Jackfruit nutrition and seeds benefits

jackfruit nutrition
Jackfruit benefits

Artocarpus heterophyllus: This Tropical Jackfruit found mainly on the south side of Indian Western Ghats. Which is Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka etc. Also found in many regions of Malaysia, Burma, Brazil, Indonesia and Australia and some more places on smaller and big scale. Here are the jackfruit nutrition with their facts.

What is Jackfruit Seed?

We include many such vegetables in the diet, which are placed on a plate with seeds. Jackfruit is also one of them. Which is used as a vegetable having fruits. It is delicious to eat, but also useful in preventing physical problems. After cutting jackfruit, only a small round shape part of its pulp is called jackfruit seed. Its seeds also eat with great fervour. It is brown in appearance. Many types of essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are present in it. Some fruits seeds like papaya have many healthy properties which can help us to recover from many diseases.

Jackfruit Seeds benefits

Jackfruit nutrition for cancer prevention

Eating jackfruit seeds can have advantages in avoiding the problem of cancer. According to research related to jackfruit seed, they have an anti-carcinogenic effect. This effect can help prevent cancer cells from growing. For this reason, it is useful and helpful in preventing cancer. Keep in mind that in case of cancer, you should not sit on jackfruit seeds. The patient suffering from cancer should be treated by a doctor because cancer is a deadly and fatal disease.

Jackfruit nutritions for digestion

Jackfruit seeds can also play an important role in strengthening digestion. This is confirmed by research related to jackfruit. Research suggests that the fibre present in jackfruit seeds can be helpful in maintaining digestive health. On this basis, digestion is also counted in the benefits of jackfruit seeds.

Jackfruit reduce cholesterol

Seeds of Jackfruit can also be used to control the problem of increased cholesterol. According to the Oduduwa University of Nigeria, the saponins compound present in it may reduce cholesterol. Research also suggests that its quantity may be reduced in roasted jackfruit seeds.

Also, the flavonoid element present in jackfruit seeds can also reduce cholesterol. According to a scientific study, it can be helpful in increasing HDL i.e. good cholesterol by reducing bad cholesterol (LDL). Just note that soaked seeds can also increase bad cholesterol (LDL). On this basis, it is said that the benefits of eating jackfruit seeds also include cholesterol-lowering properties.

Enriched with antimicrobial effect

The properties of jackfruit seed also include antimicrobial effect. Research related to jackfruit seed has reported that its microscopic particles have antimicrobial (microbe-destroying) properties. Due to this, it can protect the body from the effects of infectious diseases. It may also help reduce the effects of pathogens (disease-causing bacteria or viruses) present in some foods.

Jackfruit seeds for Anemia

The benefits of eating jackfruit seeds can also be helpful in the problem of anaemia due to iron deficiency. Research related to jackfruit clearly states that jackfruit and jackfruit seeds are rich in iron. In this case, jackfruit seeds can be helpful in preventing anaemia. For this reason, jackfruit seeds and jackfruit are used to overcome anaemia.

Jackfruit nutritions for skin

Jackfruit seeds can also be helpful in keeping the skin healthy and shiny. Research related to jackfruit suggests that it is rich in vitamins such as thiamine and riboflavin. Both these vitamins are considered essential for the skin. On the basis of this research, it has been said that the benefits of these fruit seeds include making the skin healthy.

Nutrition ingredients of jackfruit seeds

Through the jackfruit nutrition table, which we are giving below the nutritional elements of jackfruit seeds. The benefits of jackfruit seeds are due to these nutritional elements to the body. Let us know about it.

jackfruit nutrition
Jackfruit nuritions

Jackfruit nutrition values

Table 1: Composition of jackfruit (100 g edible portion)

CompositionYoung fruitRipe fruit
Water (g)76.2 – 85.272.0 – 94.0
Protein (g)2.0 – 2.61.2 – 1.9
Fat (g)0.1 – 0.60.1 – 0.4
Carbohydrate (g)9.4 – 11.516.0 – 25.4
Fibre (g)2.6 – 3.61.0 – 1.5
Total sugars (g)20.6
Total minerals (g)0.90.87 – 0.9
Calcium (mg)30.0 – 73.220.0 – 37.0
Magnesium (mg)27.0
Phosphorus (mg)20.0 – 57.238.0 – 41.0
Potassium (mg)287-323191-407
Sodium (mg)3.0-35.02.0-41.0
Iron (mg)0.4-1.90.5-1.1
Vitamin A (IU)30175-540
Tiamine (mg)0.05-0.150.03-0.09
Ribofavin (mg)0.05-0.20.05-0.4
Vitamin C (mg)12.0-14.07.0-10.0
Energy (KJ)50-21088-410
Jackfruit nutrition value

For Data source of jackfruits nutrition values:

Table: Nutrition facts of jackfruit seeds

InformationAmount per 100 g
Total Fat0 g
Total Carbs36 g
Cholesterol0 mg
Sodium12 mg
Potassium400 mg
Dietary Fiber2 g
Sugars0 g
Protein5 g
Jackfruit nutrition
jackfruit seed benefits
jackfruit seed benefits

How to eat Jackfruit Seeds

The methods of using jackfruit seeds can be understood through the following points.

1. These seeds are cooked also eaten with jackfruit vegetable.

2. These seeds can be fry separately and can be use as snacks in the evening.

3. If desired, you can also grind these seeds and make them smooth.

4. These seeds can be roasted and used for eating in the morning or evening breakfast as well.

5. It can also be eaten by boiling it.

6. Dry seeds of jackfruit can also be used to make flour.

Quantity of intake – Although there is no research available on its quantity of food for one day. Nevertheless, it is believed that a handful of jackfruit seeds can be consumed throughout the day. Loss can also be caused due to its excess.

Precautions for jackfruit seeds

It is important to consider the following things before taking jackfruit seeds.

1. Cook the jackfruit seeds well before consuming them.

2. Check the seeds before use to see if they are too hard or soft.

3. In any case, do not eat raw jackfruit seeds.

4. Jackfruit seeds have a layer, which is quite hard. Do not forget to remove it before eating.

5. Avoid consuming too many jackfruit seeds at once.

Side Effects of Jackfruit Seeds

1. We have already mentioned the benefits of jackfruit seeds. Along with the benefits, it is also important to know about the loss of jackfruit seeds. Its loss can be understand through the following points.

2. For the problem of high BP. Those taking medicines should not consume many jackfruit seeds. Because the properties of jackfruit seeds are found to have a BP-lowering effect.

3. If someone is taking medicines for diabetes, then consult the doctor before consuming these seeds. Actually, it has the property of reducing blood sugar.

4. The property of jackfruit seed also includes the blood-thinning effect. For this reason, do not use it with blood thinners.

5. If anyone has an allergy to a particular food item, consult a doctor before consuming it.

6. Jackfruit seeds have light poisoning. However, it has no toxic effect on health and health. However, caution should be avoided for its excessive intake.

Frequently asked Questions

Is it ok to eat jackfruit seeds?

Yes, jackfruit seeds can be used. For this reason, the benefits of jackfruit seeds are described in detail in the article.

Are jackfruit seeds poisonous?

Mild poisoning is found in jackfruit seeds. But it has no side effects on the body.

Does gas from jackfruit seeds make?

Yes, it can produce mild gas. In fact, It contain fiber. Excess of fiber can produce gas in the stomach.

How long do jackfruit seeds last?

If jackfruit seeds are dry, so they can be keep safe for about three months.

Can diabetic jackfruit be eaten?

Yes, jackfruit has blood sugar reducing properties. Due to this reason, it can be good for a diabetic person. But note that it should be used only after consulting a doctor.

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