Bottle Gourd Juice Benefits

Bottle Gourd Juice Benefits
Bottle Gourd Juice Benefits

Bottle Gourd Juice Benefits:- Consumption of bottle gourd can work to keep the body fresh. The fiber found in bottle gourd can prove to be helpful to overcome the problem of constipation and hemorrhoids. Gourd can work to relieve body pain and inflammation . Some research has also shown that bottle gourd juice is also beneficial in the treatment of insomnia and epilepsy. Therefore, bottle gourd juice can be considered good for health.Let us know how gourd can be beneficial.

Bottle Gourd Juice Benefits

1. To Lose Weight

Weight can be reduced by consuming bottle gourd. Gourd is considered a good source of fiber. Also, the amount of fat in it is negligible, which works to digest food as well as to maintain energy in the body. This reduces appetite, due to which you can lose weight . Along with its consumption, continue with regular exercise.

2. For Digestion

The benefits of bottle gourd juice also include healing your digestive system. A research has found that fiber is helpful in digesting food. The amount of fiber is found in bottle gourd, which can work to benefit your digestive system . The amount of calories, carbohydrates is found in bottle gourd very less, as well as the amount of water is high and it can be easily digested. Therefore, bottle gourd is consumed only in the event of illness or if there is a digestive problem. Apart from bottle gourd, bottle gourd juice can also be consumed. Bottle gourd juice can cool the body and its alkaline content can reduce acidity.

3. Benefits of Gourd for Heart

According to a research, bottle gourd can be used as Ayurveda and alternative medicine for the heart . Consuming bottle gourd can balance your blood lipid levels, which is beneficial for the heart. It has antihyperlipidemia, antihyperglycemic and antioxidant properties , which may work to benefit the body. According to doctors, consuming bottle gourd juice on an empty stomach in the morning can be beneficial.

4. For Diabetes

Gourd is used as a home remedy to treat diabetes . Gourd has anti-diabetic properties, which work to reduce glucose in the blood. Along with this, bottle gourd also helps in increasing the insulin serum. This helps in keeping diabetes away .

5. For urinary tract infection

It was seen in a research that problems related to urinary disorders can be cured by the use of bottle gourd. Urinary tract infection UTI is also one of the urinary disorders . Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Iron and Mineral are found in good quantity in bottle gourd. Along with this, antibiotic properties have also been found in gourd seeds, which can be helpful in getting rid of the problem of urinary tract infection .

6. For Cholesterol

Talking about the benefits of eating gourd, it also includes cholesterol-lowering properties. One study has found that the amount of fat and cholesterol in bottle gourd is low  Trusted . Consuming bottle gourd juice daily has been shown to be helpful in reducing the levels of triglycerides a type of fat or lipid and total cholesterol in the blood .

7. Benefits of Gourd for Blood Pressure

Consumption of bottle gourd juice can prove to be helpful in removing the problem of blood pressure. The amount of potassium is found in bottle gourd juice, which works to control blood pressure .

8. For Cancer

The benefits of gourd can also prove to be helpful in keeping you away from the problem of cancer. A scientific study has found that bottle gourd has a chemopreventive effect, which works to keep cancer away. The use of gourd juice can also work to keep skin cancer away .

9. To brighten the complexion of the skin

Gourd can be used to get rid of skin related problems . It has antibacterial effects, which work to keep bad bacteria away from you. Also, the antioxidant effects found in bottle gourd can prevent skin damage as well as make it glowing  .

10. Benefits Of Gourd For Hair

Due to the properties of gourd, it can also be beneficial for your hair. Using bottle gourd juice in combination with sesame oil can help to overcome the problem of baldness . For now, further research is needed in this regard.

Nutritional Elements of Gourd

Here we are explaining through the table which nutrients are found in bottle gourd :

energy16 kcal
total carbs4 gm
Fat0.1 gm
cholesterol0 gm
Vitamin A2 ।U
Vitamin B10.02 mg
Vitamin B20.03 mg
Vitamin B30.35 mg
vitamin C12  mg
sodium1 mg
potassium101 mg
calcium30 mg
Iron0.23 mg
Phosphorus15 mg
Nutritional Elements of Gourd

How to make bottle gourd juice at home

The best time to consume bottle gourd juice is in the morning. In this article, we will learn about the method of making bottle gourd juice at home.

material :

  • 2 medium sized gourds
  • 15 to 20 mint leaves
  • 1 tbsp cumin
  • 2 to 3 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 2 small pieces ginger
  • salt as required

Recipe :

  • Wash the bottle gourd and ginger well and cut them into small pieces.
  • Then make juice by putting all the chopped ingredients in a mixer with mint and salt.
  • Mix a few drops of lemon juice on top.
  • Your juice is completely ready.

Note: Keep in mind that always drink fresh bottle gourd juice. Buy only fresh bottle gourd for juice. If the bottle gourd has a slight bitterness, do not use it. It is better to test the gourd lightly first.

How to Use Bottle Gourd

How to Use Bottle Gourd
How to Use Bottle Gourd

If you are wondering how to use bottle gourd, then we have given you some help in this matter.

  • Bottle gourd can be eaten as a vegetable.
  • Bottle gourd juice can be extracted and drunk.
  • Bottle gourd pudding can be made and eaten.

When to use:

  • Bottle gourd juice should be drunk in the morning.
  • You can make and eat this vegetable in the afternoon or at night.

How much to use:

  • Take 1 glass of juice daily.
  • One cup of gourd vegetable can be eaten in a day.
  • Can gourd cause harm, let us know further.

Side Effects of Bottle Gourd

The benefits of gourd are many, in the same way there can be some disadvantages as well, which are as follows:

If bottle gourd juice is bitter, do not drink it, as it can harm your body.

The bitter gourd juice is believed to be harmful to the fetus and pregnant woman during pregnancy.

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