Peepal leaves benefits

Peepal leaves benefits
Peepal leaves benefits

Peepal tree is known for its huge size and dense shade. Its leaves make a sound like applause when the wind blows, but these peepal leaves have many such health benefits, which can help you stay healthy. The scientific name of Peepal is Ficus religiosa.

Peepal leaves benefits

The benefits of peepal leaves can bring some health benefits in this way.

1. In asthma

It is a problem associate with respiratory problems, in which the airways of the lungs become swollen and constrict. This causes wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and cough. The benefits of peepal leaves can be seen in the problem of asthma. According to a scientific study, it was observed that peepal leaf extract has such special properties, which can show an effective effect on bronchospasm (a condition of asthma).

According to another scientific study, it has been observing that medicinal properties are found in peepal leaves and fruits, which can prove to help cure asthma. For the treatment of asthma, it is recommended to take the juice of peepal leaf and the power of its fruit.

2. In stomach pyuain

You must have experienced pain in your stomach at one time or another, but if there is a Peepal tree around you, then next time you will not face this problem. Anti-inflammatory has been a scientific study found that people with leaves and analgesic (analgesic – pain relieving properties) properties are found, which can solve the problem of different types of pain and inflammation.

In another scientist it has been observe that peepal is also use in Ayurvedic medicine to make medicine for stomach pain.

3. For Cracked Ankles

You must have seen the problem of cracked heels at some time or the other in your close or family members. The advantage of peepal can be seen in this problem. You can use peepal bark for cracked heels. In fact, occur Antimicrobial Properties in pipal bark, causing it to burst cream (feet) in the preparation is use.

4. In the problem of diarrhea

In the state of diarrhea, a person starts feeling very tired, because in diarrhea, thin stools start happening. Diarrhea is consider to be three or more times a day. To overcome this problem, you can use peepal bark, as anti-bacterial properties are found in peepal bark. If the extract from its bark is consume, it can effectively cure the problem of diarrhea.

5. For Teeth

The benefits of peepal can also be use for teeth. Steroids, flavonoids, and alkaloids (steroids, flavonoids, alkaloids) are bioactive compounds found in the oil made from peepal leaves. A scientific research has seen that bioactive compounds not only have the property of whitening teeth, but they can also work to improve halitosis and gum allergies.

6. For Heart Health

The benefits of peepal can also be use to maintain better heart health. According to a scientific study, if the peepal leaf is soaked overnight and the extract is consume thrice the next day, then heart-related problems can be reduced. Apart from this, peepal also reduces oxidative stress and inflammation, as well as has cardioprotective properties (the property of protecting against heart diseases).

7. For the lever

Sometimes the use of certain drugs can damage the liver. In such a situation, peepal can be trust to maintain the health of the liver. According to a scientific study, it was observe that peepal has a hepaprotective action (an action that protects the liver from damage). Another scientific report also states that using the extract can protect the liver from damage.

8. In purifying the blood

The benefits of peepal can help you to purify the blood. In Ayurveda, peepal leaves are use to remove impurities from the blood, to cure skin diseases. Anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties are found in peepal leaves and on the basis of a scientific research it was also told that drinking the extract of peepal leaves can purify the blood.

9. Infertility and Impotence

Infertility is a problem when a woman is unable to conceive even after several attempts. At the same time, peepal has immunomodulatory properties. Base on a scientific study, it has been report that fertility can be increase through immunotherapy.

According to another scientific study, it was observe that the latex (botanical milk) extracted from peepal has nephroprotective and curative properties, which can play an important role in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. In erectile dysfunction, ie impotence, the sexual ability of a man is affected.

10. Jaundice

Yellowing of the eyes and skin is considered a symptom of jaundice. The medicinal properties of peepal can also eliminate diseases like jaundice. According to a research release by experts, bioactive compounds like flavonoids, sterols are found in peepal leaves. If two to three leaves of peepal are consume twice a day with water and sugar, then there can be benefit in the problem of jaundice.

11. In getting rid of the problem of phlegm

If you want to get rid of the problem of phlegm, then peepal leaf can work effectively to overcome this condition. Actually, peepal leaf has therapeutic properties, using which it can provide relief in phlegm. Another scientific research has been told that using peepal leaves in the form of juice can get rid of the problem of phlegm.

12. Aids in wound healing

The medicinal properties of peepal leaves can also be seen for wound healing. Yes, base on scientific research, it has been say that tannins possess (a special property of peepal leaves) the ability to increase the amount of collagen, which is one of the functions necessary for wound healing. During the study it was seen that the juice of peepal leaf can show effective effect in this.

13. In the problem of diabetes

If you are troubled by the problem of diabetes, then peepal leaves can be use. In scientific research release by experts, it has been seen that such properties are found in peepal, which can reduce the level of blood glucose to a great extent and can also increase the amount of serum insulin. For this reason, the risks of diabetes can be reduce.

14. Keeping Skin Healthy

The medicinal properties of peepal leaves can give you relief from many skin-related problems. Peepal leaves have such special properties, using which it can protect from many skin-related problems. Apart from this, protein is also found in peepal leaves, which can help in keeping our skin healthy, because protein is not made by our body and we have to supply it through food only.

Nutritional Elements of Peepal Leaf

The list of nutritious elements of peepal leaves is being shown through the table below.

Moisture Content50.50g
Ash Content12.9g
Nutritional Elements of Peepal Leaf

How to Use Peepal

  • The juice of peepal leaves can be use for drinking.
  • Peepal leaf extract can be use as a treatment for many problems.
  • Peepal leaves can be grind and use as a paste for teeth.
  • A paste of peepal leaves can be kept on the skin.
  • Peepal leaves can also be chew raw like neem leaves.

When to use:

Peepal leaves can be use mostly in the morning. For more information related to its consumption, do consult a doctor once.

How much to use: Take only 2-3 leaves of peepal to chew raw and drink it in the form of juice only in the amount of a small glass. Before repeating its consumption in a week, consult a doctor.

Side Effects of Peepal Tree

The damages of peepal leaves can be as follows.

The bitter taste of peepal leaves can make you vomit due to excessive consumption.

Peepal leaves contain calcium. Consuming too much of it may increase the risk of prostate cancer and heart disease.

The amount of fiber is found in peepal leaf and its use in indeterminate amounts can cause problems of gas, pain and cramps in the stomach.

You have just read that peepal leaves have miraculous medicinal properties, which can be beneficial for you. Therefore, if you are struggling with any of the health problems mention above, then peepal leaves can benefit you.

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