Blackberry fruit benefits

Blackberry fruit benefits
Blackberry fruit benefits

In summer, you will definitely see an attractive black-colored fruit in the markets, which makes your mouth water on seeing. You know it right, we are talking about berry, a popular summer fruit. We eat the top part of it with great gusto and throw away the seed, but wait a bit. Have you ever wondered how beneficial blackberry seeds can prove to be for your health? Let’s see blackberry fruit benefits

Blackberry fruit benefits

Blackberrytree is of large size, bearing the fruits of Blackberryin clusters during summer. Its fruit is ruddy black in color. Inside this fruit is also a seed, which is covered with a pale pink and white coating. The inner part of Blackberry seeds is green in colour. This seed is slightly hard, but when pressed with force with the help of hands, it also breaks. After eating berry, some people also eat it, whose health benefits are being given below.

Blackberry fruit benefits

Let us now know in detail that in what ways Blackberry fruit benefits can be useful for our health.

1. In the problem of diabetes

To avoid diabetes, the benefits of Blackberry seeds can show you beneficial results. Actually, anti-diabetic properties are found in Blackberry seeds. Also, a scientific research done by experts has found that supplements made from Blackberry seeds can work to control blood sugar in patients with type 2 diabetes. It can also reduce the risk associated with diabetes .

2. For gastric problem

If you are trouble by gastric problem, then the use of blackberry seed can give you relief from this problem as well. It is believe that the problem of gas can be relieve by using extracts from Blackberry seeds. However, there is not enough scientific evidence yet on how it helps to cure this problem .

3. For the problem of constipation

To avoid the problem of constipation, the use of Blackberry seeds can also be useful for you. Actually, the amount of crude fiber is found in Blackberry seeds . It has been found through a scientific research that crude fiber can show you beneficial results in the problem of constipation.

4. For Blood Pressure

The benefits of blackberry kernels can also work effectively to reduce the increased blood pressure. According to a scientific study, the amount of ellagic acid is found in the seeds of blackberry . In research, consuming the amount of ellagic acid surprisingly found a reduction in blood pressure. Thus, the use of ellagic acid can reduce blood pressure by about 36%.

5. For Digestion

A healthy digestive system is essential for a healthy body. For this, the use of blackberrykernels can prove beneficial. The amount of crude fiber is found in the seeds of Blackberry. The consumption of crude fiber is considered to be the most suitable for good digestion. You can fulfill this through the seeds of Blackberry.

6. For Teeth and Gums

The benefits of Blackberry seeds can also be seen for better health of teeth and gums. By consuming calcium found in Blackberry seeds, teeth remain strong and their development develops properly. Both children and adults need calcium for good dental health. Apart from this, the problem of swelling and bleeding of gums due to deficiency of vitamin-C can also be treated through vitamin-C found in Blackberry seeds.

7. In periods

Women also have to face pain during bleeding during periods. To get rid of this pain, women can consume blackberry seed powder during periods, which can help them to get relief from pain. This is possible because zinc is found in Blackberry seeds, which can help reduce pain during periods.

8. To Relieve Vomiting

Sometimes you may have to deal with the problem of vomiting if you do not pay special attention to food and digestion power is affected. Blackberry seed powder is use to treat dyspepsia – a medical condition that also involves vomiting. Therefore, drinking a powder made from Blackberry seeds mixed with water can give you relief from the problem of vomiting.

Note – There is still a need for scientific research on how it can directly work in the case of vomiting. Therefore, use it in case of vomiting only after consulting a doctor.

9. To remove mucus (phlegm)

Sometimes you have to go through the problem of phlegm/mucus as well. The benefits of Blackberry seeds can also be seen in removing phlegm/mucus. Keeping in mind the problems of the throat, a report released on Blackberry seeds states that the extract from the seeds of Blackberry can be useful to remove phlegm. Further scientific research is still needed in this regard.

10. For the skin

The benefits of Blackberry kernels can also be seen for the skin. This is possible because the antioxidant action is found in the kernels of Blackberry. Actually, the antioxidant action works to protect the skin by eliminating free radicals. If free radicals are not stopped, it can lead to skin cancer and photo aging. In this way, the antioxidant action present in the seeds of blackberry can also be beneficial for the skin.

Nutritious Elements of Blackberry fruit benefits

The nutritional elements of Blackberry kernels are being shown in the table below.

crude fiber16.9%
Tannins 6 -19%
Nutritious Elements of Blackberry fruit benefits

Use of Blackberry Kernels

We can use Blackberry kernels in this way-

  • After peeling off the top skin of the berries, you can eat the green part of it raw.
  • This green part can be fried in oil and eaten with salt.
  • You can grind the kernels of blackberry and eat it like a chutney.
  • It can also be used in the form of juice by cleaning the upper skin of Blackberry seeds.
  • After drying the seeds of blackberry in the sun, grind it to make a powder. Now mixing this powder in water can be use
  • for drinking.

When to eat : You can consume Blackberry seeds once a day at any time.

How much to eat:  Try to use only 6-8 seeds of blackberry at a time.

Note: – For information about the time of consumption of Blackberry seeds and the right amount of food, one must consult a dietician once.

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