Top 5 Giloy benefits for a healthy life

Giloy benefits
Giloy benefits for Healthy life

Nature gives us so many resources for our healthy life and one of them is Giloy (Tinospora Cordifolia) A Indian native shrub that people using it as an Ayurvedic medicine for years. Because of its inherent behavior to boost immunity rapidly. The roots and stem of the Giloy are commonly used by people to cure fever and digestibility.

In Sanskrit Tinospora Cordifolia (Giloy) is called “Amrita” which means to give life. Giloy herb has numerous benefits for health that is why it is said the “root of immortality” from a long time back. It contains a lot of antioxidants that fight free radicals and even reduces the risk of cancer like diseases. Although Giloy has many health benefits and minimum side effects. Here are the top major Giloy benefits, why should this herb need attention.

Giloy benefits for Health.

Seasonal Flu

First Giloy benefits are it performs an important role to keep body cells remain healthy. Along with this, Giloy is also considered to purify the blood. It removes toxins and fights against bacteria. Giloy is very beneficial for fighting seasonal diseases like swine flu, malaria, and dengue for fast recovery.

Reduce blood Sugar

Giloy juice has a great impact to reduce high sugar in the blood. But in a few cases, Giloy can be the cause of constipation and blood sugar kept lower. If a diabetic consumes Giloy for the long term.

Stress and Anxiety

In addition to Giloy’s benefits it works wonders for reducing mental stress and anxiety it relieves toxins and helps to enhance memory.

Giloy benefits for health
Tinospora Cordifolia benefits for health

Cure asthma

The very best advantage of using Giloy is that it can help to get relief from problems like cold, cough, and tonsils. Those people who suffer from joint pain problem, they can use Giloy stem in milk according to health experts and Conditions like shortness of breath, chest tightness, wheezing, because of asthma. The root of Giloy should be chewing and drinking juice can be very beneficial.

Improve vision

In addition to Giloy’s benefits, it has anti-ageing properties to reduce pimples, dark spots, and wrinkles by applied on the face for brightening the skin. It also corrects the vision opacity of the eyes. In most places in India, the Giloy plant is used for the eyes to improve vision by mixing Giloy powder in water and apply over eyelids.

Digestion Improves

According to Ayurveda Giloy is recognize to improve digestion and bowel-related problems. It can easily eliminate constipation and give relief to an upset stomach which is the most common problem due to not eating healthy food. Giloy benefits are lifted up by including it in daily life.

Giloy benefits for Health
Giloy benefits for Health

How Giloy work?

All the part of Giloy is used for medicinal purposes. But mostly use of Giloy is their stem, leaves, and areal roots. Giloy has a large group of different chemicals that affect the body by having an antioxidant effect and some chemicals to boost immunity and some chemicals might have anti-ageing properties but it is still subject to research need to know more information to calculate the effect of Giloy on humans.

Fact about Giloy

The roots of Giloy are very thin but strong in use to thread wound and left no change to wound rupture. It has the potential property to the healing wounds.

How to consume

By the following way we can include Giloy herb in our daily diet.

Boil the stems of Giloy in one glass quantity until left half and strain this water for consume. This can help to purify blood toxins and fight against bacteria.

Mixed Giloy with Amla, Ginger extract, and add some black salt to taste. It helps to boost immunity.

The finest way to use Giloy is by chewing their stem. It can help in asthmatic problems and also can use Giloy juice for better results.

Use of Giloy relieving joints paint problems when extract take with boiled milk. It’s works wonder.


Giloy is an Ayurvedic medicine that anyone can take as juice, powder, and capsules forms. According to the health experts by knowing the physical condition of the person. So it is always necessary to consult before using it.

The above facts tell the Giloy Benefits, and how it is can be considered to keep our lifestyle healthy.

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