Whether to exercise during periods or not

Whether to exercise during periods or not
Whether to exercise during periods or not

Periods i.e. menstruation is painful for every woman. In such a situation, there is doubt in the mind of every woman about whether she should exercise during her period or not. Come let’s see the Whether to exercise during periods or not.

Whether to exercise during period or not

Yes, exercise can be done during periods. It is believe that through some exercises, pain during periods can be reduce. In addition, exercising during periods can make the body more active than on other days.

Also, it can be beneficial to do light exercise to reduce period cramps. However, not every woman’s condition is the same during her period. In such a situation, if someone has a problem of excessive blood flow, then exercise during the period according to the physical capacity or take medical advice before exercising.

Benefits of Exercising in Period

Now you must have come to know about whether you should exercise during the period or not. After this we will talk about the information related to the benefits of exercising during the period, so let’s know:

1. Beneficial in PMS Symptoms

PMS means premenstrual syndrome starts a week or two before the period. During this, women start feeling the problem of headache, joint pain, irritability, mood changes, depression, swelling in the breast. Exercising during periods can be beneficial to reduce these problems.

Actually, research published on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) mentions that doing aerobic exercise can reduce the symptoms of PMS. On this basis, it can be believe that exercising during the period can help in reducing the symptoms of PMS.

2. Beneficial in increasing strength

Due to changes in hormones during the menstrual cycle, some women start feeling weak. Exercising can be beneficial to overcome such weaknesses. a research paper relate to this, information is found that exercising can keep the body energetic. In addition, it also maintains muscle strength. In such a situation, it would not be wrong to say that exercising during the period like other days can keep the body strong.

3. Good for the Mood

About two weeks before the period, that is, at the time of ovulation, the level of a hormone called estrogen starts increasing. At the same time, after ovulation, estrogen rapidly decreases and the level of progesterone hormone starts to rise, which leads to feeling more tired and lethargic. In such a situation, exercising in the morning can not only keep the body active but also improve the mood.

In addition, research published on the NCBI website also mentions that physical activity affects hormones called endorphins in the brain, which may improve mood. On the basis of these facts, it can be assume that exercising during the period can be beneficial to improve the mood.

Best Exercise for Period Pain

After getting the answer to the question whether exercise should be done during periods, the next question arises in the mind that which exercises should be done during this period. Therefore, here we are telling the names of those exercises, which can help in reducing the pain of periods.

However, before that we want to make it clear that during periods, exercise should be done according to one’s ability. If you are not able to exercise, then avoid doing it or do only light exercises. Now know, the best exercise for period pain:

1. Kapalbhati Pranayama

1. Kapalbhati Pranayama

If you are thinking of exercising during the period, then Kapalbhati Pranayama can be a good option. Kapalbhati is a breathing exercise in which rapid exhalation is done. Doing this pranayama regularly can be beneficial to get relief from the problems occurring in the period.

How to do Yoga:

  • To do this yoga, first of all, lay a yoga mat.
  • Now sit in meditation posture.
  • Then after this make a chit mudra with both hands.
  • Take a deep breath inwards and then exhale with jerks and pull the stomach inwards.
  • Repeat this process continuously for a few minutes.
  • You can do it 35 to 100 times at a time.
  • Keep in mind that in the beginning do only 35 times, then gradually increase it.

2. Cat Cow Pose

Cat cow pose can also be done during periods. This exercise stretches the abdominal muscles, neck and back. Also, it can help maintain the flexibility of the spine.

How to do Yoga:

  • To do this, get into the cat’s pose with your knees and hands on the ground.
  • Putting a little weight on both the hands, lift the hips upwards.
  • Take a long breath and tilt the head back.
  • Stayed like this for a few seconds.
  • Repeat this process at least 5 to 10 times.

3. Child’s Pose or Balasana

Child’s pose is also consider good for menstruation. Through this, strain can be felt in the lower back and hips. Apart from this, it can be helpful in relieving stress, reducing back problems, fatigue, gas and bloating etc.

How to do Yoga:

  • First of all, get down on your knees.
  • Then touch the ankles and ankles together.
  • Slowly extend the knees outwards.
  • After this, while taking a deep breath, bend forward.
  • Then bring the stomach between both the thighs and exhale.
  • After this, try to contract the hip and pull it towards the navel.
  • Get fixed on the inner thighs or inner thighs.
  • Try to lift the head slightly behind the neck.
  • The hands will be equal to the knees in front and try to touch the shoulders on the ground.
  • Stay like this for about 30 to 40 seconds.

4. Downward Dog Pose

Some relief in periods can also be found through Downward Dog Pose. By doing this exercise, a stretch is generated in the shoulders, arms, calves and chest, which can strengthen the ankles along with the muscles of the shoulders, abdomen and quadriceps.

How to do Yoga:

  • To do this, stand straight on the yoga mat.
  • Then after this bring both the hands in front of you and then bend down.
  • While bending down, slowly bend, during this time the knees will be directly below the hips.
  • Apart from this, both the hands will be spread on the ground a little ahead of the shoulder.
  • After this, while exhaling, stretch the waist part upwards, during this, lift the ankles slightly from the ground.
  • While doing this, the hips will be upward, the spine straight and the head will also be tilted down and the knee will be straight.
  • Stay in this posture for some time and breathe comfortably.

5. Plank Pose

The plank pose is very easy to do. Its practice during periods can be very beneficial. Plank pose can strengthen the arms, wrists and spine.

How to do Yoga:

  • Laying a yoga mat on it, come into a pushup position.
  • Then move the toes of the foot back as far as possible.
  • Keep both the palms beside the chest.
  • Then, with a little emphasis on the palms, raise the body upwards.
  • During this, keep in mind that along with the head, the spine, hip and knee should remain absolutely straight.
  • Stay like this for about 60 seconds.

6. Cobra Currency

The benefits of doing cobra pose i.e. Bhujangasana can also be seen during menstruation. Through this, the muscles of the chest and abdomen are stretch. Also it can be helpful in maintaining the flexibility of the spine.

How to do Yoga:  

  • To do this pose, lie down on your stomach.
  • After this, keep the hands on both sides of the head and keep the forehead on the ground.
  • Keep the legs a little straight and a little separation between the two feet.
  • Bring the palms in line with the shoulders.
  • Now while taking a long breath, raise the head, chest and navel part upwards.
  • Stay like this for a few seconds, then slowly exhale and become in the normal posture.

7. Shavasana Mudra

After doing all the exercises, Shavasana Mudra can be done to get relief. To do this, lying down in the corpse posture, the arms and legs are released with a relax separation and the whole body is allowed to consciously relax with the eyes close.

How to do Yoga:

  • To do this, first choose a quiet place.
  • Then lie down on the yoga mat with your eyes closed.
  • Keep your hands away from the body.
  • After this keep the feet apart from each other.
  • Now breathe slowly and feel yourself.
  • Do this for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Other Useful Tips for Exercise While on Your Period

  • It is important to keep the following things in mind before exercising during periods:
  • Avoid heavy weight exercise during periods.
  • If you are doing any exercise during periods, then keep in mind that before this, consult a specialist.
  • There is a fear of heavy flow during exercise, so change the pad before exercising.
  • Do not stretch the body too much while exercising.
  • During the period, exercise only in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • Do not exercise if your period is painful.
  • Avoid exercising immediately after having a meal during your period.
  • If you want to exercise in the evening, then do it only after 4 hours of eating.
  • Try wearing loose fitting clothes.
  • Do not exercise beyond your capacity.

Frequently asked Questions

Can Exercise Help Reduce Period Flow?

No, exercise cannot help in reducing period flow. According to the study, there can be an improvement in blood flow by exercising during the period. On this basis, it can be assumed that exercise may not be helpful in controlling period flow.

Can Exercising Increase Period Flow?

It is believed that exercising during periods can improve blood flow. On this basis, it can be said that exercise can increase period flow.

Can I do squats during periods?

To get relief from period cramps, it is recommended to do light exercise. In such a situation, before doing squats, definitely consult an expert.

Is it okay to do abs workout during periods?

As we mentioned in the article, it is recommended to do light exercise to get relief from period cramps. At the same time, abs workout is considered difficult. In such a situation, before doing it, definitely consult an expert.

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