Uses of Giloy

Giloy Uses in Piles Treatment

Take equal parts (20 grams) of myrobalan, giloy, and coriander and cook them in half a liter of water. When one-fourth remains, make a decoction by boiling it. Putting jaggery in this decoction and drinking it in the morning and evening is useful to cure piles. The benefits of giloy can be fully obtained only after making a decoction and drinking it.

Benefits of Giloy in Jaundice Disease

The medicinal properties of Giloy help a lot in relieving jaundice. To take advantage of the benefits of Giloy, it is also important to use it properly.

Mixing 2 teaspoons of honey in 20-30 ml decoction of Giloy and taking it three to four times a day is beneficial in jaundice.

Grind 10-20 leaves of Giloy, mix it in a glass of buttermilk and filter it and drink it in the morning, it cures jaundice. Wearing a garland made of small pieces of the stem of Giloy is beneficial in jaundice.

Make a decoction by taking 20 grams Punarnava , Neem bark, Patol leaves, dry ginger, Katuki, Giloy, Baruhaldi, Harad in 320 ml water. Taking 20 ml of this decoction in the morning and evening is beneficial in jaundice, all kinds of bloating, stomach diseases, armpit pain, shortness of breath and anemia.

Take one liter of Giloy juice, 250 grams of Giloy paste, four liters of milk and one kg of ghee and cook on low heat. When only ghee remains, filter it and keep it. Mixing 10 grams of this ghee in quadruple cow’s milk and drinking it in the morning and evening is beneficial in anemia, jaundice and elephantiasis.

Giloy Helps in Liver Disorder

Take 18 grams fresh giloy, 2 grams parsley, 2 nos. small peepal and 2 nos. Neem and take it. Mash them all and keep them in an earthen pot with 250 ml of water at night. Grind it in the morning, filter it and give it a drink. If taken for 15 to 30 days, problems of liver and stomach and indigestion are cured.

Use of Giloy in the disease of diabetes

The way Giloy is beneficial in controlling diabetes, but those who have less diabetes complaints, the loss of Giloy can also affect their health.

Take Giloy , Khas, Pathani Lodhra, Anjan, Red Sandalwood, Nagarmotha, Amla, Harad. Along with this, take parwal leaves, neem bark and padmakashth. Take all these liquids in equal quantity and grind them together, filter them and keep them. Take 10 grams of this powder and mix it with honey and consume it thrice a day. It is beneficial in diabetes.

Mixing 2 teaspoons of honey in 10-20 ml juice of Giloy and drinking it twice or thrice a day is also beneficial in diabetes.

Mixing 3 grams of honey in one gram of Giloy extract and taking it in the morning and evening provides relief in diabetes.

Drinking 10 ml of Giloy juice is beneficial in diabetes, fever due to vata disorder and typhoid.

How Much to Consume Giloy?

Uses of Giloy

  • Decoction – 20-30 ml
  • Juice – 20 ml

Use as per doctor’s advice for maximum benefit.

How to Use Giloy?

  • Decoction
  • Juice

Side Effects of Giloy

Like the benefits of Giloy, there can also be disadvantages of Giloy:-

Giloy reduces diabetes. Therefore, those who have less diabetes complaints, they should not consume Giloy.

Apart from this, it should not be consumed even during pregnancy.

Where is Giloy Found or Grown?

It is found everywhere in India. Giloy is found from Kumaon to Assam, Bihar and Konkan to Karnataka. It is found up to an altitude of about 1,000 meters above sea level.

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