Stone apple Benefits and Medicinal Properties

You must have known about the bilva tree. Bells are used for a variety of purposes. Stone apple is used in Hinduism to worship Lord Shiva-Parvati. Many people also drink Stone apple’s sherbet very fondly. Apart from this, the vine is also used in many works.  According to Ayurveda, stone apple has innumerable benefits, due to which it is used in the form of medicine.

Stone apple can prevent many diseases, so it is also used to cure many diseases. You can take the benefits of stone apple in Kapha-Vata disorder, indigestion, diarrhea, urinary disease, dysentery, diabetes, and leucorrhoea. Apart from this, the consumption of stone apple is also beneficial in stomach pain, heart disorders, jaundice, fever, eye diseases etc. Let us know about all the medicinal properties of stone apple.

What is Stone apple?

Stone apple tree is a very old tree. In Indian texts, it has been called the divine tree. The old yellowish fruits attached to this tree, after a year, turn green again. If you keep its leaves plucked, they remain as they are for 6 months. The shade of this tree gives coolness and makes you healthy. The stone apple tree is medium-sized, and has thorns. The bark of its stem is soft, light brown to yellow in color. The new branches are green and scaly. Its leaf is green in color, and the front part of the leaves is sharp and fragrant.

Its flowers are green and white. Its fruits are spherical, elliptical, brown or yellow in color. The rind of the fruit is hard and smooth. Its seeds are small, white and smooth in clusters of 10-15. The flowering and fruiting period of the stone apple tree is from February to July.

Name of Stone apple in Different Languages

Botanical name of vine A egle marmelos (Linn.) Corr. (Egly marmelos)  Syn-Crateva marmelos Linn. It belongs to the Rutaceae (Rutaceae) family. Bell is also known by these names in other languages-

Stone apple in –

Sanskrit- Bilva, Shandyal, Shailush, Malur, Shriphal, Kantaki, Sadaphal, Mahakapittha, Granthil, Goharitaki, Mangalya, Malur, Trishikh, Atimangalya, Mahaphal, Hridyagandha, Shaulya, Shailake patte, Ke patteshrestha, Trike patte, Gandhake patte, Lakshmiphal, Gandhaphal, Duraruha, Trishakhake patte, Shivam, Satyaphal, Sunitika, Sameersara, Satyadharma, Sitanan, Neelmallik, Pitaphal, Somharitaki, Asitanan, Kantaka, Vatasara, Satyakarma;

English- Bell, quince;

Uttrakhand- Bel;

Urdu- Bel;

Assamese- Bel;

Konkani- Bel;

Oriya- Belo, Belthai;

Kannada – Bailpatre;

Gujarati- Beli;

Telugu – Maredu, Bilvpandu;

Tamil- Bilvam, Bilvapazham (Bilvpajham);

Bengali- Bel;

Nepali- Bel;

Marathi- Stone apple, Bili, Bolo;

Malayalam – कुवलप – पजम (Kuvalap-pazham).

English- Stone apple tree, Bel fruit, Indian stone apple;

Arabic- SafarjaleHindi;

Persian- Beh Hindi, Bal (Bal), Shukla (Shukl).

Stone apple Benefits

The properties of stone apple’s fruit, leaves and flowers are innumerable, let’s know about them all.

Benefits of Stone apple in Relief from Headache

Grind the dried root of the stone apple with a little water to a coarse paste. Make a paste of its leaves. Applying it on the head provides relief from headaches. Dip a cloth in the juice of bilva leaves. Keeping this bandage on the head will be beneficial in headaches.

In Dandruff Problem

Break the ripe fruit of the stone apple into two parts. Take out the marrow inside it. Put sesame oil, and camphor in one part. Cover the first one with the second part. Applying this oil on the head kills the lice.

Benefits of Stone apple to treat Eye Disease

Apply ghee on stone apple leaves and soak the eyes. Simultaneously put a blindfold on. By putting the juice of its leaves in the eyes, or by applying its paste, eye diseases are cured. It’s profitable.

In Night Blindness 

Grind ten grams of fresh stone apple leaves with 7 pieces of black pepper. Filter it in 100 ml of water. Mix 25 grams of sugar candy or sugar in it and drink it in the morning and evening. Soak stone apple leaves in water overnight. Wash your eyes with this water in the morning.

Rub 10 ml juice of stone apple leaves, 6 grams cow’s ghee, and 1 gram camphor in a copper bowl so that black antimony is formed. Apply it in the eyes. Along with this, wash the eyes with cow urine in the morning. It’s profitable.

Use of Bell to remove deafness

Grind the tender leaves of a stone apple in the urine of a healthy cow. Add four times sesame oil, and 16 times goat’s milk and cook it on a slow fire. By putting it in the ears daily, problems like deafness, tingling (sound in the ears), dryness of the ears, and itching, etc.

Benefits of the vine in tuberculosis or TB disease

Take 4 parts each of the root of the stone apple, leaves of Adusa and ripe dried fruits of Hawthorn and Thur. Along with this, take 1-1 portion of dry ginger, black pepper and pippali. Code them. Take 20 grams of this mixture and cook it in half a liter of water. If the water remains one-fourth, then taking it with honey in the morning and evening is beneficial in tuberculosis.

Use of stone apple is beneficial in heart disease

Mix 5 grams of cow’s ghee in the juice of 5-10 ml leaves and lick it.

Consumption of stone apple is beneficial in indigestion

In case of loss of appetite and weak digestion power, take 2 grams of Belgiri powder, small pippali, Vanshlochan and sugar candy. Add 10 ml ginger juice, and some water and cook it on fire. When it becomes thick, lick it 4 times a day.

Grind 100 grams belagiri powder, and 20 grams ginger. Make a powder by adding some sugar (50 grams), and cardamom to it. Take half a teaspoon with lukewarm water after meals in the morning and evening. This improves digestion, and increases appetite.

Consuming ripe stone apple fruit improves digestion power.

Grind 10 grams Belgiri powder, 6-6 grams dry ginger powder, and old jaggery. Take it three or four times a day with buttermilk in the amount of 3 grams. Give only buttermilk in the food.

Make a powder from the bark of Belgiri and Kutaj. Soak 10 to 20 grams of it in 150 ml water at night. Mash it in the morning, filter it, and drink it.

Roast the raw stone apple in the fire. Mix 10 to 20 grams of pulp with some sugar and honey and take it in dysentery.

Use of Stone apple to Stop Vomiting

Mash the pulp of the ripe fruit of the stone apple in cold water, filter it. Make a sherbet by mixing sugar candy, cardamom, cloves, black pepper and a little camphor in it. Thirst, burning, vomiting, constipation and digestive disorders are cured by drinking it. Those who suffer from constipation, take it with food.

Mash 100 grams of pulp. Drink some sugar mixed with tamarind water or sugar mixed with curd. It is beneficial in constipation and burning sensation of the body.

Stone apple Fruit Helps to Get Relief from Cholera in Cholera

Take 10 to 10 grams of mango powder and belagiri and take it. Cook it in 500 ml of water. If 100 ml is left, mix honey and sugar candy and drink 5 to 20 ml as needed. It is beneficial in vomiting and diarrhea.

Grind Belgiri and Giloy (1-4 grams) and cook it in half a liter of water. When 250 ml is left, filter it and drink it little by little. If cholera is severe, make a decoction by mixing nutmeg, camphor, and dates in this decoction. Drink a little at a time.

Stone apple Juice Benefits for Ascites in Ascites Disease

Mixing one or one and a half grams of small pippali powder in 20-25 ml juice of stone apple and giving it is beneficial.

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