How to Cook Lentils


Consuming lentils can be beneficial for the body. Lentils are not only a popular nutritious food, but it is also a good source of energy. It contains micronutrients as well as prebiotic carbohydrates. Prebiotic carbohydrates are those that are easy to digest. Lentils are very tasty. Let’s learn in this article how to cook lentils and the benefits of lentils. Research has found that foods that are rich in prebiotic carbohydrates and dietary fiber can reduce the risk of non-communicable …

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Black Tea Benefits

black tea nutritions

Usually, everyone prefers to start the day with a cup of tea. If the drinkers are asked the reason for this, then the answer can be found that it brings freshness and vitality to the body. Well, this is common information, but do you know that if you remove milk and sugar from tea, then it is called ‘black tea’. This black tea is not only beneficial compared to normal tea, but can also have a beneficial effect on health. …

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Hibiscus Tea Benefits

hibiscus tea benefits

A tradition for herbal tea is increasing globally. Hibiscus tea is one of them that serve to benefit health in many ways. This herbal tea is also known by the name of jaggery tea. The tea has rich content of many medicinal properties that shows the positive result on many physical problems. Know the hibiscus tea benefits and the right way to use it. Top hibiscus tea benefits Gudahl is a well-known flower, often found in people’s garden. Its leaves …

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Black Gram

black gram

Black gram is cultivating in South Asia for a long time ago it is widely used in India. You can see the gram in many colors like – green, brown, red, and black. This difference in the shade of gram depends on the type of pulse. It is also known as garbanzo beans and Bengal gram. Any kind of gram is always beneficial if consumed in a limited quantity. However, in terms of health, It is considered more valuable. The …

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