Hair fall treatment

Hair fall treatment
Hair fall treatment

Hair fall treatment:- Hair fall problem has become a common problem. It is very important to treat it as soon as possible. Nowadays the lifestyle and food habits of the people have become so bad that it directly affects the hair. Apart from this, due to pollution and chemicals of hair products, hair is also affected, which later becomes the cause of hair loss. You guys can try  home remedies for hair fall for the problem related to hair fall.

If hair is falling due to common reasons then home remedies are very useful. The longer you delay in treating or preventing hair loss, the more rapid the hair loss will be. Actually, people ignore the problem of hair fall first, so it is not treated at the right time. Remedies to prevent hair fall Remedies for hair loss ( baal jhadne ke upay ) need to be adopted as soon as possible. Due to untimely hair loss, people start looking older than their age, so people also get under a lot of stress.

That’s why it is necessary to find out about the causes of hair fall before taking hair loss medicine or home remedies. When you know the reason for hair fall, then you will be able to take proper measures to prevent hair fall .

What is hair loss?

Hair fall has become a common problem nowadays. Every other person is facing this problem. Many people’s hair falls prematurely so much that they have to undergo treatment by getting hair transplant done. When the hair loss starts increasing little by little, then the condition of baldness comes. Normally 50 to 100 hairs fall almost every day, if more than this hair fall then it is a matter of baldness. Trying home remedies to stop hair fall before the onset of baldness gives the right result. 

But do you know that there are two types of hair loss or baldness. By the way, the problem of hair fall usually starts after 30 years. In men, this problem is called male pattern baldness .

In women ( Androgenetic Alopecia) is called ( female pattern baldness) , in women suffering from this problem, the hair of the entire head decreases, but the hairline  does not recede. Rarely does it cause complete baldness in women.

Causes of hair fall

The common reasons for hair fall are: – unbalanced diet plan, wrong lifestyle, heredity, side effects of medicines etc. Let us know about more such reasons-

  • Hair loss is a normal process after two or three months of prolonged illness or a major operation or surgery, severe infection or infection and physical stress.
  • It can also happen after sudden changes in hormone levels, especially in women after giving birth.
  • Due to side effects of medicines.
  • Hair loss can also occur as a symptom of a disease such as thyroid, sex hormone imbalance or serious nutritional problem especially protein, zinc, biotin deficiency. This deficiency occurs when there is a lot of bleeding in menstruation in women who abstain from food and drink.
  • If there is infection of fungus in the skin of the head, hair falls in between.
  • Hereditary baldness or if someone is bald in the family, then it can be found in the form of heredity.

According to Ayurveda, there are many other reasons for hair fall. According to Ayurveda, Pitta mixed with Vata causes hair to fall down in the hair follicles and Kapha, mixed with blood, closes the hair follicles, so that other hairs do not grow in that place. Along with this, there is not one reason for hair fall, but there are many reasons, such as excessive consumption of salt leads to baldness. And stress, infection, hormone imbalance, inadequate nutrition, lack of vitamins and nutrients, side effects of medicines, negligence or improper hair care, use of wrong type of shampoo.

Even the opposite is diet, bile-enhancing diet, inferior diet, false and excessive yoga, sleep, celibacy, polluted water. Whatever may be the reason for hair fall, if the right home remedies are tried in every reason, new hair growth can  happen.

Apart from this, according to modern science, these can also be the reasons for hair fall-

  • fungal infection
  • Vitamin A overdose
  • Thyroid
  • psychological stress
  • radiotherapy or chemotherapy
  • regular use of steroids

But if you become alert in time and try home remedies along with proper treatment, then hair fall can be reduced. 

Ways to stop hair fall

Till now we talked about why hair fall but how to prevent hair fall ( hair fall control ), there should be information about it. For example, instead of consuming junk food, consume more fruits and vegetables. To avoid the problem of hair fall, it is also necessary to adopt a good lifestyle along with food and drink.

Hair fall can be controlled by reducing stress, eating a proper diet, adopting proper hair grooming techniques and if possible using anti hair loss medicines. Some cases of hereditary baldness can be prevented with the help of medicines.

Hair fall due to excessive stress, living in a polluted environment. Waking up at night, doing excessive labor and using chemical products to wash hair with shampoo are all factors in hair fall. For this, include Pranayama and Yogasanas in your lifestyle. By doing Yogasana and Pranayama, the stress level reduces and hair fall reduces. Use more and more seasonal fruits in food, eat green leafy vegetables, sprouted grains and dry fruits. Taking a balanced diet does not lead to nutritional deficiency, which is one of the main causes of hair fall.

The problem of hair loss is seen in women during pregnancy or after menopause , for this also a balanced diet and stress-free lifestyle are required. Hair loss can be prevented to some extent by making lifestyle changes.

Home Remedies for Hair Fall Treatment

Generally, only home remedies are adopted to get relief from hair fall. These contain those things which are easily found in the house or the method of using them is easy. Let’s know about them in detail.

Onion juice is beneficial in reducing hair fall

Massage your scalp with garlic juice, onion juice or ginger juice. Do this process before sleeping and wash your hair thoroughly in the morning. Onion juice contains sulphur, which promotes the production of collagen present in the tissue. Use of onion as a medicine for hair loss prevents hair fall.

Massage with oil to prevent hair fall 

  • Take any natural oil like olive oil, coconut oil or canola oil. Warm it lightly and massage your scalp daily with this oil. After massaging, wear a shower cap on your head and wash it with shampoo after about an hour. Oil treatment is very beneficial as a way to prevent hair fall .
  • Head massage should be done for a few minutes every day, this helps in increasing the blood flow in the head and also keeps the hair follicles active. Massaging the scalp properly can prevent hair loss. 
  • Almond oil is also very useful in preventing hair fall . According to experts, if your hair is falling due to dryness and lifelessness, then massage your scalp with almond oil . This removes dryness of hair and reduces hair fall . 

Reduce hair fall Green Tea

Reduce hair fall Green Tea
Reduce hair fall Green Tea

Green tea can be used as a medicine for hair loss. Mix green tea in a cup of water and apply it on your scalp and leave it for about an hour. Green tea contains antioxidants that help prevent hair loss. You can stop hair fall by using green tea instead of drinking it. Green tea treatment works very effectively in preventing hair fall.

Salt and Black Pepper Mixture

You can use salt and black pepper for hair fall remedies . Mixing 5 spoons of ground salt and black pepper with 1-1 spoons of coconut oil and applying it on the place of baldness brings hair. Believe it or not, this method works to prevent hair fall, but it also depends on the nature of the person.

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Pomegranate Leaf

Pomegranate can also be used as a medicine for hair loss

Pomegranate can also be used as a medicine for hair loss. Not only pomegranate juice but pomegranate leaves can also stop hair fall. Mix 1 liter juice of pomegranate leaves and 100 grams pulp of leaves in half a liter of mustard oil and cook, when only oil is left, take it off and filter it and keep it in a vial, using it to remove baldness, hair Starts growing, if the hair is falling then their fall stops. These remedies for hair fall have different effects on each person.

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Neem and Berry Leaf

Neem and Berry Leaf
Neem and Berry Leaf

Boil neem and ber leaves in plenty of water. Cool this water and wash your hair with it and then use neem oil, it stops hair fall. This is a better way to prevent hair fall ( hair fall control ).

Lemon and Coconut Oil

Lemon and coconut is the medicine for hair fall. In case of hair fall or breakage, massaging the hair gently with the tips of the fingers, mixed with two times coconut oil in lemon juice, will stop hair loss . This home remedy helps in preventing hair fall. 

Home Remedies for Hair Fall

Harsingar seeds are one of the home remedies to stop hair fall. Prepare a paste by grinding the seeds of Harsingar. Apply it regularly on the head. It is a beneficial remedy for hair loss and baldness.

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