Sweet Potato Diet for Weight Loss

Sweet Potato Diet for Weight Loss:- Sweet potatoes can easily be used as a substitute for normal potatoes, sweet potatoes can have benefits for weight loss, but if you want to make a diet plan regarding sweet potatoes, then definitely consult your dietician. This is because not everyone’s health is the same. It is possible that someone is allergic to sweet potatoes. Therefore, it is important to ask a doctor or dietitian.

What is Sweet Potato Diet Plan?

The simple and clear meaning of this diet plan is to include sweet potatoes in your daily diet. Along with sweet potatoes, other foods can also be added to this diet for weight loss. However, the diet chart in the right way can be told only by the dietician looking at your health. How to lose weight through a sweet potato diet is explaine in further detail.

How does the Sweet Potato Diet help in Weight Loss?

Many researchers have found that the use of sweet potatoes can be beneficial for weight loss. A research paper in this regard is also available on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information). In this research paper, it has been say that 58 people were researched for 8 weeks to know the benefits of sweet potatoes. According to the results of this research, there was a reduction of up to 5 percent in the weight, fat and body mass index of people who consumed sweet potatoes. On this basis, it can be say that sweet potato can help in reducing weight. Let us now know what are the benefits of sweet potato for weight loss.

1. Low in Calories

Sweet potatoes are low in calories. Perhaps for this reason, sweet potato can help in reducing weight and controlling weight. A research paper in this regard is also available on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information). This research paper states that 390.7 calories are found in 100 grams of sweet potato, which is beneficial in reducing weight.

2. Good amount of fiber

In addition to low calories, a good amount of fiber is found in sweet potatoes. Fiber is considered a good nutrient for controlling weight. According to research published on the NCBI website, sweet potatoes can provide about 15.5 grams of fiber per daily intake. Consuming fiber can help improve digestion as well as reduce obesity.

3. Good Energy Rich Carbs

Sweet potatoes are not only low in calories and a good amount of fiber, but they also contain a lot of energy-rich carbs. According to research, used in traditional medicine in Brazil, Japan and Taiwan, sweet potatoes are considered a good source of carbohydrates. Sweet potato root can lower plasma glucose, LDL (bad cholesterol) and fibrinogen (a soluble protein present in blood plasma) levels in patients with type 2 diabetes. It can also increase the level of adiponectin (a type of good protein). In addition, research found that sweet potatoes can reduce obesity in rats. In addition to helping reduce their body weight and fat accumulation, it may also be beneficial in improving their lipid and energy consumption.

4. Low Glycemic Index

The glycemic index (GI) gives information about how quickly a food can raise or lower blood sugar (glucose). If a food item has a high glycemic index, it can raise blood glucose levels. At the same time, sweet potatoes have been kept in the category of low glycemic index. This fruit can help control the amount of glucose in the blood. Apart from this, it can also be helpful in weight control. The level of the glycemic index also depends on the type and how of the sweet potato is eaten.

Sample Sweet Potato Diet Plan for 3 Days

To reduce weight, this 3-day diet plan of sweet potato can be followed. Also, keep in mind that along with the diet plan, it is also necessary to exercise regularly, only then it will help in reducing weight. Let us know how to use sweet potatoes to lose weight.

Sample Sweet Potato Diet Plan for 3 Days
Sample Sweet Potato Diet Plan for 3 Days


breakfast1 boiled egg/sprout + 1 boiled sweet potato + 1 cup green tea
lunch1 boiled sweet potato + 85 g grilled fish / chicken / 2 roti + 1 cup curd
dinner1 bowl of sweet potato soup


breakfast1 boiled sweet potato + 2 egg omelet / 1 roti + 1 cup black coffee
lunchSteamed Sweet Potato Salad with Mushrooms, Greens, and Light Dressing + 1 cup buttermilk
dinner1 boiled sweet potato + boiled broccoli + 85 g grilled fish/chicken/tofu/2 roti
Sample Sweet Potato Diet Plan for 3 Days

 DAY 3

Breakfast1 boiled sweet potato + 4 almonds + 1 cup green tea + 1 banana
LunchSweet Potato Soup + 1 Wheat Bread + 1 Cup Yogurt
Dinnerhalved mashed sweet potato + peas and cauliflower + grilled mushrooms
Sample Sweet Potato Diet Plan for 3 Days

You went through the article that how to use sweet potatoes to lose weight. Apart from this, you also learned about the sweet potato diet plan to lose weight. If you are thinking of including sweet potatoes in your diet plan, then keep one thing in mind consuming sweet potatoes alone will not lead to weight loss. Along with this, a balanced diet, exercise, and adequate sleep are also necessary. Also, do consult a dietician before including it as a diet plan.


1. Can sweet potatoes be eaten on a potato diet?

It is always better to choose sweet potato as an alternative to the normal potato. Where on the one hand the consumption of potatoes can increase obesity and its high glycemic index can also cause diabetes. At the same time, sweet potato can help to overcome the problem of obesity to some extent, besides it has a low glycemic index as mentioned above.

2. Does eating sweet potato cause weight gain?

No, consuming sweet potatoes does not increase weight, but reduces it. This has been explained in detail in the above article.

3. Is it okay to eat sweet potatoes on a low-carb diet?

Yes, if sweet potato is taken in proper and balanced quantity, then sweet potato can be eaten in a low-carb diet.

4. Can I eat sweet potato every day?

Yes, you can eat sweet potatoes daily. It can be an ideal snack and also provides essential fiber and nutrients.

5. Is it harmful to consume sweet potatoes in excess?

Excessive consumption of anything can be injurious to health. Consuming it in excess can cause stomach upset, vomiting, and abdominal pain.

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