Is it safe to eat bitter gourd during pregnancy?

Every small and big decision during pregnancy should be taken after careful consideration. Especially in matters related to food, there should not be any carelessness at all. During this time, keeping in mind the health of the pregnant, it is recommended to consume many foods, while some are asked to be avoided. Bitter gourd is also one of the foods to be avoided during pregnancy. You will be surprised to know that bitter gourd can cause many health problems during pregnancy. lets we discuss Is it safe to eat bitter gourd during pregnancy?

Is it safe to eat bitter gourd during pregnancy?

Eating bitter gourd during pregnancy often raises questions whabout ether it can be consumed during pregnancy or not. According to the research done on this relation, bitter gourd can be harmful for pregnant. It is believed that the consumption of bitter gourd during this time can cause many health problems, which are given in detail below. Because of this it can be said that there are no benefits of eating bitter gourd in pregnancy and it is better not to consume it. Come, now let us tell you what can be the disadvantages of eating bitter gourd during pregnancy.

Side Effects of Eating Bitter Gourd During Pregnancy

There can be many disadvantages of eating bitter gourd during pregnancy, which you will learn about below.

1. Blood Sugar

Consuming bitter gourd juice is often recommended to control diabetes. But its consumption during pregnancy can be harmful. Actually, bitter gourd has anti-diabetic properties, that is, it can help reduce blood sugar. If a pregnant woman is taking medicine for diabetes, then consuming bitter gourd along with that medicine can reduce the amount of sugar in the blood excessively.

2. Digestive problems

Bitter gourd has been used in Indian and Chinese medicine for stomach problems such as constipation. But, in some cases, it has also been found that bitter gourd can cause digestive problems such as diarrhea and abdominal pain. Therefore, medical consultation is necessary to avoid the harm of eating bitter gourd during pregnancy.

3. Toxic Effects

Consuming bitter gourd during pregnancy can cause toxicosis. Actually, research has been done in this regard, in which this has been confirmed. Research states that its fruit and seeds may exhibit more toxic effects than bitter gourd leaves. For now, further research is needed on this topic. At the same time, it is mentioned in another research that consumption of bitter gourd can cause acute toxicity, chronic toxicity and reproductive toxicity in the body. Based on these facts, it can be said that bitter gourd should not be consumed during pregnancy.

4. Threat of Miscarriage

One of the major reasons why it is advised not to eat bitter gourd during pregnancy is that it can cause miscarriage. Actually, in ancient times, bitter gourd was used as a garbantaka (to end pregnancy) medicine. Bitter gourd seeds are believed to have abortifacient properties. In addition, bitter gourd contains chemicals called momorcharin, which can cause early and mid-term abortions.

5. Unsafe for lactating women

Consuming bitter gourd can be unsafe for pregnant women. As we have mentioned above that it can cause toxicity in the body. In this regard, a research done on animals has found that the toxic elements present in it can be passed from mother to child through breastfeeding. Because of this, along with pregnant, lactating women are also advised not to consume bitter gourd.

Hope you now understand that while bitter gourd can act as a medicine in normal conditions, bitter gourd can also be harmful during pregnancy. Based on the existing facts, it can be said that there are no benefits of eating bitter gourd in pregnancy, but its consumption can be harmful to the pregnant woman. Therefore, we would advise that do not to consume it during pregnancy and take complete information from the doctor in this regard. On medical advice, instead of bitter gourd, other healthy foods can be consumed during pregnancy.

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