Should curd be eaten during pregnancy or not?


Curd is considered a part of a nutritious diet. No matter how healthy it is, many women shy away from including it in the diet during pregnancy. To know how true and how wrong this fear of pregnant women is, read this article related to curd in pregnancy. Here every aspect related to the consumption of curd during pregnancy has been discussed. First of all we will tell whether it is safe or not. Then on the same basis we will discuss its advantages and disadvantages. Not only this, in this article you will also get to know the safe amount of curd.

Is it Safe to Eat Curd While Pregnant?

Yes, it is safe to consume curd during pregnancy. The World Health Organization recommends curd as an important part of the turmeric diet during pregnancy . Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council also advises pregnant women to include yogurt in their daily diet . On this basis, it can be said that consumption of curd during pregnancy is safe.

Benefits of Curd in Pregnancy

Consuming curd during pregnancy is not only safe but also very beneficial. By including it in the diet, pregnant women can get some of these benefits.

1. Immunity

Yogurt can be helpful in improving the immune system. A research related to this has also been published by NCBI National Center for Biotechnology and Information. Research has shown that probiotics ie good bacteria present in curd can improve the body’s immune response . According to another research, the lactic acid bacteria present in curd has the ability to act as immunomodulatory. This means that curd can be helpful in increasing immunity according to the needs of the body .

2. Stress

Curd can also be used to avoid stress during pregnancy. A research on curd has revealed that the probiotics present in it can improve mood as well as relieve anxiety. In addition, probiotics are also known to have the ability to relieve depression-related symptoms . In a study on stress, it has also become clear that the good bacteria present in curd can reduce psychological stress .

3. High blood pressure

It is normal to increase blood pressure in pregnancy, but if this happens for a long time, pregnancy can be at risk . Consumption of curd can also prove beneficial in avoiding this situation. According to a research, curd can reduce the problem of high blood pressure . The peptides compounds present in curd are said to have antihypertensive effects. This can reduce blood pressure . Apart from this, follow the right diet and doctor’s instructions for blood pressure .

4. Acidity

If you are troubled by acidity during pregnancy , then you can consume curd. Actually, curd has antacid activity. It has a balancing effect on stomach acid. This can reduce hyperacidity i.e. imbalanced amount of acid in the stomach. This fact is also mentioned in a research paper published by NCBI .

5. For bone and muscle

Curd can also be used during pregnancy to keep bones and muscles healthy. It is said that the protein and calcium present in it can help in making the muscles healthy along with protecting the bones from weakening . On this basis, curd can be said to be good for bone and muscle health.

6. For Skin Health

The use of curd can also prove beneficial in making the skin glowing and protecting it from diseases. According to a research paper related to this, the lactic acid present in yogurt can help in removing dead skin cells and tightening the pores. Due to this, there is a tightness in the skin. Along with this, curd can also help in bringing glow on the face by reducing the fine lines and wrinkles of the skin. Not only this, yogurt also has antioxidant and antibacterial effects, which can make the skin healthy by protecting it from disease .

Nutritional Value of Curd

After knowing the benefits of curd, let us also take a look at the nutrients present in it. It is because of these nutrients that curd is considered nutritious and beneficial.

Water85.07 g
Energy63  Kcal
protein5.25 g
Total lipid (fat)1.55 g
carbohydrates7.04 g
Sugar7.04 g
calcium183 mg
Iron0.08 mg
magnesium17 mg
phosphorus144 mg
potassium234 mg
sodium70 mg
Zinc0.89 mg
copper0.013 mg
Manganese0.004 mg
selenium3.3 µg
vitamin C0.8 mg
thiamine0.044 mg
riboflavin0.214 mg
niacin0.114 mg
Vitamin B-60.049 mg
Folate (DFE)11 µg
Vitamin A (RAE)14 µg
Vitamin A (IU)51 IU
Vitamin E0.03 mg
Vitamin K0.2 µg
Fatty Acids (Saturated)1 g
fatty acids (monounsaturated)0.426 g
fatty acids (polysaturated)0.044 g

How to include curd in your diet during pregnancy

We are telling further in the article how curd can be included in the diet during pregnancy. First of all, we will tell how to eat it and then we will give information about its safe quantity.

How To Eat

  • Take curd in a bowl and eat it plain.
  • Curd Raita can be made.
  • By whipping it, you can make lassi and buttermilk and drink it.
  • Curd rice can be eaten by mixing curd with rice.
  • It can be eaten by mixing it in fruit salad.
  • Yogurt can be used while making smoothies.
  • Curd can also be used in curry.
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How Much To Eat

Pregnant women can include 3 servings of curd in their diet every day. Means about three cups of curd can be consumed.

Now we are telling whether consumption of curd during pregnancy is harmful or not.

Side Effects of Eating Curd While Pregnant

Including curd in the diet during pregnancy can also cause some disadvantages. Know further what are the disadvantages of curd.

Eating low fat curd during pregnancy can put the baby at risk of asthma .

Consuming low-fat yogurt during pregnancy has been associated with an increased risk of allergic rhinitis in some unborn babies.

Avoid eating curd at night, as it has a cooling effect. This can cause problems like sore throat, cold and morning stiffness.

Frequently asked questions

Can I eat curd on an empty stomach during pregnancy?

Yes, you can have curd on an empty stomach during pregnancy. Due to the nutrients and properties present in it, there can be benefits of eating curd during pregnancy on an empty stomach.

Can I eat curd daily during pregnancy?

Yes, you can have curd daily during pregnancy.

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