Mushroom Benefits

Mushroom Benefits
Mushroom Benefits

Mushroom Benefits:- Mushroom is a high protein food of vegetarians which many people like to eat. People eat and cook mushrooms in many ways. But according to wellness coach Luke Contiho, mushrooms are an immunity booster food for everyone. It has high antioxidants, many vitamins and minerals. Also, it contains micronutrients like protein, beta carotene and gluten, which are sometimes not found in other foods. That’s why eating mushrooms is beneficial for people suffering from bone related diseases or for children suffering from imbalanced hormones. Apart from this, it is also beneficial for diabetes and heart patients. How is that, let us know in detail. 

Mushroom benefits 

1. Beneficial for the stomach 

Mushrooms are extremely beneficial for your gut health. These help maintain good intestinal health and promote good bacteria. Its nutrients are very beneficial for your stomach. These act as rich prebiotics and feed the good bacteria in your gut. How mushroom fungus interacts with and enhances your gut microbiome and bacteria. It helps you lose weight, improves immune function, promotes skin and hair health. It helps in providing relief from gastrointestinal issues like constipation, bloating and acidity it helps to balance your hormones and improve its function.

2. Mushrooms are diabetic

Mushrooms are a rich source of the highly soluble fiber beta-glucan that may benefit people with diabetes and high blood pressure. Mushroom fungus positively affects gut microbes causing a chain reaction that can help manage blood sugar levels. Also, it is a low glycemic index food and contains lesser amount of carbs which does not lead to a spike as compared to other high-carb foods.

3. Mushrooms are a rich source of Vitamin D

Mushrooms are also rich in Vitamin D which is helpful in building immunity and keeping you healthy. They contain Vitamin D2 which converts to Vitamin D3 once eaten. It is essential for promoting bone health, immunity and metabolism, and helping with the production of sex hormones.

4. Helpful in weight loss

Mushrooms are a great option for those trying to lose weight. It is helpful in reducing calories as its fiber keeps the stomach full and controls appetite. Apart from this, the amount of carbs in mushrooms is also less. They are low in calories and fat and high in water, protein and fiber. They also contain copper, potassium, selenium, glutathione and vitamin CIt balances hormones and prevents junk food. 

5. Mushrooms are beneficial for the heart

Mushrooms contain good amounts of beta-glucans, vitamin B3 (niacin) and polysaccharides that improve heart health. Niacin is helpful in reducing LDL, low-density lipoprotein, which is bad cholesterol and triglycerides, and reducing HDL, ie good cholesterol. 

Nutritional content

Many types of mushroom are edible, and most provide about the same quantities of the same nutrients per serving, regardless of their shape or size.

The table below shows how much of each nutrient a 96-g cup of whole, raw mushrooms provides. It also shows how much of each nutrient adults should consume every day, depending on their sex and age.

NutrientAmount of nutrientTrusted Source in 1 cup of mushroomsRecommended daily intakeTrusted Source
Energy (calories)21.11,600–3,200
Protein (g)3.046–56
Carbohydrate (g)3.1, including 1.9 g of sugar130
Calcium (mg)2.91,000–1,300
Iron (mg)0.58–18
Magnesium (mg)8.6310–420
Phosphorus (mg)82.6700–1,250
Potassium (mg)3054,700
Sodium (mg)4.82,300
Zinc (mg)0.58–11
Copper (mcg)305890–900
Selenium (mcg)8.955
Vitamin C (mg)2.065–90
Vitamin D (mg)0.215
Folate (mcg DFE)16.3400
Choline (mg)16.6400–550
Niacin (mg)3.5
Nutritional content

Tips for preparing mushrooms

There are around 2,000 edible varieties of mushrooms, but only a handful are available on the American market.

They include:

  • white, or “button”
  • brown cremini
  • portobello
  • shiitake
  • oyster
  • wood ear
  • enoki

Seasonal varieties available at farmer’s markets and some grocery stores include:

  • morel
  • chanterelle

Some people pick wild mushrooms, but it is essential to know which are edible, as some contain deadly toxins.

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