Sago Benefits

Sago Benefits
Sago Benefits

On hearing the name of sago, a picture of white colored seeds or pearl like food emerges in the mind. Often during fasts and fasting, normal food is discarded and sago dishes are consumed in its place. Apart from fasting, sago is also used in many dishes. Everyone must be aware of sago kheer and khichdi. Do you know that sago eaten in the form of dishes and dishes is also beneficial for your health.

What is Tapioca

Sago is an edible substance like white pearls. It is made from starch extracted from the cassava root, which looks like a sweet potato and grows inside the soil. At first it is in liquid form. Then it is given the form of small grains like solid pearls with the help of machines. These grains are available in the market at grocery stores in two types, big grains and small grains. Apart from this, its flour is also sold. It is used in large quantities for taste as well as for health .

Sago Benefits – Benefits of Tapioca

Benefits of Tapioca
Benefits of Tapioca

Consuming sago is considered healthy. Here we are telling you what are the benefits of sago for health.

1. Benefits of Sago for weight gain

Weight can be increased by consuming sago . Sago contains a good amount of calories and carbohydrates . Consuming both calories and carbohydrates can lead to weight gain, because both of them help in increasing fat by absorbing energy in the body . If you are a victim of thinness and want to gain weight, then consuming sago can solve your problem.

 2. Use of sago to prevent heat

During exercise, our body uses glycogen fat as extra energy. This increases the heat in our body. In such a situation, consuming sago can be beneficial for you. The carbohydrate found in it balances the metabolic level of the body and provides energy in the form of glucose, which leads to less consumption of glycogen. This helps in reducing the heat. Sometimes using foods made from sago can increase the energy of the players by reducing the increased heat during the game .

 3. Benefits of eating sago for bones

If your bones are weak, then sago can prove beneficial in strengthening your bones. Good amounts of calcium and magnesium are found in sago . Where on one hand calcium strengthens your bones along with their development , while iron removes bone disorders like osteoporosis . At the same time, magnesium provides strength to prevent bones from breaking and fight many problems .

 4. Benefits of Sago for Energy

Do you get tired quickly while working and you feel lack of energy in the body. If so, then you need to consume sago. Sago not only gives you energy, but it also gives you the strength to work for longer hours. The protein present in it strengthens the muscles and prevents fatigue. With this, you can work for a long time without getting tired . Apart from this, the carbohydrate found in it is also a good source of daily energy. Because of this, it helps your body to work for a longer time .

5. Benefits of sago in high blood pressure

Sago can also be beneficial in removing the problem of high blood pressure. The fiber, potassium, and phosphorus found in it can help you control your rising blood pressure . While fiber controls high blood pressure by reducing plasma cholesterol levels , consuming it may prove beneficial in hypertension . Sago contains a small amount of sodium. That’s why consuming sago can prove beneficial in the problem of high blood pressure. Apart from this, the potassium present in sago can help you overcome the problem of heart diseases as well as high blood pressure .

 6. Benefits of eating sago for anemia

Always feeling tired, weak and chest pain can be a symptom of anemia . Along with the deficiency and weakness of the red blood cells present in the body, you may have anemia due to iron deficiency. Consuming sago can prove to be better in this problem. Sago contains iron which helps in carrying oxygen from the lungs to the whole body. With this, anemia and the problems caused by it can be removed . Although the researcher believes that there is very little amount of iron in sago. That’s why it would be better to include other iron-rich things in the diet along with sago.

 7. Benefits of Sago for the brain

Sago is not only beneficial for physical health, but also for the brain. It has the properties to remove many problems of the brain. It contains trace amounts of folate . Folate is beneficial for a healthy mind for people of all ages. It can help you overcome many diseases along with brain disorders. It also contributes to brain development .

 8. Use of sago for blood circulation

Consuming sago can be effective for you for better blood circulation. The folate found in it is able to strengthen your blood circulation system . Folate found in it means folic acid reduces many cardiovascular risks by helping you improve blood flow in the arteries as well as relaxing blood vessels .

 9. Benefits of eating sago for digestion

If you have any problem related to the digestive system, then you can rely on sago. Fiber and protein are found in sago, which can help you improve the functioning of the digestive system . Fiber lubricates your stools and prevents stomach problems like constipation .

 10. Benefits of Sago for Skin

When we are talking about overall health, how can we ignore the skin. Sago can also be beneficial for your skin. It contains trace amounts of zinc, copper and selenium . All these three are beneficial for the skin. Zinc protects the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. At the same time, the antioxidant properties found in copper protect the skin from free-radicals. In addition, the antioxidant properties found in selenium protect the skin from oxidative stress. There is a possibility of skin cancer due to oxidative stress .

Nutritional elements of sago

The important reason behind the benefits of sago is the nutrients found in it. Here we will know which nutrients are found in sago .

water .  grams
calories  kcal
protein .  grams
fat .  grams
carbohydrates .  grams
fiber . grams
Sugar .  grams
calcium  mg
Iron .  mg
magnesium mg
phosphorus mg
potassium  mg
sodium mg
Zinc .  mg
copper .  mg
magnesium .  µg
selenium . µg
thiamine .  mg
pantothenic acid .  mg
Vitamin-B .  mg
folate µg
Colleen . mg
Fatty Acid Total Saturated .  grams
Fatty Acid Total Monounsaturated .  grams
Fatty Acid Total Polyunsaturated .  grams

How to Use Tapioca

Using it in a limited quantity makes it taste as well as healthy. You can consume it anytime. Come, let us know in what ways it can be included in the diet.

  • You can use sago to make kheer as a dessert.
  • Spicy sago khichdi is also popular.
  • Sago can also be used to make vadas, which are eaten as snacks.
  • Lightly frying sago with many vegetables and sprinkling salt and spices on it can be eaten in breakfast as well.
  • Sago papad can also be made.
  • Sago thalipeeth can be made by mixing mashed potatoes, ground peanuts, green chillies, coriander leaves, cumin seeds, lemon juice, sugar and salt with sago flour. This is a special dish made in Maharashtra, which is eaten during fasting.
  • If you want to eat sago as a dessert, then the laddoos made from it are also delicious.

How much to use

You can consume a bowl of sago dishes throughout the day for good health and better taste.

After the use and nutrients of sago, it is also important to know about the harm caused by it.

Side Effects of Tapioca

Sago can be beneficial for you only as long as you consume it in limited quantity. Its excessive consumption can be harmful to your health. Some of the disadvantages caused by this are as follows.

  • Sago contains a high amount of carbohydrates . Consuming carbohydrates in excess can increase the sugar level in the body. If someone is suffering from diabetes, he should consult his doctor before including sago in the diet .
  • It has a good amount of calories, which is helpful in increasing weight  . At the same time, excessive consumption can make you obese, which can cause other diseases, such as: heart problems, diabetes, blood pressure problems, stones and even diseases like cancer .
  • Sago is rich in many nutrients and minerals, but it does not have a high protein content. People who have protein deficiency in their body should avoid including sago in excess in their diet.

Of course, small amounts of cyanide are found in sago, but still many side effects can be seen in its excessive consumption. Its excessive intake can cause damage to the brain and heart, as well as coma and death. Apart from this, it can cause many other problems, such as: difficulty in breathing, chest pain, vomiting, blood disorder, headache and thyroid .

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