Clove benefits uses and side effects

cloves benefits
cloves benefits

Clove is a very important part of our kitchen in the set of spices, which contains many such qualities, that produce relief to the problems occurred by our wrong eating. There are lots of health benefits of cloves because cloves are stimulating and beneficial. Clove are bitter in taste but are equally beneficial for health. Clove is of hot effect properties, so it is effective in getting rid of many diseases. In addition to the benefits of cloves, it is digestive and is also effective in destroying phlegm and bile. It is such a spice that not only enhances the aroma but the taste of food as well.

It is equally beneficial for our whole body health. All the nutritional elements present in cloves are always helpful in keeping us healthy which doctors also advise us to include in the diet.

Benefits of Clove

Ayurveda tells so many things about the herbs like cloves, which try to keep our health fit and keep us away from disease. So let us know what are the top benefits of cloves, which helps us to fight for our health from illness and keep us healthy.

There are two types of cloves

Green Cloves

Green cloves are used especially for making oil.

Brown Cloves

Brown cloves are made by drying green cloves and are used as spices that can be stored and kept for years.

Cloves content important nutrients

Check out the list of benefits of cloves in which such essential elements found to keep us healthy: –

Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Sodium, Potassium, Antioxidant and Antibacterial ingredients, Vitamin C

clove nutrients
Clove Nutrients

Cloves Benefits:-

Cloves Benefits

Mouth sores

Helping to maintain digestion

Stomach pain

Helps to calm cough and Gout.

Pain in the Muscles

Make Immunity power strong.

Helps in maintaining healthy skin

Gives Relief in cold and cough


Helps in controlling diabetes

Toothache relief

For strengthen bones

Dandruff by scalp also conditions hair.

Protect against some Diseases:

  1. There are many benefits of cloves that we eat can fight many diseases for ourselves by making it a part of our life: –
  2. Clove especially keeps our digestive system healthy, enhances the efficiency of digestion. If a clove is consumed after a meal, the food know has digested properly. And also keeps the digestive system fine. There has also been a tradition in the past that those people always used a clove or fennel after having food that time the digestive system of the earlier people was much better and stronger than the young of today.
  3. Wrong eating sometimes leads to problems like acidity. And gas related problems surround us on the day of arrival. For this, taking medicines daily can also be harmful to our health. It is better to chew a roasted clove, it cures acidity and heartburn. And Benefits of Cloves the consumption can let us get rid to take of medicines.
  4. Those who have increased phlegm defects should drink a decoction of cloves. The Decoction of cloves drinking on an empty stomach in the morning for a few days then all the problems that occur due to an increase in phlegm defect are being cured. Apart from this, roasting two cloves works in a cold mouth, cough, phlegm, and dry cough, and swelling of the throat also gets relief.
  5. If for some reason the Gout increases, those people should grind the cloves and brush with that powder. Whatever problems occur due to aggravating Gout that all get fixed. Apart from this, half-head pain also is reduced, and brushing with clove powder in cold catarrh also provides great relief.
  6. If you have been suffering from toothache for a long time to get the benefits of cloves to chew a clove when it is in pain. By doing this, you get a lot of relief from toothache.
  7. If you have a headache, grind four to five cloves and keep it in a clean handkerchief and keep smelling the powder of this clove for a while. This remedy provides great relief in cold pain.

Used as clove oil:

  1. Other more benefits of cloves are that you can use it’s as clove oil. Especially used in toothache, If you have a toothache take a few drops of clove oil in cotton wool and apply the cotton foil on the Gums and tooth over the pain spot and the toothache will be cured in a short time.
  2. Some other benefits of cloves oil are also helpful in keeping stress away. A few drops of clove oil are mix with drinking water that can help to relieve the stress of the body. In addition to drinking clove, tea can also make the miracle effect so that way we can stay away from stress.
  3. If there is a problem like irritation in the nose, then smelling the whole clove provides relief. And if there is a problem in breathing then drink three to four teaspoons of clove oil mixed with warm water, it cures the infection and improves breathing the benefits of cloves oil do not let the cause create problems related to breathe.

For a long time, joint pain is also effective in disappearing. For this, mix clove oil with olive oil and massage it twice a day. The pain have gone within a few days.

Apart from this, due to being antioxidants, this oil is also beneficial for wounds, itching, infections, or all other types of injuries.

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