Ridge gourd benefits

You all will be well acquainted with Ridge gourd. Its vegetables must also be eaten. People who like to eat green vegetables, consume Luffa in very large quantities. Generally, people use Luffa only as a vegetable and do not know that Luffa is also used as a medicine.

It has been told in Ayurveda that Ridge gourd is easy to digest and slightly hot for the stomach. It pacifies Kapha and Pitta, and increases Vata. Increases semen, heals wounds, cleanses the stomach, increases appetite, and has ridge gourd benefits. Not only this, it is also useful in leprosy, jaundice, spleen disease, bloating, gas, worm, gonorrhea, head diseases, wounds, stomach diseases, and piles. Artificial poison, cures asthma, dry cough, and fever.

What is Ridge gourd?

Like ridge gourd oil is also full of properties. It has three species. which are used for medicine. It is also called Nenua in Bihar and its vegetable (Ridge gourd ki sabzi) is eaten with a great liking in Bihar, it has another species which is called Prawn in Hindi and Ridge Gourd in English.

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Names of Ridge gourd in Many Languages

The botanical name of Luffa (zucchini in Hindi) is Luffa acantagula (Syn-Luffa amara Roxb., Luffa acutangula (Linn.) Roxb.) and it belongs to Cucurbitaceae family. Ridge gourd is also known by many names in the country and abroad, which are:-

Ridge gourd in-

English – Ridged gourd, Angled loofah Ribbed gourd

Sanskrit – Yellow flower, Jalini, Kritavedhana, Koshataki and Rajimatphala

English – Jigani, Shrimp Zucchini, Black Zucchini, Ridge gourd, Taroi, Zucchini

Urdu- Ridge gourd

Oriya – Janhi

Gujarati – Turiya, Ghisoda, Turin

Tamil – Pirkankai, Pikunkai, Peyppichukku;

Telugu – Birkaya, Burkai

Bengali – Ghosha lata, Jhinga

Nepali – RamRidge gourd

Marathi – Dodaki, Shirola

Malayalam – Djinji


Ridge gourd Benefits and Uses

These are the medicinal uses, methods and methods of use of ridge gourd-

Ridge gourd Benefits and Uses

Benefits of Ridge gourd in Relief from Headache

Knead wheat flour with the juice of Ridge gourd leaves and crush them by making balls. Mix ghee and sugar in it and make it like a ladoo. Eating this is beneficial in the disease of head called Anant Vata. Grinding raw bitter gourd and applying it on the scalp also provides relief from headache . The benefits of Ridge gourd provide great relief in headache.

In Cure Eye Disease

Grinding the seeds of bitter gourd (zucchini in Hindi) in sweet luffa oil and applying it like kajal in the eyes, it cures black cataract. Grind the leaves of Taroi and extract its juice. Applying 1-2 drops of this in the eyes is beneficial in various diseases of the eyes.

Benefits of Ridge gourd in Goiter Treatment

Mixing Pippali powder in Luffa juice, filtering it and putting 1-2 drops in the nose, it provides relief in sore throat.

In treatment of Tonsils is beneficial in inflammation of tonsils.

Make a decoction of ridge gourd fruit and leaves. Taking this in 10-20 ml quantity ends swelling of tonsils and cough and breathlessness. Cough and suffocation are also cured by taking 2-4 grams seed powder mixed with honey.

Uses of Ridge gourd in Treatment of Piles

  • Apply the powder of Luffa on the piles of piles or make a light of the powder with jaggery and keep it in the anus, it ends piles. Mixing jaggery in bitter Tumbi, Indravaruni and Ridge gourd powder, making a candle and placing it in the anus is beneficial in piles.
  • Mixing turmeric powder with bitter gourd juice and applying it on the piles is beneficial in piles.
  • Grinding the leaves of Luffa (zucchini in hindi) and applying it on the piles ends the pain.
  • By applying it, there are ridge gourd benefits in various diseases of the skin like cold, ringworm and leprosy .

Uses of Ridge gourd in Fighting with Jaundice

Putting the powder of Ridge gourd fruit in the nose is beneficial in jaundice. Luffa powder helps in relieving the symptoms of jaundice ( ridge gourd benefits) .

Ridge gourd Uses in Spleen Treatment

Grind the seeds of Luffa (zucchini in hindi) and apply it on the stomach, it cures enlarged spleen.

Benefits of Ridge gourd in Control Diabetes

10-15 ml of Luffa vegetable (zucchini in hindi) or fresh fruit of Luffa. Drink juice. It cures diabetes and disorders related to adrenal gland.

In Stomach Disease

Ascites disease is cured by taking 1-2 grams powder of Luffa root. Grind the leaves of Luffa and mix it with garlic and apply it, it is beneficial in dropsy disease.

Ridge gourd is Beneficial in Sexual Disease

Apply a light made of myrobalan, Ridge gourd, and seaweed powder. Due to this, the wound on the penis of the man gets cured.

10-15 ml Using the juice of Luffa fruit mixed with curd cures vaginal wounds (vagina) of women.

Mix the powder of Luffa root, powder of Sariva root and powder of Japa root in equal quantity. Mix cumin seeds in it and mix 1-2 grams of this powder with sugar and take it with milk, it is beneficial in gonorrhea.

Use of Ridge gourd Beneficial in Menstrual Disorder

The problem of stopped menstruation is cured by taking 10-20 ml decoction of Ridge gourd leaves. It also stops blood in urine.

Mixing honey in the powder of ribbed gourd and applying it in the vagina does not prevent pregnancy.

Ridge gourd Treats Leprosy in the treatment of leprosy

Massaging with Luffa oil is beneficial in leprosy. Take out the seeds and pulp from the fruit of Luffa and fill it with water and keep it overnight. Drinking this water in the morning of 10-15 ml is beneficial in leprosy. Applying a paste by mixing Sarshap, Karanj, Koshataki, Ingudi and Khadir powder is also beneficial in leprosy.

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Ridge gourd is Beneficial in Waxing

Removing the hair from the secret places and applying Ridge gourd seed oil there, the hair does not come back.

Ridge gourd Uses in Skin Disease

Grinding the seeds of Luffa (zucchini in hindi) and applying it is beneficial in skin diseases. Applying the paste of Ridge gourd Panchang cures skin irritation, itching etc. disorders.

Ridge gourd Beneficial for Healthy Heart

According to a research, the flavonoids and tannins found in nanua help to relieve the symptoms of heart diseases.

Ridge gourd Benefits to Treat Cancer

According to a research, the flavonoids and tannins found in nanua help to relieve the symptoms of cancer disease. It is beneficial in this disease due to its anti-cancer properties. 

Ridge gourd Beneficial for Healthy Eye

According to a research, it is good for the eyes due to the presence of beta-carotene element in pumpkin.

Ridge gourd is Beneficial to Control Cholesterol

Problems like cholesterol are caused due to poor digestion systems and mango starts accumulating in the body. The Dipan-digestive properties found in Ridge gourd help in digesting this mango, as well as the penetrating property present in it helps in the easy excretion of stool, which provides relief in this condition.

Ridge gourd Beneficial to Treat Asthma

Asthma is a disease in which there is a blockage in the form of mucus in the respiratory tract due to imbalance of vata and kapha doshas. Due to the hot properties of Ridge gourd, it melts this mucus and gives relief by expelling it.

Ridge gourd Beneficial to Control High Blood Pressure

According to a research, due to the low sodium content in zucchini, it also helps in reducing or controlling high blood pressure. 

Ridge gourd is Beneficial for Good Health

Mix equal quantities of Ridge gourd, amla and vacha powder. Take it in the quantity of 1-2 grams, mix ghee and honey in it and consume it, it increases the chemical properties of intelligence, memory, etc.

How Much to Consume Ridge gourd?

  • Juice – 10-20 ml

How to Use Ridge gourd?

  • To use ribbed gourd in the form of medicine, use as per the advice of the doctor.

Where is Ridge gourd Found or Grown?

It is cultivated in all parts of India like Bihar, West Bengal, Sikkim, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Tamil Nadu and North-West Himalayas etc. In India its fruits are used to make tori vegetables.

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