Black Pepper

Black pepper benefits
Black pepper

as you know as peppercorn is mostly used as a dried spice and for seasoning in most households. You have often seen many people consider black pepper instead of red chili in cooking because of their extreme benefits and so that it is also called traditional medicine for years. Pepper is a natural herb it is very beneficial for our health because it contains many nutritious ingredients like potassium, magnesium, manganese, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, and many other elements.

Due to the deteriorating lifestyle immune system gets easily weakened. And the side as the weather changes a bit people get suffering from cold, cough, fever, etc. For this kind of natural problem, we use pepper for instant relief at home. That is why pepper is considered Ayurvedic and Traditional medicine.

If two peppers are eaten on an empty stomach every morning for a few days, many diseases of our body are cured by themselves, such as not get eating properly, diarrhea, constipation, etc. Not only this, but it also protects our bodies from deadly diseases like cancer. And apart from this, pepper can be effective in stomach ache, gas, and curing skin-related problems.

Main Nutrition value of black pepper per 100 gm

Protein10.95 g
Carbohydrates64.80 g
Dietary Fiber26.5 g
Vitamin A299 iu
Vitamin C21 mg
Vitamin E4.56 mg
Vitamin K163.7 mcg
Sodium44 mg
Folic acid10 μg
Fat3.26 g
Nutrition value of black pepper
Black pepper for health
Black pepper for health

Beneficial in increasing eyesight

Even though pepper looks small, it is very beneficial for our eyes. If used properly, it can also remove glasses from our eyes. For this, make a powder by grinding black pepper and mix this powder well with a spoon of honey. Use it twice a day. This use is very beneficial for our eyes. Apart from this, pepper can also be used with native ghee and amla powder. To make it, take one spoon of country ghee, half a teaspoon of amla powder, and a little pepper powder. Now mix all these and make a paste. After doing this, they eat it every morning. We can also consume it with milk. Consuming with milk gives more benefits. This is our eyes as well as our body, also very good for skin and brain.


Piperine is the one of active compound of Black pepper has a more powerful antioxidant activity to boost the certain nutrients absorption and beneficial compounds it is good for improving digestion.

Thyroid and helpful in reducing weight

Often, the thyroxine level in women leads to rapid weight gain. Due to this, obesity starts to appear in women. Some chemicals are found in black pepper that acts like fat burners (help reduce fat). For a thyroid patient, black pepper proves to be a panacea. Those who are suffering from hypothyroid should only crush seven pepper and eat them continuously for 15 days. Grind black pepper and grind it, and if you want, you can eat it by putting it on salads, etc. It can be consumed either by mixing dal or vegetables or lemon in water or syrup. Its use is sure to bring positive results because pepper is really effective and effective for the thyroid.

The use of black pepper with lukewarm water is also beneficial

Consuming black pepper with lukewarm water also gives immense benefits. Often you must have heard that by drinking hot water, all the toxins of our body get out, which gives a new glow to the skin and at the same time many diseases of the body also go away, but if we have lukewarm water on an empty stomach in the morning If you consume one or two black pepper with it, then its properties increase even more.

Using pepper with lukewarm water is helpful in reducing weight. If we consume black pepper in this way, then it keeps the metabolism of our body correct, which helps in reducing our body weight and also increases the immunity of the body, as well as iron deficiency and Keeps you away from diseases like anemia. Apart from this, it is also very helpful in joint pain and helps to keep our skin beautiful as well. Also keeps it fine because black pepper contains potassium which helps in controlling blood pressure. It is also helpful in keeping the body muscles healthy and strong. Regular intake of it increases our stamina and also reduces weight by eliminating increased fat, which makes us look fit as before.

In Ayurveda black pepper has the ability to cure following:

Eye problems (useful in increasing eyesight)

Extremely effective in reducing weight

Phlegm problem


Very beneficial in gas, constipation, acidity.

Helpful in curing joint pain

Beneficial in cough

BP Controls

Helping in maintaining the digestive system


People who have sensitive digestive systems or a history of unhealthy gut and week immune or some kind of other troubles should avoid or less use of black pepper.

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