Medicinal uses of guava

Medicinal uses of guava
Medicinal uses of guava

Medicinal uses of guava:- Guava is the destroyer of delusion, unconsciousness, worms, trisha, atrophy, labor and burning. Eating jamfal is beneficial in all the diseases of summer. It is powerful, sattva virtuous and intellectual, hence beneficial for intellectuals. Guava is a very sweet, tasty, juicy and nutritious fruit. Guava is also called the apple of Africa. The ripe fruit of guava is used in food, the unripe fruit is not eaten because of its pungent taste. Guava contains 4 to 10 times more vitamin-C than orange and lemon.

The scientific name of guava is Psidium guajava. Many people believe that a guava should never be divided. If a person is eating a guava, give him the whole food. It is believed that there is a seed in the whole guava, which improves the immunity system and prevents cold and cold. Although it is okay to say that the immunity system is better than guava, but there is no scientific basis for the thing about seeds.

There are many types of guava, such as – guava apple (apple guava), Allahabadi white guava, red pulp, spotted etc. Not only varieties, but guava also has different names in different languages, such as Guava in English, Payara in Bengali and Peru in Marathi etc. Let us know the medicinal properties of guava:-

Medicinal uses of guava

For the increase of vigor (strength) and semen

Mash well ripe soft, sweet guavas and beat them in milk and then filter them to remove their seeds. Mixing sugar as required and taking it regularly for 21 days in the morning is beneficial.

Stomach pain

Eating ripe guava with salt provides relief. Grind 50 grams soft leaves of guava tree and mix it in water and drink it after filtering it, it will be beneficial. Grinding the leaves of guava tree finely and licking it with black salt is beneficial.

Mix a small amount of rock salt in the phugni of guava fruit and take it with lukewarm water, it ends stomachache.

If there is a complaint of stomachache, then grinding the soft leaves of guava and mixing it with water provides relief. Guava is a very good medicine for indigestion, indigestion and bloating. People suffering from these diseases should eat 250 grams of guava after having a meal. People who do not have constipation, then they should eat before eating food.


Medicinal uses of guava
Medicinal uses of guava

Taking 200-300 grams of guava regularly in the morning on an empty stomach provides relief in piles. Constipation of the stomach ends by eating ripe guava, which cures piles. Taking 250 grams of guava on an empty stomach every morning for a few days ends piles. To remove piles, it is best to eat guava in the morning on an empty stomach. While passing stool, sit with emphasis on the left leg. This use does not cause piles and the stool comes clean.

Dry cough

Roast guava in hot sand and eat it, it provides relief in dry, phlegmatic and whooping cough. Use this thrice a day.

Taking a big guava, take out its pulp and make a small space inside the guava and fill 6-6 grams of ground carom seeds and ground black salt in the guava. After this, after filling the cloth in the guava, pouring the soil from above and roasting it in the ashes of the hot cow dung, after the guava is roasted, remove the soil and cloth and grind the guava and filter it. Mix it with half a gram of honey and lick it after mixing it in the morning and evening, it is beneficial in dry cough.


Chewing soft leaves of guava ends toothache. Chewing guava leaves with teeth will give relief. Boil guava leaves in water. Dissolving alum in water and gargling it ends toothache (pain). Chewing guava leaves ends toothache. In case of gum pain, swelling and toothache, boil guava leaves and rinse with lukewarm water.

Half a headache

Make a paste by grinding raw guava in the morning in half headache and apply it on the head.

In the morning before sunrise, rubbing green raw guava on a stone, where there is pain, applying it very well does not help in relieving headache, if the pain has started, then it calms down. This experiment should be done 3-4 times a day.


Medicinal uses of guava
Medicinal uses of guava

To remove the stopped cold, eat guava seeded and drink 1 glass of water by closing the nose from above. When the secretion (flow) increases after 2-3 days of use, then eat 50-100 grams of jaggery to stop it. Keep in mind that do not drink water afterwards. By eating guava continuously for 3 days only, chronic cold and cold goes away.

In case of long-standing cold, take out the seeds from the inside of a good big guava and feed it to the patient and give fresh water from above to drink after closing the nose. The stopped cold will clear out within 2-3 days. After 2-3 days, if you want to stop the runny nose, then eat 50 grams of jaggery at night without drinking water.


Consumption of guava is beneficial in malarial fever. Regular intake also provides relief in Tijara and Chauthiya fever. Fever comes down by drinking guava and apple juice. Eating guava is beneficial in malaria.

Cannabis intoxication

Taking 2-4 guava or drinking 25 grams juice of guava leaves ends the intoxication of cannabis.


Chewing ripe guava on an empty stomach in the morning reduces the burden of mental anxieties, gradually the symptoms of insanity go away and the heat of the body goes out.

You can eat 250 grams of Allahabadi sweet guava every morning and evening at 5 o’clock by putting lemon, black pepper and salt on the guava according to taste. By eating in this way, the muscles of the brain get strength, the heat is released, and the madness goes away. Mental worries end by eating guava.

Stomach upset

Guava shoots should be crushed and fed.

To cool

Take out the seeds of guava and grind them and make laddus and drink them in rose water with sugar.

Guava Marmalade

Take a good variety of fresh large guava, remove its peel and cut it into pieces and boil it in water on a slow fire. When the guava becomes soft by half ripening, then take it down and put it in a cloth and drain the water. After that, make sugar syrup by taking 3 times sugar from it and put guava pieces in it. Then add cardamom powder and saffron as desired and make marmalade. When it cools down, fill this marmalade in a porcelain vessel, close its mouth and leave it for a few days. Constipation (constipation) is removed by eating this marmalade in the quantity of 20-25 grams daily.

For the eyes

Making a bundle of guava leaves and tying it on the eye at night ends eye pain. Redness of the eyes, swelling of the eyes and pain disappear immediately.

By making a poultice of guava leaves and tying it on the eyes, diseases like swelling of the eyes, red eyes and pain in the eyes are removed.


  • Constipation is cured by taking 250 grams of guava and drinking warm milk from above.
  • Mix 10 grams juice of soft guava leaves with little sugar and take it once daily in the morning, it provides relief in indigestion (chronic constipation) for 7 days.
  • Eating guava with black pepper, black salt, ginger during breakfast will end the problem of indigestion, gas, flatulence and increase appetite. Eat guava in breakfast. In severe constipation, eat guava in the morning and evening.
  • If guava is consumed regularly for a few days, bowel movement starts within 3-4 days. It removes constipation and burning of eyes and headache due to constipation also goes away.
  • By eating guava, there is a thinning of the intestines and constipation is removed. It should be eaten before the meal, because eating it after a meal causes constipation. People who are constipated should take guava for breakfast in the morning. Patients of chronic constipation should eat guava in the morning and evening.
  • There is no complaint of constipation by eating guava or eating raisins with guava.

Whooping cough, whooping cough

  • Baking a guava in Bhubhal (hot sand or ash) and eating it, it is beneficial in cough. Guava should be given to young children by grinding or dissolving it in water. Eating guava with salt and black pepper removes phlegm. Vitamin-C in 100 grams of guava is about one-fourth of a gram to about half a gram. It gives strength to the heart. Eating guava causes bloating in the intestines. Patients suffering from constipation should take guava in breakfast. Patients of chronic constipation should eat guava in the morning and evening. This will clear diarrhea, remove indigestion and gas. Eating guava with rock salt increases digestion power.
  • Taking a raw guava, cut it with a knife and take out a little pulp from it. Then take 6-6 grams of ground carom seeds and ground black salt in this guava and fill it. After this, after wrapping a cloth on the guava, after coating it with wet clay, fry it in the fire, after cooking, removing the soil and cloth from it, grind the guava. Mixing this with honey in half-half gram quantity and licking the patient in the morning and evening, it is beneficial in whooping cough.
  • Baking a guava in hot sand or ash and taking it twice a day in the morning and evening ends whooping cough.


Eat 250 grams of guava every afternoon for 4 weeks. This will clear the stomach, remove the increased heat, purify the blood and cure boils, pimple, itch and itching.

Old winter

By eating only guava for 3 days, the complaint of chronic cold gets removed.

Chronic diarrhea

Boiling the soft leaves of guava and drinking it cures the disease of chronic diarrhea. If gooseberries keep coming in diarrhea, if there is swelling in the intestines, if there is a wound, then eating 250 grams of guava daily for 2-3 months is beneficial in diarrhea. Guava contains tannic acid, whose main function is to heal wounds. Due to this, the intestines become healthy by filling the wounds of the intestines.

Whooping cough

Roast a guava in fire and eat it, it is beneficial in cough with phlegm.

Brain disorder

The extract of guava leaves is used in brain disorders, renal flux and physical and mental disorders.

Convulsive disease

Massaging the juice or tincture of guava leaves on the spinal cord of children ends their convulsions.


The chutney prepared on low flame with sugar after removing the seeds of guava fruits and cutting them is very beneficial for the heart and also removes constipation.

Heart failure

Crush the guava and extract half a cup of its juice. Add a little lemon juice to it and drink it.

Guava contains Vitamin-C. It creates energy in the body by giving new energy to the heart. Do not eat it with asthma and cough.

Cough and phlegm disorders

If there is dry cough and phlegm does not come out, then in the morning by eating a fresh guava and chewing it without the help of a knife, the cough ends within 2-3 days.

Taking out the juice of guava by Bhavak Yantra and mixing honey in it is also beneficial in dry cough.

If there is a lot of mucus and cough is more, the diarrhea is not clear, if there is a mild fever, then eat good fresh sweet guava as per your wish.

If there is a common cough of cold, then roasting half-ripe guava in fire and adding salt to it is beneficial.


To eradicate chronic diarrhea of the child, mix 15 grams of its root in 150 grams of water, when half the water remains, 6-6 grams should be given 2-3 times a day.

Boiling raw guava fruits and feeding them also ends diarrhea. Taking 20 ml quath of guava bark and its soft leaves is beneficial in the early stage of cholera.

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