Benefits of Potatoes

Benefits of Potatoes
Benefits of Potatoes

Potato is the most common and important food source. It is difficult to make any dish without potatoes in every kitchen of India. But do you know about its benefits, although people generally believe that eating potatoes increases weight but it is not true? Potato has so many nutritious elements and properties that this food substance is use as a medicine for many diseases. The benefits of potatoes are so numerous that it is difficult to analyze in a few sentences. Let us know further about the Benefits of Potatoes

Types of Potato

1) Russet Potato

What is a Russet Potato, you would say? This is the most common type of potato. It is small, medium and large and its color is brown. It is delicious to eat and it is use the most for making vegetables.

2) Red Potato

This is another type of potato, which is red in colour. It is very tasty to eat, which you can use to make soups and salads. Apart from this, you can also roast them and eat them.

3) White Potato

This potato is white in appearance and looks beautiful. It is also wonderful to eat. You can eat it by boiling or roasting it.

4) Yellow Potato

According to the name, the color of this potato is yellow. Especially, it is use more in non-vegetarian dishes. This is especially true for dishes that are grilled or roasted.

5) Purple Potato

This is a special type of potato, which is purple in color. These types of potatoes are perfect for grilling, baking and roasting. After knowing what is purple potato, know below about the benefits of potatoes.

Benefits of potatoes

1. Benefits of potatoes for cancer

You will be surprised to know that the benefits of potatoes are also seen for deadly diseases like cancer. As you know, potato is free from cholesterol and according to a report, cholesterol causes many types of cancer in the body, although more evidence is still needed for this.

2. For kidney

The benefits of potatoes are also seen in taking out kidney stones. Potato is a good source of potassium and according to a report, stones are cured with the help of potassium. Apart from this, the fiber present in potatoes also helps in flushing out kidney stones. According to scientific studies, fiber intake after menopause in women plays a protective role against kidney stones.

3. For diarrhea

Potato is also beneficial in case of diarrhea. Potatoes contain essential nutrients like zinc, which play an effective role in preventing diarrhea. According to one report, oral zinc supplementation works to prevent acute diarrhea (which can last for three to five days). It has also been confirmed in a scientific research that zinc oral supplement is use to prevent acute diarrhea.

4. To reduce swelling

The benefits of potatoes do not end here. Potato can also be use to give rest to the body in case of inflammation. Here the role of potato peels is seen. According to a report, potato and potato peel are rich in anti-inflammatory properties, which work to reduce inflammation.

5. For immunity

The benefits of eating potatoes are also seen in strengthening the body’s immunity. As we mentioned earlier, potatoes are rich in Vitamin-C, which is known as an effective immunity booster. Vitamin-C is an effective antioxidant, which plays an important role in operating the immune system. It also helps the body absorb nutrients like iron:

6. To control weight

Potato also plays an important role in controlling body weight. As we mentioned, potatoes are rich in fiber, which works to control weight. Fiber-rich fruits work to keep the stomach full without adding too many calories. Vitamin-C is also effective in controlling weight. According to a report, there is an inverse relationship between vitamin C and body mass, that is, it helps in overcoming increasing weight. At the same time, weight loss depends on the way potatoes are made, steam, baked and boiled potatoes are good options for weight control. Apart from this, potato chips, burgers, samosas, french fries are good options for weight gain. At the same time, potato comes in the category of a tuber or tuber.

The specialty of potato is that it is kept in the category of most filling food. It can keep the stomach full for a long time and controls appetite. Other than this, The role of potatoes in controlling weight also depends on the way potatoes are made. Steaming, baked, or boiled potatoes are a good option to keep weight under control. At the same time, if you consume potato chips, burgers, samosas, or french fries, then there is a risk of weight gain.

7. Cholesterol

The benefits of eating potatoes also include promoting sleep. As we mentioned that potato is rich in vitamin-C and vitamin-C produces neurotransmitter (brain chemical). The neurotransmitter works to regulate mood and sleep by improving brain function. Apart from this, vitamin-C works to relieve anxiety, stress, depression and fatigue, which promotes sleep.

8. Benefits of potatoes for Skin

With increasing age, many problems appear on their own, in which wrinkles are also one. Potato helps you to remove them. Potato is rich in vitamin-C, which reduces the effects of aging by removing wrinkles. Know below how you can use potatoes for wrinkles:


Take a potato and peel it.

Now make a paste with the help of mixer.

Now apply this paste on your face for 20 minutes and then wash your face with cold water.

You can do this remedy three to four times a week.

9. To remove black spots

You can also use potato for dark spots on the skin. Potato is rich in vitamin-C, which works to remove the dark spots of the skin.


Blend the peeled potatoes in a blender.

Apply the paste on your face and massage with light hands for about 5 minutes.

Then wash your face with clean and cold water.

You can use it daily for better results.

10. Benefits of potatoes for dark circle

Potato helps you in removing dark circles under the eyes. Potato is rich in Vitamin-E and C. Both of these work like effective antioxidants, which work to get rid of dark circles on the skin. Apart from this, potatoes are also rich in anti-inflammatory properties, which work to reduce inflammation of the eyes.


Peel a potato and cut it into pieces.

Then place these pieces on the dark circles under the eyes.

Afterwards wash the face with lukewarm water.

You can do this remedy daily for better results:

11. For glowing skin

The benefits of potatoes are seen in making the skin glow. Potato has antioxidant properties like Vitamin C, which work to make the skin glow. Know below how to use potato for glowing skin


Grate a raw potato and apply on your face as a face mask.

After about 30 minutes wash the face with cold water.

You can do this remedy four to five times a week for best results.

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