Coriander Seeds

corriander seed
Coriander seeds

What is Coriander

Dhania is the Hindi name of coriander, and it is also known as cilantro. This herb is a flowering and flavour booster that belongs to the family of parsley. This often enhancing the flavour in Indian, Latin and Asian cuisine. all part of this herb is edible. It has a tart and lemon type taste. Coriander seeds are proving to be beneficial for health because of their properties.

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Benefits of Coriander Seeds

How to Use Coriander Seeds

Benefits of coriander juice

Properties of Green Coriander

Coriander Home Remedy

Side Effects of Coriander Seeds

Benefits of Coriander Seeds

1. Diabetes

Coriander seeds can prove to be very beneficial for diabetes patients. Indeed, lots of compounds like flavonoids. B-carotenoids (β-Carotenoids), polyphenols, present in it. That helps maintain the level of plasma glucose normal. Along with this, It helps in reducing fat levels and total cholesterol. It can also stop cardiovascular complications because of hyperlipidemia. Hyperlipidemia is a high amount of fat in the blood. It is like type-2 diabetes in patients.

2. Digestion

To promote digestion from ancient times Coriander seeds used as a substance. In addition, the use of coriander seeds makes bile acid. Which plays a very important role in digestion. Coriander seeds show a carminative effect. that relieve the gas problems. Moreover, it also helps in increasing enzymes. Which helps digest food by breaking down proteins, which is present in the small intestine.

3. Arthritis

Coriander seeds help to get relief in Arthritis. In fact, coriander contains linoleic acid, which acts in the body like anti-arthritic. And also, The antioxidant and antioxidants present in coriander seeds help our body fight off certain cytokines (cytokines) compounds that promote inflammation in the joints. With this, applying coriander seeds in pairs also gives benefits.

4. Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis means red or pink of the eyes. Inflammation occurs in the outer layer of the eye and inside the eyelid. Due to which swelling, itching, burning, and redness of the eyes begin. It is caused by bacterial and viral infections, allergies. In this case, coriander seeds can help you. It contains anti-bacterial properties. Therefore, it can be said that it also helps in fighting conjunctivitis. In research shows, cilantro seeds can relieve itching infection in the eyes. In this case, the use of coriander seeds can be beneficial to prevent infection.

5. Anemia

Anaemia is a blood disorder, the main reason is the deficiency of iron in the human body. Also, The human body requires iron to make blood. In this condition, we can use seeds of coriander which is rich in Iron components. It also contains vitamin C. which increase the rate of absorption of iron in the body.

6. Cardiovascular health

Coriander seeds decrease the risk of heart problems. Coriander seeds show hypolipidemic action, that reduces the triglycerides (a type of fat) existing in the body. Indeed, triglycerides and cholesterol are the reason for cardiovascular diseases. It can help, keep your heart healthy by reducing their levels.

benefits of coriander
Benefits of cilantro seeds

7. Menstrual Health

Menstrual periods are painful. During this time, there is unbearable pain in the stomach and back. This pain is caused by contractions in the uterus. In such a condition, coriander sees tea reduce pain acting like an analgesic drug and anti-inflammatory. In addition, it can also help in preventing. If you have more bleeding than normal in menstruation.

8. Neurological Health

The benefits of coriander seeds are many. It is found to have anticonvulsant activity. Moreover, it may be helpful in the problem of epilepsy seizures. Indeed, it is a brain (neurological) disorder. In which brain activity becomes abnormal. Coriander seed can help you in this situation. In addition, Coriander also protects your neurons from damage. It is believed that coriander can improve memory as well. Although, more research is still needed on this.

9. Cilantro for skin health

Coriander is rich in antioxidants. In addition, It is also rich in vitamin C. Which is assumed beneficial for the skin. We have already told you in the above article. That coriander seeds are also anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. So just, what else is needed to keep the skin healthy. You can apply coriander seed water to your face with the help of cotton. In addition, the vitamin C present in coriander seeds helps in removing the facial scars as well as helps in reducing the effect on the face of old age. It also maintains facial flexibility and can help relieve sunburn.

10. Cilantro for hair

Being rich in minerals and vitamins. You can use coriander seeds as a herbal tonic. In fact, lack of iron and zinc causes hair loss. In such a situation, you can prevent hair from falling by using rich coriander seeds. Coriander seed oil can be used for hair. However, no research has been done on this yet.

In the table below, see how many nutrients are present in every 100 grams of coriander seeds.

Total fat17.77g
Coriander Nutrients Values


Coriander Nutrients


vitamin C21.0mg
Nutrients in Coriander


Fatty acid, total saturated0.990g
Fatty acid, total monounsaturated13.580g
Fatty acid, total polyunsaturated1.750g
Coriander Leaves
Coriander Leaves

How to Use Coriander Seeds

First, you buy good quality coriander seeds. Now wash and dry them well. This will mean that if there is soil or gravel in it while extracting coriander seeds. Then it will be clean. Know below how to use coriander seeds:

  1. It can be used as a standing spice i.e. whole.
  2. In addition, you can grind roasted coriander and use it as a spice.
  3. You can also roast coriander lightly and add it to the soup.
  4. If you like coriander seeds taste. then you can be added to spices of pizza, bread and other snacks.
  5. You can also boil coriander seeds and drink them as tea.

Before you buy cilantro seed to include it in the diet. You should also know about its disadvantages.

Benefits of coriander juice

1. Benefits for digestion

Drinking coriander juice works with the digestive system in the right way. If you have stomach problems like indigestion, flatulence, emollient, heartburn etc. then it is beneficial for you. If you consume coriander juice regularly. You can consume hot and spicy vegetables because coriander acts as a cooling agent for you.

2. Reduce blood pressure

Coriander contains elements like calcium, magazine and iron. If we consume coriander juice in the morning. Then the amount of potassium and sodium is less in it. In this case, its intake is helpful for controlling heartbeat and blood pressure.

3. Coriander for good sleep

Some people do not sleep at night. In this case, they should drink a glass of coriander juice before going to sleep at night. This gives them comfort and you will get good sleep without taking sleep medicine.

5. Coriander for strengthening bone

The biggest advantage of coriander juice is that it can strengthen our bones. And also, the main reason for this, calcium is found in abundance in it. It also contains some mineral elements that increase the density of bones. It is also helpful in attaching a broken bone.

6. Coriander detoxifies the body

Coriander detoxifies the body due to the presence of natural antiseptic properties. Infections caused by water and foods can be avoided by regularly consuming coriander juice.

7. Coriander for diabetes patients

Coriander is also known as an anti-diabetic herb. Due to natural components, the juice of coriander leaves maintains blood sugar. Coriander juice is very useful for diabetes patients.

8. Coriander in skin problems

Coriander juice has anti-fungal, anti-septic and anti-oxidant properties. Because of consuming coriander juice regularly, you can avoid almost all skin related diseases.

9. Coriander for heart benefits

One of the advantages of coriander juice is that it keeps our hearts healthy. Coriander contains high amounts of antioxidants. These antioxidants help to reduce bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. So that, Our heart works in the right way.

Coriander juice
Coriander juice

More benefits of coriander juice

Properties of Green Coriander

It has so many benefits like other herbs. Examples: Alfalfa, Ashwagandha, Basil, Bay Leaves and Akarkara. All contain rich nutrients, which have amazing effects on the body for health benefits.

1. Get a headache

Grind green coriander leaves and apply thick paste on the hair to relieve headaches.

2. Relief in vomiting

Drinking a spoonful of juice of its leaves. After a while will stop vomiting.

3. Save from heatstroke

You can use grind green coriander. And mix its juice with water, and after that sugar and drink it, it gives relief from heatstroke in summer.

4. Relief in bee or barley sting

If the bee or barre bites, then grind green coriander leaves with 2 drops of vinegar in them. Apply on the stung place. The pain is relieved.

5. Remove Wrinkles

Green coriander contains a significant amount of anti-oxidant, which causes the skin to stretch. Due to this, the spots and wrinkles on the face disappear.

6. Remove baldness

Grind green coriander leaves and apply its thick paste on the hair to remove baldness.

7. Relief in haemorrhage

Smelling fresh coriander leaves stops haemorrhage.

8. Freedom from moles

Grind green coriander and apply its paste on moles daily and get rid of moles.

9. Increase eyesight

Green coriander contains vitamin A in high amounts, which is very essential for the eyes. So that, Use of it daily can increase eyesight.

Coriander Home Remedy:

1. Eye disease :

Drain the coriander and boil it in water. Let it be cool and then put 1-2 drops in the eyes to remove irritation and pain of the eyes.

2. Colic:

Mixing ground coriander and sugar-candy together and taking 1 teaspoon of powder with water cures the soreness and stomachache.

3. Diarrhea:

Grind dried coriander and eat 4 grams of it with buttermilk or water, 3 times a day. And also, If you are suffering from diarrhoea, mix 15 grams of dried coriander like cold and sugar candy after drinking it in one day.

6. dizziness :

Grind dried coriander with Indian gooseberry 10-10 grams and soak them in water at night. In addition, mixing sugar candy after filtering the water in the morning. Which helps to stops dizziness.

7. Reverse pregnancy:

Boil 1 teaspoon of cinnamon in 2 cups of water. After half, the water remains half, 1 teaspoon sugar candy also a half cup of rice mixed with washes. And giving it to the pregnant woman stops vomiting.

8. Piles:

Take grind dry coriander seeds with sugar candy in the mixture. And then, Boil 10 grams of this powder in one cup of water, cool it after filtering and drink it to help in piles.

Side Effects of Coriander Seeds

Many people don’t like the ‘aroma of coriander. So, it can cause allergies in such people. However, research on it is still needed. But as a precaution, if someone has an allergy to it. They should use it, only on medical advice.

Coriander seeds can reduce blood sugar. In such conditions, if you consume it, in excessive quantity. At that time, your blood sugar can be very high. In particular, if a diabetic patient is consuming a supplement of coriander seed. In such a case, it is necessary to take care of their blood sugar level. Its supplements can cause hypoglycemia (hypoglycemia-lowering of blood sugar level).

We have explained above, most of the beneficial usage of it. We also explain, other important information related to it. And it is available in the kitchen, So don’t delay now, use it. And get its medicinal benefits. In your daily routine, soon you should include it. If you have any suggestions and questions related to coriander seeds, you can join us through the comment box. We hope that this article written on the health benefits using of ‘coriander seeds’ will help you.

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