Buttermilk Benefits: The Ayurvedic Perspective

You know about the benefits of curd. But do you know that the buttermilk prepared by adding water to curd and churning it is more beneficial than curd. Even today, whey or buttermilk is used prominently in rural areas. In this article, we are telling you in detail about the benefits of buttermilk and the method of consumption.

Types of buttermilk

According to the taste of curd, buttermilk can also be sweet, sour and very sour. There are several types of buttermilk, depending on the amount of water added and butterfat removed. Takra prepared by churning only curd without water is called ‘Ghol’, prepared by adding one-fourth of water is called ‘Takra’ and prepared by adding half water is called ‘Udashvit’.

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Properties of buttermilk

Many properties of buttermilk have been explained in Ayurveda. Buttermilk has mild, sweet, acidic, fire-enhancing, body channels-cleansing properties. Consuming buttermilk after eating food is considered very beneficial for digestion.

Mixing salt in buttermilk and drinking it increases digestion power. Buttermilk prepared completely by extracting ghee is considered very light and healthy. Takkar prepared without extracting ghee is very heavy, forceful and expectorant.

Buttermilk Benefits

Buttermilk Benefits

Consumption of buttermilk benefits our health in many ways. Along with keeping the digestive system healthy, it is also very beneficial in heart diseases. Let us know in which other problems consumption of buttermilk is beneficial.

Beneficial in piles

Constipation in the stomach is the main reason for piles. Drinking buttermilk improves digestion and removes constipation. In this way the problem of piles gets relief. Ayurveda has also advised drinking buttermilk as a home remedy to cure piles.

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Beneficial in diseases associated

Consuming a mixture of trikatu (dry ginger, black pepper, long pepper) and yavkshar in buttermilk is beneficial in diseases caused by phlegm.

Beneficial in diseases caused by unbalanced vata

Consuming a mixture of dry ginger and rock salt in low acid buttermilk provides relief from diseases caused by the outbreak of arthritis.

Beneficial in diseases caused by imbalanced pitta

Mixing sugar in sweet buttermilk without acidity and drinking it is beneficial in bile disorders.

Beneficial in urinary tract (pain while urinating) disease

If you feel pain while urinating, then consuming buttermilk is beneficial for you. Drinking buttermilk mixed with jaggery provides relief from this pain. 

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Buttermilk is beneficial in anemia

Consuming buttermilk mixed with Chitraka is beneficial in anemia. Anemia is a serious disease, so if suffering from it, do not rely only on home remedies, but contact the nearest doctor.

Drinking buttermilk mixed with asafoetida, cumin and rock salt is beneficial in the following diseases:

  • hemorrhoid
  • Diarrhea
  • dysentery
  • poor digestion (indigestion)
  • Useful in pelvic pain

When to consume buttermilk

Consuming buttermilk after having lunch is considered most beneficial. Apart from this, many people consume buttermilk even after breakfast in the morning.

When not to consume buttermilk

Too sour buttermilk causes harm, so it should not be consumed. Buttermilk should not be used in wounds or weakness in the chest, unconsciousness, vertigo, burning and bleeding and in the heat of the rainy season.

Uncooked buttermilk (whey) destroys phlegm accumulated in the cell, but produces phlegm in the throat. Therefore, instead of using fresh buttermilk, ripe buttermilk should be used in diseases of sinus, cough, asthma and throat.

Now you are well acquainted with the benefits of buttermilk. Use buttermilk in limited quantity daily. If you want to use buttermilk as a medicine for the treatment of any disease, then first consult a doctor.

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