Health benefits of beetroot

health benefits of beetroot
health benefits of beetroot

Beetroot (Botanical name- Beta vulgaris varrapa) is a red coloured fruit that is beneficial for our health in many ways.  Drinking its juice increases the amount of haemoglobin in the blood, the beet contains a good amount of vitamins and minerals which are helpful in blood purification work. The Health benefits of beetroot are many.

The antioxidant elements found in it provide the body with the ability to fight against diseases. It is a source of natural sugars. It contains iron, sodium, potassium, phosphorus and other important vitamins. Beetroot flavours are cool. It is a sweet, nutritious and mental enhancing fruit. You can make beet vegetables or eat them raw and can also drink juice.

Health Benefits of Beetroot

Many health benefits of beetroot and it is very helpful for the human body. Also, it takes as juice or directly you can eat to get its benefits. Some health benefits of beetroot are given below:

1. Overcome the problem of high blood pressure

Beetroot must be fed to patients with blood pressure, beetroot and its leaves are a good brocade of folate, which help to overcome the problem of high blood pressure and Alzheimer’s. Mixing carrots and apples in beetroot daily and drinking its juice reduces high blood pressure. According to a study, drinking 2 cups of beetroot juice daily keeps blood pressure under control.

2. Eliminates fatigue

Drinking beet juice eliminates fatigue and increases energy in the body.

3. Health benefits of beetroot in anaemia

In anaemia, consuming 1 cup of beet juice daily in the morning and evening is very beneficial.

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4. Helpful in deficiency of calcium

Beetroot contains the mineral silica which replenishes calcium. Calcium is an essential element for the body. Calcium makes bones and teeth strong. Drink beet juice to remove calcium deficiency in the body. Children and young people should chew beetroot and eat it. This makes teeth and gums strong.

5. Beetroot Benefits in Pregnancy

For women, beetroot is no less than a boon, beetroot contains folic acid which is beneficial for pregnant women and the fetus. Beetroot also provides energy to the woman at the time of delivery.

6. Helpful for women in menstruation

Consuming beetroot daily is beneficial if there is pain and irregularity during menstruation. Beetroot increases blood. Its juice increases milk in milk so that it can give a sufficient amount of milk to the baby.

Mix carrot juice and beetroot juice in menstruation, leucorrhoea, genital diseases and drink it twice daily. These diseases of women are cured by this. Method of making wheat millet juice and methods of growing wheatgrass at home.

7. Prevents knotting and cancer in the body

An element called ‘bitin’ is found in beetroot which prevents knotting and cancer in the body. At the beginning of the knot, consume only the fruit and vegetable juices for the first two days, do not consume anything else. On the third morning, drink a glass of water mixed with one lemon juice and four spoons of honey. Drink one cup of grape juice four times a day and lime juice twice. The patient should be given four times a day for four consecutive days from the fourth day by mixing half a glass of carrot juice, half a glass of beetroot juice, after which give normal lightly sprouted grains. The knot will be fine in a few days.

8. In diabetes

Beetroot fulfils the desire to eat sweet as well as eradicates hunger. It is also fat-free.

9. Benefits of Beet Juice

Players and runners are often advised to drink beet juice because it increases the ability of the muscles to use oxygen effectively and also increases the body’s stamina.

10. Beneficial in jaundice

Beetroot is also beneficial for jaundice patients. Beetroot juice should be given to the patients with jaundice 4 times a day. Take care not to give more than 1 cup of juice at a time.

11. Effective for the gall bladder

Research has found that it is effective for the gall bladder as well as the kidneys. The potassium present in it helps in nourishing the body daily, while chlorine helps in cleansing the liver and kidneys.

12. In Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia (lack of sugar in the blood) is overcome by eating beetroot. Beetroot is the best source of natural sugar. It contains sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sulfur, chlorine, iodine, iron, vitamins ‘B1 ′,’ B2 ′ and ‘C’, which is very low in calories.

13. Helpful in stomach diseases

Having more fibre in beetroot ends with problems associated with the stomach. Eating it daily keeps the stomach right and the toxins come out. It is also an excellent detoxification fruit that works to purify the blood (blood purifier).

The properties of beetroot prove very useful in curing stomach diseases. Drink one teaspoon of lemon juice mixed with two teaspoons of beetroot juice daily. It is beneficial in diseases like vomiting, diarrhoea, cholera, dysentery, liver infection.

14. Other benefits of beetroot

Eating beetroot relieves joint pain. Also mixing two spoons of beetroot juice with one teaspoon of honey, drinking every day, relieves stomach gas. In addition, applying honey in the juice of beetroot leaves cures ringworm, itching.

Beetroot Benefits for Skin

For skin, it has many benefits like helpful in sunburn, removing dandruff, also helpful in many skin diseases given below:

Helpful in Sunburn

It is beneficial in scorched skin by strong sunlight. Beetroot contains plenty of nutrients. Apply this juice on the skin with the help of cotton wool.

In dandruff removing

In the condition of dandruff, after mixing vinegar in the beet juice and applying it on the head, the dandruff is cured within a few days.

Increase face glow

Our skin cells regenerate at night. Before bedtime massage the oil on the body and sleep. To get natural pink skin, cut the beetroot and rub your face with light hands. This brings a pink glow to the face.

Helpful in skin diseases

By drinking a glass of beetroot juice daily or eating 150 grams of beetroot, it resolves the problem of crack nails, rupture, become discoloured, become fat. If nail, pimples, stains are on the face, drinking beetroot, half a half cup of tomato juice and a glass of carrot juice, drinking it helps to get rid of all these skin diseases.

Improve skin colour

Mixing two spoons of raw turmeric juice or one spoon of ground turmeric in 1-1 cup of beetroot, tomato juice and drinking it for 15 days in the morning and evening can improve the skin colour.

Benefits of beet leaves

Dark brown beet leaves are often overlooked which are rich sources of iron, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, Vitamin K plays a major role in preventing blood clots from forming. Which helps in keeping heart diseases away.

Dandruff and lice are removed by boiling beet leaves in water and washing their heads.

Grinding beet leaves with hard work and applying it on the head stops hair fall and hair grows and grows rapidly.

Grind beetroot leaves and mix a little turmeric in it and apply it on the head also makes hair grow faster.

A cup of beet juice contains 58 calories, 13 grams of carbohydrate, 9g sugar, 4g fibre and 2g of protein.

Caution to avoid the loss and loss of beetroot  

Beetroot juice should always be mixed with another vegetable or fruit such as carrots, apples, pomegranates, etc. Drinking empty beet juice can cause transient discomfort in the vocal cord.

When should you drink beet juice – Beet juice or any other juice should not be drunk at night, the right time to drink juice is before lunch or in the morning at breakfast otherwise you can drink it during the day. This will not produce “Vata”.

Beetroot Juice Recipe


First of all, wash the beetroot with clean water, then grind it over the grated and squeeze the beetroot and remove the juice. In addition, cut the beetroot into a Juicer Mixer and grind it, then with the help of a sieve, take out the juice. Benefits and excellent medicinal properties of small cardamom.

Mix half a teaspoon of lemon juice and ginger juice together.

Similarly, juice of other vegetables or fruits can be taken out after mixing it and drinking it.

Beetroot Nutritional Value

Beetroot is rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. In this part of the article, know which vitamin is found in beet. Also, know about other minerals and lipids present in it below:

Water87.5 grams
Energy43 kcal
Fat0.17 grams
Protein1.61 grams
Carbohydrates9.56 grams
Fibre2.8 grams
Potassium325 mg
Sodium78 mg
Phosphate40 mg
Calcium16 mg
Magnesium23 mg
Iron0.80 mg
Zinc0.30 mg
vitamin C4.9 mg
Vitamin B20.040 mg
Vitamin b60.067 mg
Vitamin a36 IU
Vitamin E0.300 mg
Niacin0.334 mg
Beetroot Nutritional Value

Beetroot Side Effects

Not using the right amount can cause beet and beet juice losses, which are explained in more detail below.

Cause of Stone

It contains rich amounts of dietary oxalate, excess intake can cause stones.

Liver problem

Excess intake of beetroot can cause metal deposits in the liver. It can cause porphyria Catania tarda (a blood disease that affects the skin), iron deficiency, or stomach problems.

Change in Urine colour

Its excessive use can also cause beeturia (changing the colour of urine). It does not cause any harm to the body, but some people may be troubled by it.

Allergy from beetroot

Some people may be allergic to beetroot. This can cause urticaria (red, itchy, and burning pimples on the skin), shortness of breath, and problems in the eyes and nose.

The loss of beetroot also includes complaints of red stools, which are called colour stools.

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