16 Top wood apple benefits, side effects

wood apple
Wood Apple

What is wood apple

Bell is a type of raw fruit covered with a hard layer of green color. Simultaneously, after cooking, it turns in yellow, and its outer layer remains tough. Its botanical name is AegleMarmelos. It is also known as Wood Apple and Bilva in the English language. In the north and south India, its juice is consumed extensively in the summer seasons. It is being produced commercially as well.

Benefits of wood apple

Consuming vine can relieve you of the following health problems-

1. In headache

In some cases, if the headache is ignoring for long and not treated. It may encounter a fatal outcome. In this case, consuming wood apple can save you from its risk. Vine contains vitamin-C content, and vitamin-C intake may correct neurogenic inflammation in patients with migraine (a condition of headache).

2. in jaundice

One reason for Shutterstock jaundice is thought to be inflammation in the liver. The benefits of vine fruit have also been seen to avoid jaundice. By the way, wood apple has been used traditionally in the treatment of jaundice. At the same time, scientific research has found that vine fruit has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to reduce the effect of jaundice by reducing inflammation in the liver.

3. InColra

Cholera is a bacterial infection that causes diarrhea. To avoid this, eating vine fruit can benefit you. Actually, anti-diarrhea activity is found in Wood apple. If its juice is consumed, the anti-diarrhea activity of the vine fruit may show an effective effect in reducing the risk of cholera.

4. Eye health

It is only through healthy eyes that we can see the beauty around us. Eating vine fruit can be beneficial to keep the eyes healthy. This is being said because vitamin A is found in the Wood apple. Vitamin-A intake may help improve eyesight.

5. In case of diarrhea and constipation

If diarrhea is not treated at the right time, it can be fatal. In the case of diarrhea, you have thin diarrhea. Wood apple fruit has anti-diarrhea properties that protect you from diarrhea. And can also help in protecting you from the risk of it.

Consuming vine can also help to reduce constipation problems. Wood apples contain a good amount of crude fiber. These crude fiber helps in your digestion and also helps in removing constipation problems.

6. For the treatment of hemorrhoids

In the case of hemorrhoids, the veins around the rectum swell, and pain persist. The main causes of hemorrhoids include constipation problems and a low fiber diet. So consuming Wood apple fruit to treat constipation, and having a good fiber source, can reduce the risk of hemorrhoids.

Beal fruit
Beal Fruits

7. In the event of anemia

Anemia is a condition due to which the number of red blood cells reduces in the blood. The common cause of anemia is not taking enough iron in food. Simultaneously, we can replenish iron by eating the pulp of the Wood apple because the quantity of iron is found in the vine fruit, which can help in curing anemia.

8. In the problem of diabetes

Another use of Wood apple fruit to treat diabetes and to avoid the risk of it. For this, you can take vine fruit juice. Bell can be beneficial to protect against the problem caused by diabetes because it has anti-diabetic properties. Anti-diabetic properties help in reducing diabetes and its risk.

9. For cardiovascular health

Consuming vine fruit can benefit you for heart health. Indeed, this may be possible because Bell is considered the best source of cardioprotective. By acting actively as a cardioprotective agent, it is used to protect the heart from many diseases. It would be best if you used the pulp of Wood apple fruit for cardiovascular health.

10. In case of vomiting

If you or a member of your household is upset due to a vomiting problem, then a decoction of vine root can be taken. It can help you in the event of vomiting. Actually, antibacterial action is found in a decoction of vine root, which can be beneficial in the cure of nausea and vomiting. However, scientific research is still needed on how the intake of wood apple fruit can relieve you from vomiting.

11. To cure gastric ulcer

To cure gastric ulcers, you may adopt various home remedies, while consuming vine can also be beneficial in this case. Indeed, Wood apple fruit naturally has antioxidant properties. According to a scientific study, naturally found antioxidant properties can help in healing gastric ulcers.

12. For TB disease

The benefits of vine fruit are to prevent TB disease. Medical research has found that wood apple fruit has anti-microbial action. The study also reported that for TB disease, this action could effectively reduce the side effects caused by M. tuberculosis (the bacteria responsible for TB disease).

13. In hair loss problem

The benefits of the vine can also correct the problem of hair loss. Scientists believe that iron and zinc deficiency causes hair loss. Both these nutrients are found in wood apples. You can remove the problem of hair loss by taking the wood apples.

14. To get relief from inflammation

Sometimes due to unknown reasons or due to internal injury, any part of our body gets swollen. Wood apple fruit can be used to reduce inflammation. Indeed, Bell has anti-inflammatory properties, and these properties may act actively to reduce inflammation.

15. Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a disease associated with the skin, in which the skin becomes discolored in some parts of the body. Many people are suffering from this problem. At the same time, the wood apple is counted in the category of medicinal trees. That is why the intake of vine juice can be beneficial for treating people suffering from vitiligo.

16. To Avoid Dandruff

Consumption of vine can prove beneficial for you to avoid the problem of dandruff. Indeed, zinc nutrients are considered essential to correct the problem of dandruff. The amount of zinc is found in the wood apple, by which the SCALP problem of dandruff can be eliminated.

Vine Fruit
Vine Fruit

Nutritional Value applewood

Energy137 k.cal
Nutritional Value apple wood


Nutritional Value apple wood


vitamin C8mg
Nutritional Value apple wood

How to use bael

You can use bell fruit as follows: –

Use the pulp of vine fruit for making juice and drink.

Ripe vine pulp can be direct consuming.

You can make vine fruit syrup for drink.

You can make jam of bell fruit and store it for later use.

When to eat:

You can eat the wood apple at any time of the day. However, its syrup and juice are used more in the afternoon. Its effect is cold, so it is beneficial to consume it only in summer.

How to eat:

You can use 100 grams of vine in one go. However, for the right information related to its intake, consult a dietitian once.

Side Effects of Bael

You may suffer the following disadvantages by eating bells:

Take out its seed while eating the vine. Otherwise, its seeds may get stuck in the throat.

Plenty of sugar is found in the vine, high intake of which can also cause type 2 diabetes and hypertension. Therefore, avoid excessive intake of it.

A sufficient amount of phosphorus is found in the vine. More phosphorus can cause harm to people with kidney disease.

Wood apples contain calcium and excess intake can cause kidney stones.

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