White peppercorn benefits

white peppercorn benefits
White Peppercorn benefits

White peppercorn herb is obtained from ripe green berries or black pepper by removing the outer skin. A variety of spices are used to bring out the pungent taste in food and Peppercorn play the main role in the spices. Many varieties of Pepper are there which is used in different cuisines due to their merits, tastes and aroma. One of them is a white peppercorn. It keeps the natural colour of light soup and vegetable. Black pepper and white peppercorn not only make food tasty but is also beneficial for health because of their medicinal properties. At the same time, it can help to recover from the symptom of many diseases.

White peppercorn benefits for health

White pepper contains a special property called Piperine. According to experts piperine found to have anti-inflammatory (inflammation-reducing), antioxidant (preventing cell damage from free radicals), antimutagenic (protecting DNA) and antitumor (destroying tumour cells) effects. Due to these effects, the use of white peppercorn benefits considered in many health-related problems. At the same time, White peppercorn has many uses for health as well as skin and hair.

Weight loss

If someone is trying to lose weight, white peppercorn is very beneficial. As it contains property like piperine. It helps in healing the metabolism process. The use of white peppercorn can help to overcome the problems of obesity by controlling the weight gain factor. So, it can be believed that a little amount of white peppercorn powder can be beneficial to get rid of obesity.

Avoid cancer

Another major white peppercorn benefits are it can also help to avoid cancer. According to medical research published on the website of NCBI (Nation Center for Biotechnology Information), white peppercorn contains carcinogen “an element eliminating cancer risks” called ‘Safrole’. Due to this element, white peppercorn can be helpful in avoiding the problem of cancer. But it is more important than, the patient suffering from cancer must get proper medical treatment.

Relieve headache

It is considered that the white peppercorn benefits in headache problems. The reason is that it contains a specific element called piperine, which exhibits analgesic (analgesic) and anticonvulsant (neurological disorders) effects. These properties help a lot to overcome the headache problem.

Relieve joint pain

If you are facing the problem of arthritis, then the consumption of white peppercorn may prove to be a better option to give you some relief from this problem. In fact, piperine is also considered beneficial for the problem of arthritis. At the same time, do not ignore the medical treatment in the serious problem of arthritis.

Take care of heart

White peppercorn benefits in avoiding heart-related problems. According to experts, a special element called piperine is found in white peppercorn. At the same time, piperine has Cardiodepressant (lowering blood pressure) and vasodilator (eliminating blockage in the arteries of the heart) effect. For this reason, the use of white peppercorn can give beneficial results in maintaining heart health.

peppercorn benefits
Peppercorn Benefits

Beneficial in stomach ulcers

The presence of the piperine element white peppercorn is considered helpful in getting rid of many serious problems undoubtedly. The problem of ulcers is also included in them. Piperine also has anti-ulcer properties, which does not allow any type of ulcer to develop in the body. But in problems like ulcer medical advice is necessary. It is always better to consult a doctor first along with the use of white peppercorn.

Diabetes Control

In addition to other white peppercorn benefits by experts, piperine is an element that has antioxidant and anti-diabetic properties. All these properties may prove to be helpful in avoiding blood sugar and increasing insulin activation. At the same time, diabetes can be avoided if consuming white peppercorn. But those who already taking medicines must seek the advice of the doctor.

Improve digestion

So many white peppercorn benefits are there like if you have digestive problems. As it is clear that white peppercorn has rich medicinal properties. And the use of white peppercorn can play a helpful role in digestion, along with eliminating Odor and greasiness of food.

Control blood pressure

According to research, element piperine has the ability to prevent blood pressure from increasing. This element is available in black pepper as well as a white peppercorn. For this reason, white peppercorn benefits for the purpose of controlling blood pressure. In addition, white peppercorn can help the body absorb and use all kinds of nutrients, meaning increased bioavailability.

Beneficial for the eyes

From a long time ago people are using white peppercorn for improving eyesight. Yet it comes to the knowledge that vitamin-C and zinc are really responsible for eye health. Both of these elements are present in white peppercorn in a good amount. White peppercorn intake can prove beneficial in maintaining eye health.

White peppercorn powder for skin

Remove wrinkles

White peppercorn contains vitamin C. Vitamin C is considered helpful in removing wrinkles and many skin related problems. A face pack prepared with half a teaspoon of white peppercorn powder with curd can help you in getting rid of the wrinkles.

Helpful in Vitiligo

Vitamin-C helps in retaining skin natural colour and removing skin stains. Therefore, the use of white peppercorn powder face-packs can be considered helpful in some skin problem. However, there is a lack of research on this topic, so it can be said only as a conjecture.

Skin Cancer Prevention

As you know the ultraviolet rays of the sun can cause skin cancer and produced another kind of skin problems. Use white peppercorn can prevent it somehow while applying on the skin, but only with the recommendation of a skin expert that it may not be suitable for skin.

Benefits of white peppercorn for hair

Strengthen hair

In the matter of hair growth, white peppercorn benefits are extraordinary proves to be helpful. As you have already known, a special element called piperine is found in peppercorn. According to experts, this element is considered beneficial for hair growth along with other health benefits. For this reason, we can say that its hair mask with white peppercorn powder and yoghurt can help you to make your hair strong and thick.

Keep dandruff away

The problems of dandruff are very common in people. There is so many products are available in the market to get rid of the dandruff problem. But they have many side effects. Indeed, white peppercorn has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. That can help to save from fungal and bacterial infections that cause dandruff problem. For this, you can use white peppercorn by making a hair mask with curd.

Hair revitalizer

Just another white peppercorn benefit is a good hair revitalizer. You can mix it with lemon seeds. Use this mixture to apply on hair and let it be for 10 to 20 minutes. After that wash it, this makes shiny, lustrous and soft hair.

Remove unwanted hair

Sometimes the unwanted hair grows on the skin which looks not good. You can remove that hair permanently by use of the white peppercorn mix with camphor and almond oil. Apply this mixture to the skin for 10-20 minutes. It can really help to remove hair permanently. But firstly use only on the small parts of your skin to check not to cause any kind of allergy and suit the skin. After that, you can apply it to your arms and legs.

benefits of peppercorn
Benefits of Peppercorn

White peppercorn Nutritional Ingredients

Nutrients Quantity Per 100 Grams

Water11.42 g
Energy296 Kcal
Protein10.4 g
Total Lipid (Fat)2.12 g
Carbohydrate68.61 g
Fiber (Total Dietary)26.2 g
Nutrients properties of white peppercorn


Magnesium90 mg
Iron14.31 mg
Calcium265 mg
Potassium73 mg
Phosphorus176 mg
Copper5 mg
Zinc0.91 mg
Sodium1.13 mg
Selenium3.1 µg
Manganese4.3 µg
Nutrients properties of white peppercorn


vitamin C21 mg
Thiamine0.022 mg
Riboflavin0.126 mg
Niacin0.212 mg
Vitamin B60.1 mg
Folate (DFE)10 µg
Nutrients properties of white peppercorn


Fatty acid (saturated)0.626 g
Fatty acid (monounsaturated)0.789 g
Fatty acid (polysaturated)0.616 g
Nutrients properties of white peppercorn

White peppercorn Disadvantages

Black pepper store for a long time compared with white pepper. White peppercorn starts rotting and develop a bitter taste in a short period.

White peppercorn contains the element piperine, which exhibits a fairly warm nature. For this reason, its excessive use can cause irritation on the skin.

The property found in white peppercorn powder can cure diarrhoea. In such a situation, constipation may be caused due to its excessive use of white peppercorn powder.

Pregnant women should avoid its intake, because its effect is hot, due to which it can lead to miscarriage.

It is seen in some studies white peppercorn may cause allergic problems. Those who also have allergies to pepper would be better to keep a distance from it.

White peppercorn is in the category of hot spices and excess use of it may cause health-related problems. You can seek to consult before use of it.

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