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benefits of gram
Use of Gram

Black gram is cultivating in South Asia for a long time ago it is widely used in India. You can see the gram in many colors like – green, brown, red, and black. This difference in the shade of gram depends on the type of pulse. It is also known as garbanzo beans and Bengal gram.

Any kind of gram is always beneficial if consumed in a limited quantity. However, in terms of health, It is considered more valuable. The reason is that it is more abundant in nutrients than other grams.

What are the health benefits of gram?

What is the nutritional value of a garbanzo beans?

How to use black gram?

How to Selection and storage for gram?

Negative effect of black Gram?

Health benefits of gram

Black gram is high-level nutritious and helpful for us. It can easily understand their usefulness. However, it is essential to note that garbanzo beans can only relieve and below the problems. Hence garbanzo beans cannot be said to cure these problems. Complete treatment of the problem depends on medical consultation.

1. Control blood sugar

It is important for diabetic patients is to keep their blood sugar levels under control. In such a situation, Garbanzo beans can be beneficial. This has been clearly accepted in research related to the black gram. Research suggests that garbanzo beans contain a special element called amylose along with starch, which may slow down the process of mixing sugar with food taken from the blood. It also acts to increase the activation of insulin to some extent. For this reason, it can help control blood sugar in patients with type-2 diabetes.

2. Aids for digestion

The benefits of eating black gram include maintaining digestive health. Research done to know the health benefits of the gram suggests this. Fiber is present in gram like plum fruit, which can work to promote digestive health. It is also helpful in making the excretion process easier. This research is published at the National Center for Biotechnology Information. On this basis, it can be assumed that gram can also play an essential role in strengthening the digestive process.

3. Helpful in losing weight

Even in the case of weight loss, the benefits of eating garbanzo beans can be helpful. Evidence of this is clearly shown in research related to the gram. That fiber and protein are found in black grams. Its glycemic index (sugar content) is also low. Thus, it can help reduce the risk of obesity as well as reduce overall body weight. Because of this fact, that it can be consumed as a way to control increasing weight

4. Protects against cancer

Some research about garbanzo beans suggests that it is also instrumental in preventing serious diseases like cancer. For this, elements like Bioconin-A, Lycopene, Saponins, and Beautirate present in it are considered necessary. At the same time, research also mentions that buret from it can mainly help prevent colorectal cancer (intestinal cancer). Another study has found that lycopene present in it, can protect against prostate cancer (male sperm gland cancer) and biochanin-A stomach cancer. On this basis, it can be assumed that garbanzo beans can be beneficial in lowering the risk of cancer to some extent. Nevertheless, it is crucial to understand that cancer is a deadly and fatal disease, which depends on medical consultation.

black gram benefits
Gram Benefits

5. Maintain heart health and reduce cholesterol

Excess to cholesterol is considered harmful for heart health. In such a situation, black gram can also be useful to reduce cholesterol and promote heart health. This fact has been directly accepted in research related to chickpea published on the NCBI website. On this basis, it would not be wrong to say that garbanzo beans can also show positive effects in maintaining heart health.

6. Removes anemia

Iron deficiency is observed as the main cause of the problem of anemia. On the other side, black gram is considered a good source of iron. In this case, It can fulfill the problem of anemia by fulfilling iron deficiency to some extent. On this basis, it can be believed that the use of Garbanzo Beans can also be beneficial for people suffering from anemia problems.

7. Protects against leukoderma

Leucoderma is a condition in which white rashes are seen. It is also called vitiligo. It can occur anywhere in the whole body. Research has suggested that applying garbanzo beans paste to the affected area can relieve the problem. However, due to the lack of research in this regard, it is unclear how it works in leukoderma.

8. Maintains hormone levels in women

Garbanzo Beans can help relieve the symptoms of menopause (menstrual cycle closure) by correcting hormone balance in women. Research suggests that using sprouted gram can increase hormonal estrogen levels to some extent in women. This may help in relieving the problem of menstrual cycle closure and the symptoms caused by it. In such a situation, black gram can be considered useful for correcting the condition of hormones in women.

9. Rich in protein

Protein plays a vital role in the formation of new cells and muscle development. On the other hand, good sources of protein include black gram. Therefore, it is said that black gram can be helpful in strengthening the muscles due to being rich in protein.

10. Useful for skin health

Three other research indicates that Chickpeas are proved to be very useful for skin health. Prior research has shown it to be directly helpful for the skin. Further research suggests that prepared garbanzo beans flour may help to cleanse the skin. On the other hand, another research based on gram has believed that it has antibacterial (bacteria-destroying) effect. So this can help in cleaning the skin and protecting against bacterial infection.

11. Beneficial for hair

Vitamin A, E, and niacin, as well as nutritional deficiencies such as zinc and iron, can cause hair loss problems. On the other hand, all these nutrients are present in Garbanzo Beans. On this basis, it can be believed that gram can be helpful in maintaining the health of hair by replenishing these nutrients in the body. However, no clear evidence is available.

black gram nutrition
Nutrition Gram

Nutritional value of a garbanzo beans

NutrientsQuantity Per 100 Grams
Protein20.47 g
Carbohydrate62.95 g
Sugar10.7 g
Energy378 Kcal
Water7.68 g
Fat6.04 g
Gram Nutritional value


vitamin C4 mg
Vitamin B60.535 mg
Vitamin a67 IU
Thiamine0.477 mg
Niacin1.541 mg
Follett557 µg
Nutritional value of gram


Iron4.31 mg
Phosphorus252 mg
Calcium57 mg
Magnesium79 mg
Potassium718 mg
Zinc2.76 mg
Nutritional value of Gram

How to use it

Just as it helps our health, Chickpeas is also essential to take care of how it is used or eaten.

It can be soaked overnight and used for breakfast in the morning.

You can eat it as sprouts in the morning or evening breakfast or by making soaked gram chaat.

Frying soaked gram in light oil can also be included in breakfast.

Roasted garbanzo beans can be used as an evening snack.

You can make juicy vegetables from garbanzo beans and include them in the diet of afternoon or night.

Quantity about 100 grams of a black gram can be consumed every day.

Selection and storage for long time

1. How to choose

While choosing black gram, keep in mind that there are no holes in the gram.

Grams should be completely clean and of good quality, i.e., dirt in them: –

There should be no soil, pebbles, or other such things.

On the other hand, taking chickpeas off packets from grocery stores or malls can prove a better method of choice.

2. How to preserving

In order to maintain the quality and usefulness of black gram, Look for the few tips:

Always store the black gram in an airtight container or jar.

Keep in mind that the box in which gram is kept should not be wet.

Never keep gram in a moist or wet place because it can spoil the gram quickly.

Garbanzo beans side effects
Gram Side Effects

Negative effects of Gram

There are both advantages and loss by garbanzo beans. Therefore, it is essential to keep in mind its benefits along with its disadvantage. The disadvantages of this gram due to overeating can create difficult situations.

People taking blood sugar medicines need to stay away from the gram. The reason is that black gram has the property of reducing blood sugar. So that, its high intake can significantly reduce the level of sugar in people taking diabetes medicine.

Some people may also experience allergic problems with Chickpeas, including itching or swelling in the nose and skin rashes. Therefore, in case of an allergy to a particular food, please consult a doctor before eating it.

Because of the hot potency and heaviness of garbanzo beans, it is not considered to consume in the night my cause to increase gastric and stomach pain.

Garbanzo beans contains fiber in large quantity. Simultaneously, due to excess fiber, there may be stomach ache complaints, flatulence, and gas in the stomach.

Garbanzo beans can also help reduce weight. Therefore, people who are underweight should avoid excessive intake.

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