15 top uses of blueberry for health

uses of blueberry

The virtuous fruit blueberry or you can say Neelbadari. Blueberry fruit is not just as attractive to look at but ripe, tasteful and very healthy. The medicinal properties contained in is essential for our overall health. Blueberries plant has anthocyanin compound that defines the colour and benefits of blueberry. It is a rich source of vitamin C. Also there are so many health benefits as well as uses and disadvantage. The benefits and uses of Blueberry 1 Lose weight The …

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Benefits of Papaya for skin

benefits of papaya

The papaya is a small, sparsely branched tree, with an only stem growing from 5 to 11 m tall to the helix arranged leaves over the top of the prow. The Papaya fruit is like a big berry that is generally balloon-like in shape and the fruit is ripe and very soft with a mildly sweet and delicious taste. Papaya is ripe when the skin starts turning from green to yellow. There are lots of benefits of papaya and papaya …

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Negative effects of watermelon


Watermelon cultivating in sandy land is found green from the outside and red from the inside. Some people also know it by the name of Mattira and Hadwana. Eating watermelon not only tastes delicious as well as its juice is also very healthy. Sugar is found naturally in it. It is a fruit that comes in summer, which not only fulfils the shortage of water and also a source of energy for our body. Apart from this, it contains about …

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