Fungi and Diseases

Fungi and Diseases
Fungi and Diseases

Fungi may be a giant cluster of eukaryotes, includes yeast, mushrooms, lichen, fungus genus plant etc. plant area unit typically terribly tiny, and can’t be seen by the attention. Mushrooms and fungi colonies area unit infact heaps of plant conjoin. plant area unit evolutionally subtle than virus and bacterium, have cell walls, however under plant and animal.

The fungi order might have many chromosomes, sized many Megabases (Mb) to forty Mb, and have many thousand genes. By comparison, virus typically has solely many genes, and human order has thirty,000 genes. plant not solely offer America necessary foods, medicine as antibiotics, however are also necessary for degenerating dead plants and animals within the world. Most of plant don’t cause sickness. but a number of them do cause serious diseases. Diseases caused by fungi area unit typically on the skin, lung, mouth and canal tract etc that may simply be reached by things within the atmosphere.

List of Diseases caused by Fungi:

Disease NameCausing FungiOrgans Affected
• Beriberi (Tinea Pedis)Foot
• Ringworm of the nailsNail
• Colpitis MycoticaVagina Tract
• Fungal MeningitisCryptococcusBrain
• AspergillisLung, Air Tract
• PsoriasisSkin
• OnychomycosisSkin
Diseases caused by Fungi

Fungus grows faster in humid, shade environments, keeping things dry decreasing fungi infection opportunity.

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