Cardamom substitute benefits

Cardamom substitute benefits
Cardamom substitute benefits

What is cardamom

Cardamom is a spice in food, but it’s a herb. Medicine prepared from its oil and seed. It is also one of the ingredients in soaps, perfumes, and creams. It has a chemical compound that might useful in reducing swelling, intestinal spasms, also very helpful to increase human immunity, there are also many other benefits. There are lots of cardamom substitute benefits that you can use in the place of cardamom.

Cardamom substitute is required for many reasons. One is to decrease the expense, 2nd it’s maybe over in the kitchen, and the other is maybe somebody has an allergy to it. In our kitchen, there have many things that can be a good alternative to cardamom.

Benefits of Cardamom

Cardamom is rich in antioxidant, anti-allergy, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties. that’s why cardamom substitute benefits include many things for health. All these properties work in a variety of ways, such as anti-ulcers that can prevent ulcers in the body. The anti-microbial properties present in it can be effective to protect the body from various types of bacterial infections. In addition, its anti-inflammatory properties may work to relieve any type of inflammation in the body. Apart from that, there are many benefits of cardamom for health, which are describing in detail below.

For intestinal health

Cardamom may be beneficial for the intestines, gastric ulcers, and gastrointestinal disorders (associated with mouth, throat, stomach, intestines, and kidneys). Cardamom phytochemicals and biological activities are believed to be behind this benefit. It has also been using in liver tonics and appetizers.

In a healthy heart

Also cardamom substitute benefits for the heart. Actually, cardamom is a good source of minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Potassium helps control heart rate and blood pressure, this may help maintain heart health.

To overcome the problem of breathing

Cardamom has anti-pain, anti-inflammatory, bacteria-resistant and antioxidant (free radicals) properties. These properties can jointly help maintain the health of the respiratory system. Research related to this suggests that the use of cardamom may prove to be somewhat helpful in preventing serious illnesses such as lung stiffness and tuberculosis. According to another research, it can also help prevent asthma.

Get rid of mouth problems

Cardamom substitute benefits in maintaining dental health. Indeed, cardamom is also contained with anti-microbial properties, among other properties. These properties can play an important role in preventing and fighting any type of bacterial infection involving teeth and gums. Also, anti-microbial can show effective effects on harmful bacteria that cause plaque on teeth.

To control obesity

These benefits can also be seen in controlling obesity. In fact, research is available on the NCBI website in this regard. Which has been shown through studies on mice that cardamom can help in reducing total body fat. In addition, it can also improve abdominal measurement (Abdominal Circumference). 

Beneficial in high blood pressure

Increased blood pressure is a serious problem. Cardamom can be helpful to overcome this condition. Indeed, research published on the NCBI website suggests that a component called 1,8-cineole present in cardamom may help lower blood pressure.

Good Metabolism

Metabolism (Metabolism) is those chemical processes of the body that work to convert food into energy. Here, cardamom can be beneficial in the way of increasing metabolism. According to research published on the NCBI website, cardamom can help reduce the symptoms of metabolic syndrome. In addition, the component named 1,8-cineole present in it can serve to improve metabolic parameters.

To prevent cancer

Cardamom may prove to be somewhat beneficial in preventing cancer. Indeed, extracts of cardamom seeds have anti-cancer properties, which may play a supporting role in preventing the expansion of cancer cells as well as reducing the effects of tumours. Readers here note that cardamom is not a cure for cancer. If someone is suffering from cancer, he should get medical treatment as soon as possible.

Benefits of cardamom for healthy liver

Cardamom has the properties of keeping the liver healthy and risk-averse. According to research published on the NCBI website, cardamom may play an instrumental role in the prevention of the disease of alcoholic fatty liver.

Rich in antibacterial properties

Cardamom can prove to be helpful in preventing and fighting bacterial infections. Indeed, it has antibacterial effects, which can help the body protect against harmful bacteria (Escherichia coli & Pseudomonas Aeruginosa). Explain that E. coli bacteria can cause diarrhoea, stomach cramps and. Pseudomonas Aeruginosa may increase the risk of lung infection with blood.

Beneficial in ulcers

The positive effects of cardamom can prevent problems such as ulcers. Indeed, anti-allergy effects are present in the oil extracted from cardamom seeds. Which may play a supporting role in preventing symptoms with symptoms of gastric ulcers.

Benefits of cardamom for the skin

Cardamom can be a good option to get rid of wrinkles. It is believed to contain active components such as protocatechualdehyde and protocatechuic acid, which may play a role in relieving wrinkles.

Use of cardamom for hair

The use of cardamom may also prove beneficial for hair. According to research related to this, cardamom can help in strengthening the hair. Also, the antioxidant effects can be helpful in nourishing the scalp and maintaining its health.

Nutritional value of cardamom

Cardamom contains several vitamins and minerals, as well as some fiber. It is also very low in carbohydrates and calories.

According to the Department of AgricultureTrusted Source, one tablespoon of ground cardamom contains the following nutrients:

calories: 18

total fat: 0.4 grams (g)

carbohydrates: 4.0 g

fiber: 1.6 g

protein: 0.6 g

It also contains the following quantities of vitamins and minerals:

potassium: 64.9 milligrams (mg)

calcium: 22.2 mg

iron: 0.81 mg

magnesium: 13.3 mg phosphorus: 10.3 mg

Benefits of Cardamom
Benefits of Cardamom

How to use Cardamom?

The way to eat and use cardamom is as follows:

  • To enhance flavour in many sweets.
  • Its powder can be used with honey and lukewarm water.
  • Can be used as a spice in many types of vegetables.
  • In dishes like casserole and biryani.
  • To enhance taste in Snacks etc.

Quantity: It should be consumed in limited quantities. Excessive use can be harmful to health. It would be better to consult a doctor for information related to its quantity.

Top cardamom substitute


It is a flowering plant whose root is mostly useful as folk medicine and spice. It belongs to the same family as cardamom and has a similar taste. Thus, it can be the best alternative to cardamom due to its cost. It is very cheaper than cardamom.


This is also a spice that getting from wood that’s why called woody spice. It comes in form of bark or stick. It also the best replacement.


Clove is a dried spice that is a flower bud. It has a bitter taste and a high musky smell. You can make lots of dishes by using this. And it’s also widely used in different kinds of recipes.


It is a seed and also a ground spice. It comes under the Myristica genus species. It’s easily available as a powder of seed. It’s also a nutty flavour and seems like cardamom.


It’s a spicy dried fruit of the tree name the Caribbean. Also, its other name is Jamaica pepper. Allspice is grown in warm parts of Earth. Its flavour is the same as combined flavours of Nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon. That’s why its name is ‘allspice’. It contains a cardamom flavour profile. So you can use this instead of cardamom.

Types of Cardamom

Green Cardamom: It widely for taste in sweet dishes. In most places, you’ll get easily Green Cardamom and it’s also known as True cardamom. The most common spice variety is easily available at stores. The top choice is green cardamom for sweet dishes. It has less flavour when it bleached. Basically, it is grown in India, Costa Rica Malaysia which is tropical areas.

Black Cardamom: It’s a very popular Indian spice, also known as Kali Elaichi or BadiElaichi. It is used in flavour dishes that are prepared from meat products.

White Cardamom: Used in Desserts

Cardamom substitute benefits in combinations

cardamom side effects
Side effect of cardamom

The mixture of two or more ingredients, which belongs to the same family of Cardamom can substitute its use.

Nutmeg and Cinnamon mixture

Due to complex flavours. We have to use the ideal ingredient in the mixture is complex. But here is a good mixture that tastes and flavours almost the same due to its nature. The best mixture of nutmeg and cinnamon is suggested in flavorful dishes. If you want 1 gram of cardamom mix 0.5 gram of each nutmeg and cinnamon. It is the best mixture as a cardamom substitute.

Cloves and nutmeg mixture

If the stock of cinnamon is over in your kitchen.Instead of cinnamon use cloves. Use an equal amount of cloves and nutmeg to make the same flavour and taste as cardamom.

Ginger and Cinnamon mixture

To replace cardamom, We also use a mixture of ginger and cinnamon. To create a mix in an equal amount of ginger and cinnamon that gives the same taste and flavour as cardamom. If you making rice and other dishes, instead of 1 teaspoon of cardamom use half of each ginger and cinnamon as a mixture.

Cloves and Cinnamon mixture

A mixture of ginger and cinnamon was used as an alternative to cardamom. If you have no ginger, you can use cloves instead of ginger. This cardamom substitute benefits health a lot. Take half a teaspoon of each clove and cinnamon to get the same taste and flavour as 1 teaspoon of cardamom. This is widely advice for non-veg dishes.

Main Side Effects of Cardamom

As the cardamom has so many benefits but also have side effect. It is necessary to know about these side effects of cardamom. These are given as a precaution so that the person consumes them in limited quantities. These disadvantages of cardamom are as follows:

One of the common Side Effects of Cardamom is that it can lower blood pressure, so it should not consume those with low blood pressure symptoms.

Another negative effect of cardamom for those who have a problem with low sugar also should not use it. It can reduce the amount of sugar in the blood.

At the same time, people with BP and high sugar must take care of their BP and sugar levels while consuming cardamom. Cardamom cause side effects, If someone is also consuming BP or sugar medicine. So it is better to seek medical advice before consuming it.

Pregnant or lactating women must seek medical advice before consuming cardamom.

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