Diet chart for anemia

Diet chart for anemia

After getting hit by the disease, everyone thinks what to eat and what not to control the situation. Something similar is also with the problem like anemia. Food can play an important role in controlling the anemia that occurs during this period.

What is anemia and how does anemia diet help?

Anemia is the deficiency of blood, reduction in red blood cell production and rapid destruction of red blood cells. Its common cause is iron deficiency in the body. Hemoglobin is made from iron itself. It is a protein that gives red color to the blood, which transports oxygen to the whole body with the help of lungs. Also, deficiency of nutrients like vitamin B12 and folate also leads to anemia. Anemia diet plan can prevent anemia by supplying all these nutrients .

Anemia Diet Chart

With the help of anemia diet chart, anemia can be cured. In this chart, information about the diet to fight anemia is given. All these foods are rich in iron, vitamin B12 and vitamin C, which can improve the condition of anemia:

Waking up in the morning (6 to 7 am)You can start the day with a glass of warm water or a glass of lemon water.
Breakfast (8 to 9:30 am)Oats, kiwi, strawberries or grapes and eggs can be consumed in the morning breakfast.
Brunch (10:30 am to 12 noon)Sprouted beans and dry fruits can be eaten at this time. Dye fruits can include prunes, raisins, apricots, almonds, brazil nuts and bean sprouts, soybeans, dried beans, peas, kidney beans.
Lunch (1 to 2 pm)You can eat brown rice, roti, broccoli, spinach, kale, asparagus, dandelion greens, chicken or fish for lunch.
Evening Snack (4:30 to 6 PM)At this time, you can eat a cup of kiwi, strawberries, grapes or you can drink the juice of these fruits.
Dinner (7 to 9 pm)Green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, kale and asparagus can be consumed in the last meal of the night. Non-vegetarians can also include chicken, tuna fish and eggs in their diet.

Note: This is a sample diet chart. It can be changed according to the physical condition and doctor’s advice.

Following the diet chart for anemia, we are telling what to eat in anemia disease.

What to eat in anemia disease – Foods for Anemia

Foods help in preventing anemia and maintaining blood levels in the body only when they are rich in essential nutrients. For this reason, in this part of the article, we are talking about the anemia fighting diet and the nutrients present in them.

Spinach –

People suffering from the problem of anemia can consume spinach . Actually, spinach is rich in iron and most of the anemia is due to iron deficiency. In such a situation, it is believed that the condition of anemia can be improved by consuming spinach .


Ascorbic acid i.e. Vitamin C also has an important role in removing anemia caused by iron deficiency. This nutrient can help with the absorption of iron. For this reason, cauliflower rich in vitamin C can also be included in the diet .


There is a risk of anemia due to lack of vitamin C in the body. Cabbage can be consumed to supplement this vitamin C. It contains a good amount of vitamin C, which can prevent anemia (8) .


Prevention of anemia is also counted among the benefits of eating broccoli . It contains a good amount of both iron and vitamin C. Both these nutrients can help prevent anemia and improve the condition of anemia.

Pomegranate Juice –

Pomegranate juice is rich in both iron and vitamin C nutrients. With their help, the level of red blood cells ie hemoglobin can be improved. For this reason, it is believed that pomegranate juice is good for iron.


If you are wondering what to eat in anemia disease, then you can consume strawberries. Strawberries contain a good amount of Vitamin C, which helps in the absorption of iron. This can improve the condition of anemia.

Egg Yolk-

Egg is also one of the diet to fight anemia. Egg yolk ie the yellow part is rich in iron, which can increase red blood cells. This can provide relief in the problem of anemia.

What not to eat in anemia disease – Foods to Avoid in Anemia

In anemia disease, such foods should be avoided, which do not allow iron and other nutrients to be absorbed in the body. Apart from this, nutritious diet should also be avoided. Read the article further to know about some such food items.

  • reduce tea and coffee intake
  • Do not take low energy diet
  • Do not eat food containing tannin and phytic acid
  • Do not eat oily and spicy foods
  • Avoid Chinese fast food
  • Don’t use drugs like alcohol and smoking

After knowing what not to eat in anemia disease, have a look at the lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle changes for treatment of anemia

Changes in daily life may be needed to cure anemia quickly. This change will not only improve the level of anemia, but can also help protect the body from other diseases.

Now we are giving information about the benefits of consuming anemia diet.

Benefits of Anemia Diet

Read below about the benefits of consuming anemia fighting diet.

  • Anemia diet produces red blood cells.
  • May aid in the absorption of iron.
  • Can fix iron levels.
  • May be helpful in increasing Vitamin C levels.
  • Can work to keep away problems like heart disease and arthritis.
  • Can strengthen bones and teeth.
  • It may also help with wound healing and scar healing.

Anemia Diet Side Effects

Anemia Diet Side Effects

Following the diet chart for anemia can have health benefits as well as some disadvantages, keep reading the article to know about them:

High iron intake due to anemia diet can lead to iron toxicity.

Excess amount of iron can lead to liver damage, diabetes, hypothyroidism i.e. thyroid risk.

The condition of anemia can be cured to a great extent with the help of proper eating habits. In such a situation, if someone has this problem, then instead of panicking, choose foods wisely. You can also consult a doctor for this. During this, pay attention to the things mentioned in the article and take care of yourself. Here we are answering some frequently asked questions related to anemia from our readers.


Is banana good for anemia?

Yes, bananas can be good for anemia. It contains vitamin B6, which can be helpful in the condition of anemia.

Are eggs good for anemia?

Yes, eggs are good for anemia.

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