonic, it enhances your ability to remember by stimulating the nerves in the brain. It enhances your ability to concentrate and concentrate. To sharpen the mind of children, mix a pinch of nutmeg powder in a glass of water, consume it before sleeping at night.

Removing insomnia

If you are not able to sleep properly at night, have difficulty sleeping, or are not able to get enough sleep, then use nutmeg. The calming properties present in it help in bringing natural sleep. Nutmeg is rich in magnesium which helps in reducing nervous tension. Take one teaspoon of nutmeg powder mixed with a glass of milk every day before sleeping. By doing this, you will get good sleep and the problem of insomnia will go away.

When babies do not digest milk

The mother who gives cow’s milk or any other milk after weaning her child, then many times the child is not able to digest this milk. In such a situation, add half of the water to the milk, add a nutmeg and boil it, after cooling it a little, give this lukewarm milk to the baby.

Also beneficial for joint pain

This Ayurvedic herb has many essential properties that help in relieving muscle and joint pain which is a sign of arthritis. To remove the pain, mix a small amount of nutmeg oil with coconut or olive oil and do light massage two or three times a day. Due to this heat comes in the body, due to which joint pain is cured.

For Alzheimer’s disease (amnesia)

Alzheimer’s disease can be avoided by using nutmeg as a spice in food. This will not only make the food tasty, but also strengthen the immune system. This can prevent getting sick as soon as possible.

Also effective for digestive system

Along with relieving common nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dyspepsia, bloating, indigestion of food, gas, etc., it also helps in relieving symptoms of intestinal obstruction. People suffering from digestive problems should consume a pinch of nutmeg powder in their drinks. This will help in removing all the problems related to your digestion.

To increase eyesight

Grind nutmeg by pouring water on the stone and make a paste. Apply this paste on the eyelids and around the eyes. This reduces all the problems of the eyes. Keep in mind that the paste should not be applied inside the eyes, but only on the outer parts of the eyes.

Nutmeg nutritional value

nutritional elementsQuantity per 100 grams
Calories525 kcal
Protein5.84 grams
Fat36.31 grams
Carbohydrate49.29 grams
Fiber20.8 grams
Sugar2.99 grams
Calcium184 mg
Iron3.04 mg
Magnesium183 mg
Phosphorus213 mg
Potassium350 mg
Sodium16 mg
Zinc2.15 mg
Manganese2.9 mg
Copper1.027 mg
vitamin C3 mg
Vitamin A IU102 IU
Nutmeg nutritional value

Side Effects of Nutmeg 

Nutmeg nutritional value

Side Effects of Nutmeg : Normally, it does not cause any harm if consumed in small quantities, but if consumed in large quantities (more than 30 grams), it can be poisonous. But if it is used in small quantities, it proves to be very beneficial for our health.

If consumed in excess quantity, some people may have problems like dizziness, vomiting, excessive thirst, chest and stomach pain, dry mouth, so take care not to consume excessive amount of nutmeg.

Serious problems can lead to problems such as a heart attack or miscarriage. Can cause miscarriage or birth defects in pregnant. Breastfeeding women should also not consume nutmeg in large quantities.

Consumption of nutmeg should be reduced in summer as its effect is hot. Taking an overdose can harm you

Sometimes taking it can cause dry mouth.


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