Curry leaves medicinal uses

Curry leaves medicinal uses
Curry leaves medicinal uses

Curry leaves are used in almost every Indian kitchen. It enhances both the taste and aroma of the food. The nutrients present in curry leaves are beneficial for health. In Ayurveda, curry leaves have been described as a panacea for stomach diseases.

Carminative properties are found in curry leaves to keep digestion right , which keeps problems like constipation away. It also provides great relief in stomach problems. Curry leaves act like anti-bacterial, due to which all the problems of the stomach go away.

Nutritional Value of Curry Leaves

Nutritional, Vitamins and MineralsPer 0.5 g
Potassium1.5 Mg
Vitamin A0.50 %
Vitamin C0.10 %
Vitamin B-60.10 % Curry Leaves in Ayurveda and Supplements:
Nutritional Value of Curry Leaves

Curry leaves medicinal uses

Relieves Skin Infection

Curry leaves have antioxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, which protect the skin from various types of infections.

Brighten the eyesight,

Vitamin A is found in it which is very important for our eyes. Its deficiency causes night blindness, which also reduces eyesight. Consuming curry leaves on an empty stomach improves eyesight. Relieves Diarrhea Due to the cargo zole present in curry leaves, it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Curry leaves work to cure diarrhea by removing bile related to the stomach. For its consumption, grind curry leaves and take its juice with buttermilk two to three times a day, so that you will get relief in diarrhea soon. for hair growth

Curry Leaves for Hair    

Along with the skin, the use of curry leaves can also be beneficial for hair. According to a research, fresh curry leaves can be boil in coconut oil and applied on the scalp. Applying this mixture can improve hair growth along with maintaining the tone of the hair.

Curry leaves for skin

The benefits of curry leaves can also be seen to keep the skin healthy. Actually, it is use in many beauty products due to the antioxidant properties present in it. It can improve skin tone along with rejuvenating dry skin. In addition, creams containing curry leaves can provide protection to the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Its use can also be beneficial in maintaining natural pigmentation.

According to another study, applying curry leaf oil on the skin regularly can get rid of acne. On this basis, it would not be wrong to call curry leaves beneficial for skin health.

Take care of heart

The benefits of curry leaves can also be achieve to keep the heart healthy. In a research done on rats, it is mention that the consumption of curry leaves can be helpful in protecting against heart related diseases. At the same time, according to another study, curry leaves have been use for a long time as an effective Ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Apart from this, research also mentions that curry leaves also work to control cholesterol, which is very important for keeping the heart healthy.

Curry Leaves in Ayurveda and Supplements:

Curry leaves are mentioned in Ayurveda as Girinimba or Krishnanimba, named in several ancient scriptures after Lord Krishna, the God of Protection. In this traditional holistic healing, the essential oil extracted from the leaves of the curry leaf tree is commonly used for the treatment of hair and skin issues, diabetes, eye problems, dental problems, diarrhea, etc.

Tikta (bitter) and Kashaya (astringent) properties are present in the curry leaves. With all the tribunals, i.e., it’s blessed Tikshna and Laghu (light), Rukhsha(dry) (sharp). It has Ushna Virya and Katu Vipaka (hot potency) (pungent metabolic property). It aggravates the doshas (digestion) of Pitta and pacifies the doshas of Vata (air) and Kapha (earth and water).

In giving one lustrous long hair, the richness of antioxidants and nutrients in these leaves works wonders. This treats damaged hair, strengthens the roots of the hair, stops hair from falling, and also treats dandruff. It is also a natural help for hair greying prematurely.

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