Use Mustard Seeds

According to Ayurvedic books, using mustard seeds can cure Kapha-pitta dosha, and blood disorders. Rye eliminates itching, leprosy, and stomach worms. Mustard leaves are not only tasty but also nutritious. Many diseases are also cured by this. Rye oil is beneficial in headaches, ear diseases, itching, leprosy, and stomach disease. It is also beneficial in indigestion, loss of appetite, piles, and rheumatism. Rye is also used in urinary diseases. Not only this, black mustard is beneficial in curing tridosha and piles. It is also beneficial in respiratory diseases, dyspepsia, pain, arthritis etc. Let us tell you about each one of the benefits of using mustard.

Use Mustard Seeds

Use Mustard Seeds

Mustard Oil Benefits in Cure Gum Disease

Mixing rock salt in mustard oil and rubbing it on the teeth is beneficial in gum-related disorders.

Mustard Seeds Uses for Respiratory Disease

You can also take the benefits of mustard in respiratory diseases. Mix ghee and honey in 500 mg mustard powder, take it in the morning and evening. It is beneficial in respiratory diseases.

Benefits of Raai in Kafaj Vikar

If there is a cough and the phlegm becomes thick and the phlegm does not come out easily, then make 500 mg mustard, make 250 mg and mix sugar candy and take it in the morning and evening. Due to this the phlegm becomes thinner and starts coming out easily.

Treatment of Heart Diseases Using Mustard Seeds

Cholesterol-lowering properties are found in mustard leaves. These leaves protect against heart diseases by reducing cholesterol. If there is tremor or pain in the heart, there is restlessness and restlessness, and weakness is felt, then massaging mustard powder on the hands and feet is beneficial.

Relieve from Arthritis Pain with the properties of Mustard Oil

Use of mustard is beneficial in arthritis. Experts believe that rye has medicinal properties that help reduce joint pain and swelling. Let us know how to use mustard in the treatment of arthritis or rheumatism:

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If there is swelling and pain on the joints due to arthritis or gonorrhea or due to any other reason, then mixing camphor in mustard paste and massaging the voided part is very beneficial.

Grind mustard and sugar, apply it on a cloth bandage and tie it on the painful area, it ends pain.

If the pain persists for several days, then grind mustard seeds and horseradish bark in whey and apply it thinly. This gives relief.

Eat pakodas or puris fried in mustard oil. Take a bath with lukewarm water after massaging with mustard oil. It cures Vata disorders like gout. Keep in mind that do not massage mustard oil on soft parts like the brain, eyes etc.

Uses of Mustard Powder in Poisoning

The benefits of mustard also work to reduce poison. If the patient has become unconscious due to the effect of opium venom or snake venom, then applying the mustard paste on the places like armpits, chest, thighs, etc. ends unconsciousness.

Grind 5-10 grams powder of mustard seeds in cold water. Pour it into about one-and-a-half glasses of water and give it a drink. This causes vomiting and the poison is immediately flushed out of the body. Its best advantage is also that like other vomiting medicines, it does not have any bad effect on the body or does not cause laxity.

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Name of Raai in Different Languages

The botanical name of rye Brassica juncea (Linn.) Czein. & Cos. (Brassica juncea) Syn-Sinapsis juncea Linn. And it belongs to the Brassicaceae (Brassicaceae) family. Rye is also known by these names in the country and abroad:-

Blow in –

  • English – Rai, Red Rai, Makra Rai
  • English – Brown Mustard, Common Indian Mustard, Indian Mustard (Indian Mustard)
  • Sanskrit – demonic, sharp-smelling, stinging, ajika, Raji, stinging, black, black mustard
  • Urdu – Rai
  • Kashmir – Asur
  • Konkani – ससम (Sasam)
  • Kannada – Sasi (Sasi), Saasivey (Saasivey)
  • Gujarati – Sarsva, Rai
  • Tamil – Kadugu, Cherukatuku
  • Telugu – Abalu, Avalu
  • Bengali – Sarisa, Rai, Sarisha (Sarisha)
  • Marathi – Mohari, Rayan, Rai
  • Malayalam – कदुगु (Kadugu), कदूका (Kaduka)
  • Arabic – Khardel, Khardal Hindi
  • Persian – Shearshaf
  • Names of black rye ( Brassica nigra (Linn.) Koch.)
  • English – Banarasi Rai, Rajika Bhed
  • English – Black Mustard
  • Sanskrit – royal mustard, royal mustard, black mustard
  • Urdu – Rai
  • Kannada – Vilaesasive, Bili
  • Gujarati – Redo (Redo)
  • Tamil – कदूगू (Kadugu)
  • Telugu – Avalu
  • Bengali – Kaalsarshe, Raisarisha
  • Nepali – Kal Tori
  • Marathi – Kantikhi
  • Arabic – Khardal (Khardl), Khirdal (Khirdal)
  • Persian – Sarshaf

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