16 Top wood apple benefits, side effects

wood apple

What is wood apple Bell is a type of raw fruit covered with a hard layer of green color. Simultaneously, after cooking, it turns in yellow, and its outer layer remains tough. Its botanical name is AegleMarmelos. It is also known as Wood Apple and Bilva in the English language. In the north and south India, its juice is consumed extensively in the summer seasons. It is being produced commercially as well. Benefits of wood apple Consuming vine can relieve …

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Papaya Seeds – Papaya calories

benefits of papaya seeds

Fruits are considered very useful and beneficial for our health. The reason is that a lot of nutrients are found in them. On the contrary, you will be surprised to know that there are some fruits whose seeds also have many benefits. The same is true of papaya fruit. Papaya calories are very helpful for the body. In general, people discard their seeds as useless. But there are so many benefits of its seeds like other herbs. Increase digestive power …

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Black Gram

black gram

Black gram is cultivating in South Asia for a long time ago it is widely used in India. You can see the gram in many colors like – green, brown, red, and black. This difference in the shade of gram depends on the type of pulse. It is also known as garbanzo beans and Bengal gram. Any kind of gram is always beneficial if consumed in a limited quantity. However, in terms of health, It is considered more valuable. The …

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Cayenne Pepper Plant

cayenne pepper plant

The cayenne pepper plant belongs to tropical and sub-tropical regions. It is cultivating in Central America, South, and Asia. The full sunlight exposed it best to grow. It is found all over the world. Cayenne paper is usually called Red Chilli in India. The cayenne pepper plant is about 10 to 25cm long and mostly thin, and it is intense and warm in taste. What are the benefits of cayenne pepper plant What is nutritional value of cayenne pepper Negetive …

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